Kellogg’s Cereal Recall Has Consumers Frustrated

    October 11, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kellogg, along with the FDA, have announced a massive recall on their Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite-Size Original and Mini-Wheats Unfrosted Bite Size cereals due to the possibility that they contain small pieces of metal. The recall affects several different items and is estimated to cost the company between $20-$30 million.

The contamination is being blamed on a “faulty manufacturing part”, and while no injuries have been reported, consumers are increasingly frustrated with how the company is handling the situation. Commenters on the message board for Kellogg’s site say they are having trouble getting through to the provided 1-800 number, and many didn’t even get the news about the recall until the cereal had already been eaten.

So far, the company has said that due to such a high volume of calls, they ask that customers are patient and keep trying to get through with any questions. They also say that the chances of metal fragments affecting anyone’s health is very low.

We understand and apologize for your concern. According to Dr. David Acheson, an internal medicine physician and former Chief Medical Officer at the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) with whom we consulted, the likelihood of these fragments making their way into the food is low; furthermore, the chances that any affected food will cause injury is low.

The number to call with concerns is 800-962-1413, which is open from 8 am to 6 pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday. Below are the items to check:


  • Beth Pence

    yes so today 10-11-12 i see a recall onn mini wheat cereal and found the number to call but can’t get thru this is not right my son eats mini wheats they should be answering their phone or get more phone to help the people that are calling in

    • Anna

      Don’t you think that they probably are getting ambushed with phone calls and emails about this? Just throw the cereal away. My kids eat this only a daily basis. I go through 2 big boxes a week. They also have no problem with change. I’m sure your son will eat some other type of cereal. My kids ate frosted flakes this morning (they are only aloud to eat sugary cereal on Saturdays) and they were more than happy to eat them. It’s not that hard. Seriously people, the company is trying to figure it all out and not everyone is going to be able to talk to them. I wouldnt make a big deal over something this small. If it were salmonella or e.coli, sure i’d be panicking..

      • chuck

        I have been employed in the food industry for over 12 years and used to work for kelloggs, they are very stringent when it comes to quality assurance,if their is just a slight possibility of contamination kelloggs will recall all the product.Also every box of cerial passes through a metal detector as part of the QA program.the chance that a box got through is miniscule but possible and kelloggs always would rather be safe than sorry.

    • sharon

      dont bother calling just toss it out i know money is tight but med bills are alot more expensive!!!

      • http://BB2nite William Branner

        I have two and a half boxes of the stuff, all with the UPC and dates within the recall. One of our favorite cereals. Why on earth does Kellogg ask us to call the 800 number? Why don’t they simply ask us to return the stuff to the grocery store? (And, my stomach hurts.)

        • Justin L

          We also have a box of cereal within the date range. My 10 year old son has been complaining of a stomach ache for 2 days now ,enough that I can see the pain. chalked it up to something else. now I think we should make a doctor visit just to make sure. He does NOT no anything of the recall. Bad thing is I JUST bought 2 more boxes STILL on Sale @ the store. ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT HALF OF THESE STORES ARE STILL SELLING THE PRODUCT. TAKING PICTURES IN THE MORNING. and I WILL return these to the store T R U S T M E.

          • Justin L

            People how many times have you bought something from the store and the first paper you pull out says DO NOT RETURN THIS ITEM TO THE STORE. We all return it to the store if it breaks, we don’t call the manufacture number like they ask. SO IF KELLOGGS WONT HELP. RETURN IT TO THE STORE. They will take it back PLEASE help force the stores to step up if the Manufacture wont.

  • http://facebook Jacqui Hart

    i also have a question about this cereal, I was just curious about the frosted mini spooners that comes from Malt-O-Meal and it is a 18 oz size bag with an experation date of june 9, 2013, Also the upc code is 02400025542. I would apprecite if some one could give me an answer before i and eat this.

    Jacqui Hart

    • B.o.B . Fan

      Well Jacqui, I suggest that you return the cereal(or any type of food product for that matter) if you have any concerns about it(at any time). As an American, you have a right to return anything if it isn’t to your satisfaction(excluding businesses that say up front, returns aren’t possible). I hope this addresses your concerns

      • DedicatedMomma

        Malt-O-Meal isn’t a Kellogg’s brand. This happened to a matching in the Kellogg’s plant, affecting ONLY Kellogg’s cereals.

        • DedicatedMomma


    • momnohio

      If you can post this on line then you can go to sites that are carrying the upc numbers, just like the ones listed above this commment section. Do you see your upc number? Then probably not an issue.

    • Scruffy Dog

      Bunch of freaked out people on this site. People looking for money without doing the work. Just Go to the mail box and get your assistance check and go buy some more cereal.

  • BWS

    I bought a box of Mini-Wheats about a week ago, and I poured it into a molded plastic container. After that the empty box was put into the recycle bin that was picked up yesterday, so I no way of checking the dates that the company listed. No recourse, but to throw the cereal away, and make it a point to not by that brand for a while!

  • Lauren P

    @Jacqui Hart – Malto-O-Meal is a different brand from Kellogg’s. Only Kellogg’s brand mini wheat cereal is affected.

  • Teresa

    What is the big deal just throw what you have is it all that important just don’t eat it. What’s 5 dollars I mean come on you spend more on bottled water i’m sure when you can just fill a container at home and same plastic so just throw and don’t buy that brand. Case closed

    • sharon

      i could not have said it better

    • momnohio

      That’s true. Just pitch the darn stuff. We have some but the upc doesn’t match, I may just pitch this round just to be safe. Case closed.

  • Canton

    Doesn’t matter, they look like Stank Bugs anyways.

    • DrHn

      I can’t stop laughing.

  • Julia Farkas

    Why would anyone eat anything from Kelloggs? They use genetically modified ingredients.

    • momnohio

      Dumb comment with what the issue is. Metal shavings in the cereal. It can happen to organic cereal as well. It’s related to the machine it’s sorted, formed, etc through. I swear some people just don’t think things through but just want their smart ass comments out there, no matter how foolish they appear.

  • Smart Consumer

    That’s why I don’t buy crap to eat.

  • Minnie

    Just throw the cereal in the garbage. Don’t eat it, don’t think about eating it – just toss it. Better safe than sorry. In fact, switch to steel cut oats or old fashioned oatmeal. Both all natural and healthier for you than everything they put in a box of Kelloggs brand cereal.

    • momnohio

      Missing the point…it’s metal shavings from a machine, even steel oats can have this type of issue. Why are folks insistent on pushing their agenda’s/recommendations of what someone should be eating?

  • kleakins@hotmail.com

    Well thanks for the update. The box is more than half empty. What will the damage due to your internal organs. As we know grounded glass slowly distroys your stomach, I suppose metal would do the same.

  • yorkiemommie

    maybe that’s what has been bothering my stomach all week…?

  • neutral


  • brenda allmond

    I brought the 70 oz. from costco. The upc code matches. We have’nt
    ate much of it. I am just going to throw it out. It’s simple as that.

  • sharon

    well maybe putting a few metal shavings in the box will improve the tast of it i think mini wheets tast like the box its packaged in , but i do think of little kids eating something like this and it should be taken seriously because the long term effect might be really bad so dont eat it loose the money not your kids health and kelloggs nothing like this that i can ever remember has ever happed so give them a chance to clean it up but toss out the mini wheets

    • momnohio

      Your opinion on the flavor wasn’t what they asked. Don’t eat something if you don’t like it after you try it. Many, including my family, like all the mini wheats, including adults and children. I would be concerned for adults as well, as illness would be devasting for any family member.

  • esther

    all of there products should be recalls about a month ago I purchased cereal and it had maggots

  • angie

    Well, maybe that can explain the unexplainable stomach and all around flu feeling we have had in our family go thru here…the stomach thing has lasted a few weeks..and we have all of the cereals, not just the mini wheats that have been recalled, but the other cereals too (see direct from the company about honeysnaps and others that are recalled too)…we have 2 kids with autism/special needs that we went thru about 3 years of special diets/etc to get their stomachs/immune systems cleared of an overload of heavy metals/etc…and now THIS…OMG, I seriously hope they look into this further..because, YES even a ‘little’ bit of any metal in your body is NOT good…and they really need to tell us WHAT kind of metal shavings they were too…how could this happen to SO many different types of cereal before no one knew about it! shame! Big issue for them …big, huge!

  • rosemary

    My husband and I found the metal in a bowl of frosted mini wheats. 2 of the mini wheats were stuck together from it. IT was a fairly big piece. We called kelloggs and they requested the cereal back. They sent us 4 coupons for free cereal. This was in August. Last week I found metal in my frosted flakes. I called kelloggs and they requested the cereal back. I won’t buy anymore kelloggs cereal. Both times we were halfway through the box.

  • rosemary

    We found the metal in a bowl of mini wheats back in August. We called kelloggs and they had us send it back so they could investigate. Last week I found more in my frosted flakes. Both times we were halfway through the box.

  • http://Yahoo Shirley

    I bought some Mini Wheats just Sunday…Been eaten them since then…I put mine in a plastic cereal container..So cant get the codes…Ill just toss them…No need to get rid of my other cereal …is there????Ive got Honey Nut Cheerios too….Dont think they are by Kelloggs…Things do happen & we will take precautions & not eat any more Kelloggs for awhile….Thanks Kelloggs for putting it on the news & letting all of us know about it….

    • Bridgette

      I wanted for the kids to have some wheat not shredded from the inside for eating the wheat! That being said what is wrong with this company because it appears that they had evidence below of this problem prior to the recall and did nothing – shame on them – and as if their doctor saying yes all is ok flies with me – not!

      Note to Kelloggs – you buy cheap material to offset your factory due to lack of sales brought on by your cheap product – too add it appears you have no quality control because if there was nobody would be receiving a coupon for more of this crap! They should have done their job and should be fired for being incompetent. To add due to cheap products/cheap labor now sales are down and likely no money put into making a better product and so the cycle continues – less sales/less money spend and a crap product – how about putting more money into better controls and producing a better product – don’t think we are going to forgive and move on like Maple Leaf foods – we only forgive once.

  • http://fb JEM

    We have one bowl left of the box that is recalled. Of course we will not finish it but this page has no set instructions on how to proceed if you find the recalled product.

  • danie

    You people are ridiculous. Just eat the cereal and don’t throw it away. Apparently it would have affected you already. They have to recall it because of the possibility of being sued. Apparently the chance is slim so stop freaking out. I am sure stuff gets into our food that’s not healthy for us often than you think, going undetected

  • DrHn

    I put them in my mouth every day.

  • t

    they are not taking responsablity for this i emailed them they try saying my product isnt on the list which IT IS! they claim because i didnt email them exp date they didnt ask for exp date but i gave them upc and other codes ,gee thanks kellogg for screwing people over charge a fortune for your product and your faulty equipment leaves shards of metal in it and u want to ignore prob i wont be buying your crap ever again

  • http://yahoo Annie Burmania

    I have eaten a half of a box of MIni wheats also. Been haveing stomach trouble also. Not feeling up to par yet as I only stopped eating it after you put out the recall and you hav e known this since August or maybe before. I’am so mad about this! Something needs to be done here. And I mean soon not 6 years down the road.

  • Carl

    Ok, KELLOGGS has issued a recall on the Mini Wheats saying the possibility of metal in the food. Possibility folks, possibility. Its funny how i read people are now sick from eating the food. Sounds like you are sick in the head. Nothing wrong with KELLOGGS food.

  • Bridgette

    Day 2 and I still get a busy signal – Kelloggs seriously step it up and get more people on the phone!

  • Nicole R

    Why can’t the cereal just be returned to the store, this is craziness. I can not afford to go buy replacement cereal. Really Kelloggs you charge 5.00 a box and can’t handle this recall.

    • Sylvia

      You can afford internet but not to buy a box of cereal?? Buy generic.

      • Robin M.

        Is that really YOUR business? Cereal is expensive.

  • Don

    Recalls happen, but spending over a half-hour in the early morning and an hour listening to the insipid announcements in the late afternoon make the task of reporting the problem extremely aggravating. The possibilities of injury are minimal, but the annoying procedure makes doing the right thing seem more stressful than using a metal detector after each breakfast serving.

  • nancy neubarth

    explain something to me everyday doctors prescribe iron pills to their patients (metal) and yet we don’t sue them. a lot of people eat eggs yet we don’t complain to the farmer because there is some dung on the shell. all because we understand they are human. how many of us have one to a relatives house to eat and ended up sick. did you call all your friends and neighbors complaining about family? probably not.



  • rustynail1

    Really unjoy those miniwheets and wont leet a few mental fragents from eatin them. Got a mental detrator from my neybor so I can ett them safer. Like Tony saths aboutanuther keeler ceral–there graaattt!!

  • katrina seth

    Does kelloggs sell their cereal to Malt O Meal company? Is it other flavors like strawberry?