Katie Couric to Interview Michael Bloomberg for Yahoo News

By: Shana Norris - March 10, 2014

Katie Couric will interview former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg in her new role as Global Anchor for Yahoo.

The interview, which will air March 14 on Yahoo and on Couric’s Tumblr blog, is Bloomberg’s first since being named special envoy to the United Nations for cities and climate change.

Couric announced the interview and solicited viewer questions via her blog:

“What would you ask Michael Bloomberg? Better yet, is there a photo or a video clip you’d like him to see that illustrates your point? If a picture is worth a thousand words, social media is filled with volumes and volumes of stories. I’d like to help you tell those stories as we explore the world together.”

Couric made her unofficial Yahoo debut on January 13, interviewing former Defense Secretary Robert Gates the day before the publication of his memoir Duty.

The Gates interview was something of a soft launch for Couric. She’s promoting the Bloomberg interview much more heavily, and referred to it as the “first up” in a series of interviews with “politicians, thought leaders, cultural icons, [and] tech titans.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has called Couric the “face of Yahoo News.” According to Mayer, Couric will shoot features for Yahoo’s homepage and “lead a growing team of correspondents at Yahoo News who will cover the world’s most interesting stories and newsmakers.”

In late December, ABC announced that Couric’s daytime talk show, Katie will be canceled after the current season. The network called it a mutual decision and said production would continue through June 2014.

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  • dlmstl

    The slide continues. Which will go first, the big paychecks or her out-sized ego? Will her next way station will be Al Jezera TV? Maybe she’ll get a gig at an institution of higher learning in need of some publicity that brings her on as a guest lecturer. I doubt a ‘tell all’ book would draw much interest either. She’s milked the ‘perky one’ image for all it’s worth. Did she really think that CBS Evening News thing would work?

  • SimplyOrange

    Katie, I would hope you won’t be asking Bloomberg what Papers and Magazines he reads. Rumor has it that you asked that of Sarah Palin and she called it entrapment, and publicly rejoiced on social media when you stopped anchoring CBS Evening News.

  • Nys Parkie

    How far the commies fall. From NBC Today show with top ratings to YAHOO News?
    WTHeck? Couldn’t happen to a better Marxist.

  • John Schanta

    Couric is not a journalist; she is a media clown. Speaks volume about Yahoo News!

  • Chalie

    Just another F liberal mouth with snakes in her head. SPIT!

  • J Mo

    So, the “global anchor” is going all the way to New York for her first interview?

  • David Kithcart

    Another reason for me to quit Yahoo …

  • BOB