Katie Holmes Keeping Busy, Lands Several Jobs

    September 10, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Katie Holmes has been laying rather low since news spread in late June that she was calling off her marriage to Tom Cruise after five years and a lot of rumors. Although she’s been seen out and about a few times with daughter Suri, Holmes hasn’t made a public appearance since her very public split…until now.

Holmes was recently at the 2012 Style Awards in New York as a presenter, where she handed out an award to designer Carolina Herrera. It was also announced last week that she’ll be the new face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, something which came as a bit of a shock to fans of the makeup and skincare line since Brown has never used a celebrity spokesperson to endorse her products.

“We had tea in the afternoon, and we bonded,” Brown said. “And then it was, ‘Oh, my God, you would be the perfect face for Bobbi’. We weren’t looking for a celebrity, just a cool, amazing woman who would fit with our brand. And she’s just ridiculously, naturally beautiful.”

Holmes has been keeping busy since the divorce, lining up a show at New York Fashion Week for her line Holmes And Yang, as well as landing a job on Broadway, where she’ll appear in a show for the first time since 2008.

  • King

    If she kept her marriage, she doesn’t need to find a job. Just be a dotting mom and raise more kids.

  • Geno Meucci

    It’s so nice to see that lovely smile on Katie Holmes’face again. It
    seemed that as soon as she married what’s his name,all of the joy went
    out of her,and it was obvious by the constantly melancholy look she had. Now beautiful Katie is back and,by her looks,so is her confidence
    The most wonderful times of your life are ahead of you,don’t look back
    unless you’re checking yourself out in the mirror. Wishing you all the best,now that your ordeal is over.

    Geno Meucci

  • Miley

    She’s a stupid woman who’s goal on marrying Tom is only to become a star thinking she’ll be like Nicole too. But no matter what connection Tom has in the industry, it wont matter because of her lousy talent. That’s why she ended up to fashion which she herself is a lousy dresser too. This woman cannot be satisfied in one thing to be a simple wife.

  • Alice Reagan

    I don’t see any wrong with Tom. All the years, he seems to be a nice guy. Very professional and cordial to the fans. Very hardworking guy too. I think there is something wrong with this woman. I cannot say what’s in her mind, but there’s something weird about her.

    • Tom Fan

      The timing of her divorce and obvious efforts to capitalize on that to be on the front of every magazine (dragging a little girl with her face buried in her blanket in NYC summer heat just to get more photo ops) this summer was a big turn off. I didn’t buy any of those magazines and won’t buy anything she promotes. Being Tom cruise’s ex-wife is not a talent credential.

  • Tom Fan

    Katie’s NYC fashion week 2013 collection is tomorrow. Had to really hunt hard to find out which day and time! However, Suri’s first day of school was the top Katie Holmes’ story of the day. What’s with that? That follows interviews which appear to say beforehand, that she is not afraid to fail. Is that a clue about what will be unveiled tomorrow? Mind media manipulation game – set the bar low just in case?

    As for Tom I look forward to seeing Tom and Suri together again soon. Father and daughter relationships are important. Best wishes to both of them as the move forward into their new life.

  • alouetta

    Ms. Brown calls Katie Holmes a ‘ridiculously natural beauty’. How ridiculous is that statement! Katie Holmes has had a nose job at the very least…how is that natural? Let’s get real and tell the truth. It’s not fair or sensible to everyday women to lie about famous’natural beauties’ who are not natural.