Katie Holmes Getting Good Reviews For Broadway Turn

    November 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Since her much-publicized divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been garnering quiet praise from those in the fashion world and in showbiz, turning up during New York Fashion Week to debut her new line Holmes & Yang and starring in a Broadway production of “Dead Accounts”. She’s getting good reviews on both projects and is reveling in the good vibes, reportedly bonding with the rest of the show’s cast and making new friends.

“People thought they would have to step on eggshells [around her],” a “source” told Us Weekly. “She’s got her personal stuff going on, but she leaves that at the door. Behind the scenes, she’s a funny, loving girl, not an ounce of diva in her.”

Holmes first appeared on Broadway in 2008 in a revival of “All My Sons”. She’s currently getting good reviews for her turn as the small-town sister of a man viewed by his family as the prodigal son, and received a standing ovation on Monday after a show preview. The production doesn’t officially open until November 29th.


Image: Splash News Online

  • Jeanne peacock

    Can’t believe that there aren’t any reputable reviews of how she did!

  • shemuell

    On the November 6th publication date of this article, there had been no reviews of DEAD ACCOUNTS on Broadway published as it doesn’t open until November 29th. Please list the links to the glowing reviews you quoted. I saw a preview of the show and many people left at intermission. It’s an awful play and Katie Holmes is so annoying.