Katie Holmes To Show At New York Fashion Week

    August 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Katie Holmes, who just had her divorce from Tom Cruise finalized, is moving on to bigger and better things soon; she’ll show her clothing line, Holmes and Yang, at New York Fashion Week.

Holmes has been involved with the line for years now, since it was launched in 2009, and works with her longtime stylist Jeanne Yang to create the timeless, classic pieces. The line has only been available at Barney’s, with a limited production run on each piece. Now it looks like the team is seeking to expand the business by putting their ideas up on the runway in the biggest fashion event of the year.

A source close to Holmes is quoted in the New York Post as saying, “This is a big deal for Katie to show in the tents, under the full attention of the fashion editors and the glare of the media scrutiny. They could have done a small show elsewhere, so this proves she and Jeanne are very serious about their business.”

Holmes and Yang will premiere their newest line on September 9th under the big tents. As for her personal life, Holmes and Cruise have worked out a settlement in their divorce rather quickly. A source close to Cruise said:

“Tom is very happy and relieved that he is moving forward. His priority is being a good father and this settlement will make sure that continues.”

  • http://www.dau-fus-kie-island.com Kristine Suber Hanchar

    wish I could attend fashion week. what fun! Good for Katie

  • Joan Tedesco

    She always has a smirk on her face like she is bareley tolerating everyone. Don’t like it at all.

    • Davita Malone

      She had bells palsy and one side of her face was paralyzed, it didn’t “heal” 100%. Give her a break. I have bells palsy right now and it is a horrible thing to happen to a woman’s face. I can only hope my face will come back 100% and my smile will be whole again. I imagine it breaks her heart to read comments about her crooked smile which looks like a smirk. :(

      • Cara

        Good for you to set people straight ~ See how people jump to conclusions and judge! All the freakin time. Our teachers taught us in school DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! Too bad only some of us learned that :(

    • Cara

      Shame on you…stop judging until you know the facts!

      • Davita Malone

        Thank you and I agree, most people these days do judge immediately. Getting bells palsy has been a blessing in that my children see that sometimes things happen to people, good people, and they may look different or sound different and they can’t help it. So you should always consider that before judging.

  • GodHasYourBack

    She should definately include a “I SURVIVED TOM CRUISE” T-Shirt in her clothing line!

    • Larry

      She should definitely include a “WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME TOM CRUISE IS A SCIENTOLOGIST?” t-shirt in her clothing line.

      • shizzymac


  • Trevor Paige

    who cares…

  • http://yahoo Mona G. Woods

    I’m SO glad she’s doing better! I hope that her daughter is with HER and not Tom;haven’t heard any more about the custody part. He is NOT a good role model for her! He is still involved in Scientology and he is not worried about anything except himself! I will keep her in my prayers! Mona Woods Hammond,Louisiana

  • Lou

    Katie is not even attractive and she obviously a user. Tom loved her and she used him to get money and now she dumps him. I think she is done.

    • wyatt

      Katie Holmes is not even attractive? Are you serious?Lou you are straight up dumb ass.Wow.

    • JoAnne

      Katie was on the young side when she married Tom who had already been married twice. Why does this have to be anything about her being a user? Perhaps Katie matured just came to her senses about a very controlling religion and that she was raised Roman Catholic. How does one become not attractive because she divorced Tom Cruise?

  • dya

    Another way yo make money

  • Gina

    From what I have seen she has too much class to make tshirts that degrade another person. Good for her to move on quickly without giving the media amunition against Tom. They are both people with their own beliefs. Why don’t we leave all 3 of them alone.

  • eddie

    katie is one of the most beutiful women in the world

  • SchemingKatie

    Fashion week for a talentless woman? Gimme a break! Before, free loading from Tom, now Yang?

  • King

    The Romans, now Roman Catholic, killed Jesus Christ. I think this is even worst a hundred fold than Scientology. I’m a reformist fleeing that Religion full of idolatry, worshiping every saint they could name their church. Heard of mafia contolling portion of their stocks in a corporate Vatican?