Kelly Ripa Goes On Vacation To Greece With The Seinfelds

    July 1, 2014
    Val Powell
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Kelly Ripa is fresh from her European vacation with the Seinfelds. Ripa will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she celebrated by going on a family vacation with husband Mark Consuelos and their kids Michael, Lola, and Joaquin. Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld brought their children Sascha, Julian, and Shepherd along with them.

“I gotta tell you, it was magical. It was one of those trips where it all came together so beautifully. We started out in Paris for a couple of days – just a quick, quick trip to Paris – and then we spent the bulk of our trip, 10 days, in Greece, going from island to island,” Ripa said.

Jessica Seinfeld, who is Ripa’s close friend, congratulated her on Instagram by saying that she is the greatest friend in the world and she does a fantastic job on her morning show Live with Kelly and Michael. “Congratulations my love,” she said.

Ripa shared her pictures from her European trip including pictures on the Eiffel Tower, Poseidon’s Temple, Santorini, and Athens.

“It was like having no kids because they all amused each other and nobody drove us insane, so it was like a vacation.”

The trip was also a milestone for Jerry Seinfeld, as he took his first ever selfie. His wife shared the picture on Instagram with the caption, “Jerry’s First Selfie. Ugh. Stop. #greeceistheword.”

Jerry Seinfeld, Jessica Seinfeld, Instagram

Ripa enjoyed the trip so much that she encouraged viewers to take a Grecian vacation there as well. “If you’re taking a trip someplace overseas and you’re thinking, ‘Where should we go? What should we do?’ I highly encourage you to visit Greece because the people are the kindest and the loveliest, and it’s so beautiful,” she said.

Ripa will be receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015.

Image via rockonteamripa,Instagram

  • violet

    happy for both of these families. they certainly are weathly in money but also in family. better than the Duggars or Kardasians, IMO.

  • lindenfrank

    Jerry’s a very lucky man….SHE IS HOT!

    • Just The Facts

      She married jewish money

    • Jimmy FiveFingers

      If you think so…

  • Kim Howell

    the duggers and kardashians are nothing in comparison and every single of their 19 kids are so respectful and well behaved and that is more than the rest of us can say with alot less kids im sick of people bashing them for having a large family and raising them to be virgins til marriage were u a virgin when u married probably not

    • violet

      the duggars are a cult, nothing great about that! The girls cannot even go to the corner store by themselves to get milk, until they are married. All those girls need to RUN!!

  • Goldie Digger

    I can remember Kelly Ripa dancing on Dance Party USA back in the late 80’s filmed
    in Philadelphia or N. J. with her brother, I was just a little girl, here she is on the dancing show.


  • Goldie Digger
  • Jimmy FiveFingers

    I liked Kelly when she first arrived at Regis & Kelly. Unfortunately, she has become another Kathy Lee Gifford. Goofy, showy, verbose and melodramatic… not interested.

  • lindy west

    I like Kelly well enough, but I would just like to know what is the criteria to have a star on the Walk of Fame….apparently they give them out to everyone now. Kind of a smear to the real greats of yesteryear, whom I feel it was intended.

  • besspaula

    nice pics. kelly please a few xtra lbs. u are sooo thin. jessica looks fab w this new blonde short haircut. all kids are grown up.

  • Anita Ho

    Ripa fart..