Kelly Ripa on Regis: “I Haven’t Seen Him”

By: Sean Patterson - April 12, 2013

After Kelly Ripa took over Kathie Lee Gifford’s seat on the renamed Live! with Regis and Kelly, she spent ten years sitting next to Regis Philbin on the morning talk show. Despite the morning show couple’s memorable farewell in November 2011, it seems that Ripa never got personally close to Philbin.

Ripa reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter this week that she hasn’t seen her former co-host when asked if she kept in touch with Philbin. The comment was made at the publication’s celebration party for its ’35 Most Powerful People in Media’ issue. Ripa also compared Philbin to her new co-host, former New York Giants NFL star Michael Strahan, joking that “they’re both incredible football players.”

After Philbin retired, Ripa spent almost one year co-hosting Live! shows with a rotating cast of auditioning co-hosts, including Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry O’Connell, Joel McHale, Jerry Seinfeld, D.L. Hughley, Rob Lowe, and Mario Lopez before Strahan was chosen for the role.

Ripa attended The Hollywood Reporter’s event with her husband, actor Mark Consuelos. In addition to discussing co-hosts, Ripa and Consuelos bantered about whether former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner should make a run for mayor of New York City:

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  • Conner

    Serious who cares,Strahan wants to get in Kelly’s pants ,thats all I see when I watch,they make me very nervous with all that sexual tension.

  • Conner

    Stahan want to get in her pants,he will end up raping her.

    • kenneth

      i do believe its the other way around.she wants him badly.guess u arent aware of the female indirect advances from day one.

    • markus

      there is a divorce in the making soon!!

  • evangeline

    I thought from the minute Regis left, Kelly tried to act like he’d never existed. As a long time watcher, I expected updates on Regis – or even a mention – but nothing was ever said. He was excised from his own show. And I presume Gelman is just as culpable.

  • jason tabino

    the hell with Kelly’s husband what is he wandering at??? you looks like a nerd!

  • Max

    Why should he keep in touch with her? She and the show now reek of nothing but trailer trash. She is totally unprofessional, unorganized and she was and is clearly in over her head. Regis and Kathy Lee should be very sad over what happened to that show. Dump her. She is a no-talent idiot.

    • Rick F

      Amen, Max

  • Aubrey

    Kelly is an actress-she doesnt give two hoots on who her co host is-it’s all put on–i dont watch the show anymore-i havnt enjoyed it since Regis left–too fake for me….

  • willie

    Kelly is a no talent hack. She couldnt make it on a soap opera and now she ruined that show.Her and Gelman forced out Regis and brought in another no talent hack that was given that seat.All she cares about is herself. Even her kids are just props for her. She dont care about anything.

  • Kristi D.

    Kelly “forced out Regis” LOL come on. He’s 81 years old. How much longer do you think he was going to keep doing the show? He did the show for a very long time and it was time to retire. Obviously Kelly and Regis weren’t close personal friends. I know people find that shocking, but TV is entertainment not reality. Kelly is an actress, and those two knew how to put on a show to entertain. Period.

  • Rick F

    She’s all about Kelly……Oh, look at me! Aren’t I wonderful? Now I get to spin the wheel for the prize instead of, what was that guy’s name that I co hosted with for 10 years? Oh, yes Regis….that’s right. Sure glad I get top billing now…..waited a long time for Kelly to be said first! Uggh……you ABC executives….are you related to the one’s at NBC that fired Ann Curry and Jay Leno? Unbelievable…the bad choices that you high powered people make. I don’t watch anymore. Regis interviewed his friend, David Letterman, a few weeks ago on CNN and he’s still marvelous! He needs a show….WITHOUT Kelly. She’s an ungrateful hack!

  • B. Kovar

    I have never liked Kelly Rippa, and I have completely stopped watching the show since Regis left. He was the only talent on the show. I wish she would just go away.

  • buc

    the show is a former shell of itself…regis is an original (and surpassed hugh downes) as the most hours on t v…not only is kelly so full of herself, it seems michael is trying too hard…both do not have the taste, class, and dignity of the icon, regis philbin…this show too, is DOA…

  • http://WebProNews Dorothy Root

    I do not believe that they have lost complete contact. Regis and Kelly are both amazing people, and always respected each other. Even though Kelly and Micheal are great together, I miss Regis and Kelly together. I wished Regis would be a guest on Kelly and Micheal’s Live Show!

  • Polly Leviner

    I always watched the show when Regis was on it. I cannot stand to watch it now so have switched to something else.

  • markus

    I have not seen kelly either!! after Regis left the show DIED for me!!

  • sharon

    can,t watch the show since regis left,she wanted to boot him from from the beginning,she,s so stuck on herself,like look at me,i,m so least kathy lee and frank have dinners together.regis was forced out between kelly and philman,will never watch that show agin.

  • aissa


  • Richard Poppe

    Regis is a no talent hack as well.Babbling like an idiot for millions of dollars! All these morning shows are designed for celebrity worshiping air heads!