Kelly Ripa Hosts Awards Show For Her Idols

    April 30, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Talk show sweetheart Kelly Ripa is the perfect choice for a night of honoring television icons; she’s cute, she’s bubbly, and she absolutely adores the people accepting the awards.

Ripa took the stage last night in her second hosting gig for the TV Land Awards; she previously hosted in 2007. Among the honorees this time around were Fran Drescher for “The Nanny”, the cast of “Lavern and Shirley” (who had a mini-reunion), the cast of “One Day At A Time”, and members of the ’90s sketch-comedy show “In Living Color”. Ripa says that being a child of the ’70s meant she was parked in front of the television all the time, so characters from those shows meant a lot to her, and still do.

“That’s what we had,” she said. “These characters were our lives and I get excited still. I’m still excited seeing Faith Ford as weird as that sounds. I still get excited.”

Of course, becoming famous in your own right doesn’t mean you don’t get starstruck sometimes, and Ripa says she felt it while she was onstage this year and realized that Laverne and Shirley were looking at her.

“When I saw Laverne and Shirley in the audience,” she says, “I almost jumped onto their table. You can never explain to these people how much they meant to you.”

Some of the highlights of last night’s fete included the Innovator award, given to the cast of “One Day At A Time”, the Impact award, which went to “Murphy Brown”, and the Icon award, which was presented to Aretha Franklin by John Legend.

  • Gabrielhues

    Totally overrated

  • Dago T

    Emaciated skank.

  • john taylor

    a waste of good tv time!!!!
    if you look up the word “bimbo” in the dictionary, it has a picture of kelly ripa

  • jack thompson

    Kelly Rip a fart

  • Howard

    I am a TV LAND junkie, but I had to turn off the awards show.Rippa has a big mouth that never shuts up. Thats why after watching Regis & kelly, I stopped watching when Regis left. I got a throbbing head listening to her. A waste of tv time.

  • Pam

    Hello, I don’t understand all the hate on Kelly Ripa. Just because she’s been married to the same man for many years, doesn’t show all her “girly-goodies” to the world, and not in the tabloids every issue for cheating,divorce, or a sex tape; doesn’t mean she’s not a notable, star who is talented, and decent. Wow, what has the world come to? Of course I didn’t see the show; I hope it’ll come on again this week sometime. Girls today need to see someone positive and talented in show business. Haven’t your Mother told you that if you don’t have anything nice to say….say nothing? Quite disturbing if you ask me. Smh.

  • Annie

    I’m with you, Pam, Kelly is absolutely wonderful at whatever she does.

    Love you, Kelly, keep up the good work.

  • rick

    I think Kelly is wonderful,she’s a great role model and postive person.Kelly is the sexiest women on tv,great legs wonderful ass beautiful hair,not to mention those eyes.Keep shining baby.

    • Vettgrl

      I agree! Kelly was perfect for that job, and it was great seeing familiar faces all together again.

  • http://yahoo Karen

    I have been a fan of Kelly Ripa since “All my children” she is a class act, atleast she didn’t spend a 100 million on a wedding that lasted maybe one month. She is not skank like those Kardashians.

  • J

    the whole thing is a joke.. getting awards for rerun tv shows?

  • http://anoterote.blogspot.com Pamela R

    She did a SUPER JOB!!!

  • re.dog

    who’s kelly ripa?

  • scott

    only watched about 30 minutes of the show, she has a very big ego….talks a lot but has nothing to say… i wish they would find someone else.. someone feed her by the way…

  • Jen

    eeeewwwww…kelly ripa like finger nails on a chalkboard! need i say more???? we miss you reeeege! someone please get the hook!

  • Gil Tyrelle

    Kelly Tolerable on the morning show . . . Regis NOT SO MUCH!!!

  • carolyn


  • Mary Dunham

    kelly Ripa did a wonderful job hosting the awards show.I have loved Kelly since she played the Haley on All My Children.

  • Candygirl

    When I was a youngster I hated the show but I really liked the show since I have aged. The show is not the same without Regis. Kelley is so hyper that she makes me nervous. Yes, she is cute but too thin. Regis could make the talk show more ” mello.” He needed to bring Kelly down to earth. The show is boring now and it caters to the younger crowd. I am sure that the ratings have suffered since Regis left. It would be in the producer’s best interest to pay Regis what he wants before the show goes broke!