Kelly: Overdose Suspected in Rapper’s Death

By: Sean Patterson - May 3, 2013

Earlier this week, the tragic death of rapper Chris Kelly stunned music fans. The 34-year-old Kelly was found dead in his Atlanta home Wednesday evening. He was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Now, a police report has surfaced showing that Kelly had been taking hard drugs the night before his death.

An Access Hollywood report on the police document states that Kelly’s mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, told police that Chris had taken both heroin and cocaine Tuesday night. She stated that she and others had left Chris, who had complained of nausea and had passed out, at his home on Wednesday morning to sober up.

A drug overdose is suspected as the cause of Kelly’s death, but an official cause of death will have to wait for toxicology reports. According to family members and friends, Kelly had a known history of drug abuse.

Kelly was best known as one half of the rap duo Kross Kross. He and fellow rapper Chris Smith gained fame in the early 90s through their hit single “Jump.” The pair also became infamous for wearing their clothes backwards.

Pratte on Thursday released a statement regarding her son’s death, stating that he was the “fun-loving life of the party” and that “his legacy will love on through his music.”

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  • michaela

    gee…a thug OD’s…. there’s a shock. there is a raseon RAP rhymes with (C)(R)(A)(P)… no talent whatsover. my prayers go ot to the family

    • Charlie

      The guy wrote party raps for christsake….how was he a thug? Such ignorance here.

  • God Loves Everyone

    What a mean thing to say. This young man never did anything to hurt others. Its people like you who support those like the Boston bombers who live on welfare and kill innocent people. What a shame you have so much hatred.

    • Dan

      Your first sentence deploring another poster’s comment has some validity. Your second & third sentences make huge leaps of ass-umptions that have no basis in fact while the fourth sentence may or may not be true. Most rappers adopt a certain lifestyle that many times includes, but is not limited to, gun possession & violence, drug & alcohol abuse, misogynistic and profane/obscene comments throughout their ‘rhymes’. Although in my 70’s, I enjoy some Salt ‘n Pepa, LL Cool J and Jay Z along with other musical genres.

  • Susan

    I’m deeply troubled by the statement that this man’s mother knew he had taken cocaine and heroin. Yet when he complained of nausea and passed out, she left him alone to “sober up”. What she did was kill her own son. Why didn’t she call 911? Was she so willing to look the other way as he shot up and snorted, and then simply walked out on him? I just don’t get it. This was her own son that she could have saved.

    • iffy

      I beg to differ, Susan. While doing drugs cannot really be compared to terrorism, North American addicts are in the final analysis responsible for the current Mexican drug Wars. So Whether ir not addicts hurt anyone is open to question. While current drug policy is hopelessly flawed, the Law is never the less the Law.

    • Michelle

      I beg to differ to the comment that Susan has made. First of all, He was the one taking the cocaine and heroin. Lets not forget that he was a 34 year old grown man. How could she have killed him. When you are passed out, that means that you are still breathing and your heart is still beating. If he had a History of drug abuse, it is obvious that this was not a first time thing and that is why she probably felt comfortable to leave him there. To say that she killed her son is Ludacris. EVERYONE looked the other way. Not just her, other friends and family also according to her statement knew that he was using drugs for a long time. I have children, and for the people who have children, wanting them to die from an overdose is just not something that we all, WANT or LET our children do. He had an addiction that unfortunately ended his life way too soon. My prayers to his family and loved ones…..

  • Bido

    I just think the situation is all sad and I just pray for this young man and his family….God Bless.