Katy Perry ‘Roars’ Back at PETA’s Attack

    September 18, 2013
    Lacy Wise
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Katy Perry was under attack two days ago by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) after her video for her new hit ‘Roar’ was released September 6. The video includes multiple animals: an elephant, a tiger, some birds, an alligator, and a monkey. Various scenes in the video show Perry showering with the assistance of an elephant, brushing a crocodile’s teeth and roaring at a tiger.

Article Images from Katy Perry – Roar

Protesting the use of real animals on the video set, “What you may not know — as most people do not — is that animals used for entertainment in film and television endure horrific cruelty and suffer from extreme confinement and violent training methods,” PETA’s Merrilee Burke writes in a letter to the video’s producers and directors. Burke adds that a set with bright lights and crowds can traumatize an animal or cause stress and anxiousness.

The animal rights group also attacked Serengeti Ranch, one of the animal providers for the music video. The Texas based ranch has been cited for 13 animal rights violations since 2001.

But, Katy Perry, an avid animal lover was able to release a response quickly with a letter from the American Humane Association, explaining how their representatives were present all three days, while the video was shot.

It reads:
“American Humane Association was on set for the filming of the above referenced music video, which used an elephant, a monkey, birds and a tiger. After reviewing the reports, we believe that the Guidelines for the Safe Use of Animals in Filmed Media were followed and that no animal was harmed in the making of this music video.”


PETA must not have done much investigating before making remarks against Perry and her crew. Katy Perry is known as “Kitty Perry” for her love of cats, as well as other animals. Which is actually featured on the tiger’s collar in the video.

Last October, for Katy’s Birthday, a fundraiser was setup for friends and fans to donate to ASPCA.Katy tweeted:

Among other celebrities like Natalie Portman, Kristin Bell, Perry was previously PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian in the UK, and ranked third behind Olivia Wilde as America’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2012. Perry gave up meat and lived vegetarian for over two years while she was in a relationship with and married to Russell Brand, but has since converted back to eating meat.

Had PETA adequately investigated the video shoot, crew, and the talent involved, they would not have made a fool of themselves. PETA has yet to comment on Katy Perry’s response to their original remarks.

  • JimJN

    It’s too bad, with all the real cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals going on in the world today and even in the USA, it’s a silly song, with no ill intentions, that gets all the press and people rise up to complain about.

    Frankly, I believe the less we involve or include animals in our everyday lives and portray these magnificent animals in a positive light, the more people became desensitized and or forget about or ignore their plight.

    I did not see anything in this video, other than her leopard skin outfit, that was really negative or cruel.

    This video actually portrays these magnificent animals in a warm and appealing way. That is a good thing, not a bad thing. That is what is needed. What better way to reach the younger generation than through songs and visuals these days?

  • T

    How did PETA make a fool of themselves? Just because these animals did not technically suffer any harm on set, does not mean they did not suffer before or after. These animals are manipulated, starved at times, and treated inhumanely in order to get them to perform the way that they do. I’m sick of people using their position as an excuse to exploit innocent animals. Yes this is the world we live in, and people will say it’s not a big deal. Maybe to u it’s not, but to those animals who have to endure unnatural hours of working and performing and learning things for our pleasure is just wrong.

  • T

    And JimJN you may not have seen anything wrong in the 4 minutes of edited copy put together for your viewing pleasure, but hours upon hours of footage is taken in which case these animals are being used for our simple wants and desires. Who knows what these animals go thru. How would u feel being caged or taken away from your family, or forced to live in a world that u didn’t belong? These exotic animals do not belong on a film set. Plain and simple.

  • Patricia

    Animals are not “ours” to use…They have their own lives and own agenda. We are not the dominate species, but rather we live “with” other species. Until humans realize that, they won’t understand PETA’s stance. Maybe the animals weren’t beaten or starved, but are the animals running free in Africa as was intended? How would you feel if you were denied any choice in your own life. While it is true many of these animals cannot be re introduced into the wild due to various situations, as the human species, we should do everything we can to make their lives as natural as possible. Being in a photo shoot is NOT natural. I am a professional “human” photographer and I see daily how nervous humans get when they are being photographed. Animals surely feel the stress as well.

  • Hilda Ortega

    Lacy [un]Wise, perhaps you should practice what you preach and do some research on the AHA. You know, just so you won’t make a of fool of yourself (oh, too late.) The American Humane Association does not take into account the treatment the animal receives while being trained. The association does not monitor such trainers and their methods, and the fact that they do not oppose the use of those animals in the entertainment industry simply goes against the “human” in their name. The association could be present during an underground dog fight and they would still say no animals were harmed. What a joke, it’s simply not a reputable association.

  • Borko Pajic-Jondic

    All you haters at Peta and hate on Katy Perry because she used a couple of animals in a music video.. How stupid can you all get. Katy Perry probably had absolutely nothing to do with the animals before and after the music video was made…. And the American humane association stated that nothing was bieng breached, that means both during and not during the shooting and editing times… I’d like to see how Peta would react if they got attacked by an animal one day and almost lost their life like that man who survived the shark attack. Using it as a marketing tool just to get publicity is absolutely wrong… I love animals and I do fight for animal rights but I’m not about to go physically abusing someone because they wear a fur coat. we have no right to tell people what to and not to do. Peta needs to take the stick thats shoved up its ass taken out and just relax. OH BY THE WAY… Didn’t these so called rights activists euthanize many knew born animals and said that it is a dignified way to die…. No its not. You tell us we can’t eat meat or wear fur so NOW I’M TELLING YOU THAT YOU CAN’T EUTHANIZE ANIMALS UNLESS THEY HAVE SERIOUS ILLNESSES AND DISEASES AND THAT THEY NEED TO BE PUT DOWN. Nothing should be euthanised, especially if it hasn’t even had the chance to live its own life. Peta you are going against everything Animal Rights activists stand for…. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO FORCE YOUR VIEWS ON OTHER PEOPLE WITH OR WITHOUT FORCE, FEAR TACTICS LIKE HARASSMENT. IF A WOMAN OR A MAN WANT TO WALK DOWN THE STREET WEARING FUR HEAD TO TOE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO… I MAY NOT CONDONE OR AGREE WITH IT AS MANY ANIMALS ARE PUT TO DEATH FOR THE FUR BUT THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO. LIKE WHEN PEOPLE TELL ME I SHOULDN’T EAT MEAT BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENS TO THE ANIMALS… I AM NOT THE ONE KILLING THE ANIMAL AND THEREFORE I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION OF BECOMING A VEGAN OR VEGETARIAN… I LOVE MEAT AND ITS IN MY CULTURE. I AM NOT HAPPY IN THE WAY THAT THEY ARE KILLED AND DONT CONDONE IT BUT IT HAPPENS. PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS LIKE YOU DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SO MANY UNDERLYING THINGS. LIKE THE NEW ASSASSINS CREED 4 GAME… YOU ABUSED THEM ABOUT THE FACT THAT YOU COULD WHALE IN THE GAME…. THE AC SERIES KEEPS TO A SLIGHTLY ROMANTICIZED HISTORICAL HAPPENINGS, CULTURES OF THE TIME AND WHAT PEOPLE DID TO MAKE MONEY, RECREATION, JOBS AND SUCH.. IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY CONDONE OR ARE TRYING TO GLORIFY WHALING. NEXT TIME YOU HARASS, ABUSE OR CRITICIZE SOMEONE FOR WEARING FUR, EATING MEAT, MAKING A GAME WHERE ANIMALS CAN BE USED AS PETS, CAN BE HUNTED ETC… DO SOME RESEARCH ON THE SUBJECT FIRST, AND IF YOU CANNOT SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY WITHOUT SOUNDING LIKE HORRIBLE PEOPLE, DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. BECAUSE MOST OF THE STUFF THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTHS TURNS IS ABSOLUTELY IMBECILIC AND NOT VERY WELL THOUGHT THROUGH.



    • Bean

      I love you.

    • Scarlatti

      What a load of bollocks!!

      Animals suffer at the hands of the human race to such an extent that many species have become extinct or on the very edge of exctinction. Largely because this planet, with 7 billion humans, it is vastly overpopulated with homo sapiens. Unspeakable cruelties are visited on all kinds of animals every day – including humans, after all we can claim to have invented that uniquely human activity – WAR.

      You use the ‘terrifying’ spectre of animals attacking people as if they’re round every corner waiting to pounce on poor-old defenceless humans – shark attacks; oh come on, the vast majority of people (even those that swim in the ocean) are much more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark!! But shark attacks get much more publicity – so much so that many species of shark are now on the brink of exctinction.

      In almost all cases, animals only attack humans if they are frightened, startled, defending young or injured. OR are trepassing in THEIR domain.

      There are only 2 animals on this planet that kill or maim just for the fun of it – THE MOST DANGEROUS; by far in this respect is the HUMAN animal. It kills pretty much anything that moves including, in vast quantities, it’s own kind! The second such animal is the chimpanzee, the closest living genetic relative to homo sapien. Hardly a coincidence.

      Real fur coats are completely unacceptable and those who wear them superficial cretins slavishly following the fashion herd. I do not shy away from telling them so, face-to-face, either.

      So; according to your ‘farmyard logic’, no-one should be able to tell someone else what they can or cannot do?? So homicide is OK, then? Burglary – fine? Starting to get the point?

      Mankind, in the vast majority, is a self-serving, greedy and amoral species [it’s even in the Bible!]. While you would obviously object to that – I would point to the crisis in global climate change; the economic crashes that have befallen the world – all this down to human greed. There is no reason, for example, why the Japanese should continue to hunt and persecute whales – no reason at all.

      Truth is humans DO need to be told what it acceptable and what is not – this is not megalomania; put very simply the survival of this planet and all the creatures therein depend upon it. Personal freedoms concerning the destruction of the environment, the killing of animals for fun [or fashion] or some outmoded notion of ‘culture’ is completely unimportant.

      Enough of your self-rightous bombast [and you claim to fight for animal rights do you? How exactly?] it is YOU that should do FURTHER RESEARCH. At a minimum I would recommend you start with Dr Peter Singer’s “How are we to live”.

      Until such time as you are better informed “Sierra Tango Foxtrot Uniform”!

  • Bean

    using animals in a video clip is animal abuse?
    And euthanizing thousands of them for no reason isn’t?!

  • Kettlebelle7

    Being that Katy is an animal lover, I’m sure if she were better informed of the plight of animals used in the entertainment industry, she would be willing to make a public apology. She could use her popularity and the publicity from this little event to educate throngs of young people on how to be better guardians of this planet. Maybe even throw some donations at WWF or Panthera.org or SaveTigersNow from the proceeds she received from her use of these animals since wild tigers are almost extinct now? That would be a good way to turn lemons into lemonaid! 😀

  • http://cms.puppies80.webnode.com/ animal lover

    animals should never be used in any type of video in the first place .Humans are monsters to animals, hunting animals and killing them dose that make HUMANS the monsters!? really if you where one of these animals ,being used for things it is just not fair animals are being USED. No animal should be treated badly or sed 2

  • MariaLHighton

    You clearly don’t know anything about animal psychology or behaviour, OR what goes on during pre and post production. just because the AHA insisted that the animals were ‘safe’ ON SET, DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY DID NOT SUFFER ABUSE DURING TRAINING.

    Take away the stress of being carted around in vans, isolated from their natural habitat and other members of their species, they STILL endure suffering.

    THE ONLY WAY THEY ARE TAUGHT TO ‘ACT’ IS THROUGH PUNISHMENT AND NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT. That “smile” that monkeys famously do in film, is actually a grimace of FEAR.

    Crawl the fuck out of Katy Perry’s ass, and educate yourself on what you’re talking about before you go round mouthing off.

  • Daniel

    I actually like katy perry and I am becoming more aware if she is wearing fur or using animals, not because she is abusing them but because she has paid in more than one ocasion for people to do it, and i am sure she loves animals and didn’t want to hurt them, but marketing is very strong and she could have possibly not know. All that humane and animal wellfare is all a pile of cra* really. and they say animals were not harmed in the making of this video.. hmm what did the crew eat?.. yeah, I knew… Vegan power!