Katt Williams A No-Show At His Own Arraignment

    December 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Katt Williams, a no-show at his own arraignment hearing?

It’s not that hard to believe if you’re up to date on all the trouble he’s been in lately. The comedian was arrested last Sunday night after he allegedly threatened a bar owner with a pool cue and threw a lit cigarette in a woman’s face, among other things. Before that, he found himself at the center of a lawsuit filed by his own fans after they say he showed up to a performance, was on stage for ten minutes, then started a brawl with some audience members. He’s also involved in a suit with his former assistant, who claims he punched her during a dispute.

The funnyman was due in court over the assault charges pressed against him from last weekend, but never showed up. His attorney, Thomas McAllister, told the judge his client was under the impression he didn’t have to show up. Apparently the judge bought it, because the hearing has been rescheduled for next week.

This is all going on in the middle of his tour, and he recently announced he was retiring, saying he was “kinda done”. His reps were quick to insist he’s not going anywhere just yet, however, saying he just felt disrespected by some of his fans.

“Katt is definitely NOT retiring. He will be moving forward with the tour … Friday is Texas, Saturday New Orleans, and on to Alabama. The reason why he made remarks was due to him feeling totally disrespected by all the things that happen to him in the city of Seattle. He had a moment where he felt very unappreciated. He now just wants to move forward from those unfortunate events and give his fans outstanding shows from this point forward.”

  • frank

    Might be a good idea to nail Katt’s feet to the floor. People will know right where he is at all times and can avoid him.

    • Fed Up

      Nothing will happen, he is a celebrity. Celebrities and athletes get away with murder, makes the legal system a joke.

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