Kathy Griffin: No Makeup And No Botox

    September 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kathy Griffin was recently photographed jogging with her boyfriend, 33-year old Randy Bick, while wearing absolutely nothing on her face but a satisfied smile.

When fans saw the pics and exclaimed over her fresh-faced look, it was assumed that she’s had work done recently, but the comedienne insisted she hasn’t had any surgery or botox in years (although she has been very open in the past about having plastic surgery).

“I SWEAR I haven’t had anything in YEARS! Promise.No Botox, fillers NUTHIN!” she tweeted earlier this summer.

The no-makeup look has been very popular lately among stars, but usually it’s the younger ones–like the Jersey Shore cast–who go public with it. Kudos to Griffin for shrugging off the tabloids and going bare for the cameras.

  • dennis lynn

    She is as awful looking as ever.

    • Dolores

      look in the mirror, now that’s ugly!

  • Che

    No wonder she is so *&%$ing angry all the time!
    All liberal women are *&^% angry.
    All liberal women are #$%^ ungly.

    • Dolores

      F-U! all so called tea party freaks are hypocrites and fake and very UGLY!

      • John Habernathy

        Another example of illiterate liberal rhetoric.

        • http://webpronews.com amy

          illiterate. Like che, who agrees with your BS and says all liberal women are ungly? Grow up

    • rayy

      Yeah, they’re all Ungly, lol! but u r fugly.

  • sputnik

    Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes straight to the bone in her case.

    • eva

      love it!!

  • http://yahoo bucknaked

    Vile piece of crap,perfect example of whats wrong with our country.

  • Tom Leykis

    Yes, teabaggers are comprised primarily of: Overweight/obese white people, usually they are high school dropouts, most seem to enjoy bestiality when they aren’t buggering their own children.

    • John Habernathy

      I seem to think that you have absolutely no clue what the Tea Party is and are only throwing stones because your liberal a**hole friends tell you to do so. But this is just another example of a liberal not concerning themselves with actual information but forming an opinion based on conjecture.

  • eddie fulton

    no wonder she is so angry all the time

  • Benny

    This woman is just sad. I watched a bio of her where she won an award and stated “FU Jesus”. She is to be pitied..I will pray for her to find happiness and contentment.


    Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes from heart completely to the bone.
    Her ugly far outshines the beauty.

  • http://webpronews.com damond

    that is totally awesome and radical by wearing no makeup. #god bless her heart and soul.

  • Annon

    I have no idea why she is a celebrity.
    She does have a nice body and pretty hair (although I’m sure it’s colored and probably has extensions), but other than that she is unattractive. And as soon as she opens her mouth she becomes even less attractive.
    Her voice is grating on the nerves, but what she says is even more grating.
    She is just plain crude.
    I’d love for her to buy a nice big van, load it up with all the Kardashians, all the Toddlers with tierra and drive off into the sunset (or the Pacific Ocean).

  • John

    she is scary ugly. Mostly on the inside. She has such hatred it is seeping to her outside. It is the same ailment that is affecting all liberals. Most of those in Hollywood though spend a fortune on plastic surgery to hide their savagery. But once they open their mouths, the toxicity just spews out. Overall, I predict that Hollywood will be rendered irrelevant due to the advent of technology. People will much rather make their own shows than watch vile creatures like her and her ilk. Reality TV is proof and just a stepping stone as to what is coming down the pike..

    • jeff c

      Sock in her mouth and either lights or a bag over her head. It’s just that rotten liberal mouth that I can’t handle. A babblin redhead that trash talks

  • Marie Browning

    She has a boyfriend? I thought she was a lesbian. Who knew. Anyway, she is as ugly on the outside and she is on the inside.

    • Wayne

      Well anyone that’s watched Kathy would know. She was married to her manager but sometime around 08 – 09 divorced.

  • stephen

    When did he have his sex change?

  • Jyll

    Kathy used to make me laugh a lot, but her political crap is absurd and offensive. It makes her seem desperate for material and shrill. Why would anyone listen to a comedian about politics? She doesn’t know any more than any one of us. I wish she’d go back to crazy Kathy harping on stars and other silliness.

    • eva

      I agree with you. I used to love her comedy. However, over the past several years, she has done nothing new – she is vulgar and nasty. This is not talent and the funny thing is, Howard Stern has become a decent man. If she ever has children, she might change her tune.

  • tim

    nothing bondo won’t fix.

  • pam

    Does Randy need corrective eye surgery and a hear aid. HOW ELSE COULD A PERSON BE AROUND THAT TWIT WITH LIPS!!!??

  • Randy Ireland

    Geez, what is wrong with all you people?? This article has nothing to do with politics OR other reality t.v. show personalities. It is about a celebrity who is going against the norm and does not mind being seen without makeup. Would you rather she be all made up and looking perfect just in case she might be photographed?

    • eva

      It would be different if she did not intentionally “not wear makeup” to make a statement, but people in the public eye will always be criticized..that is part of their celebrity status and it keeps them in the news..no brainer there.

  • pam

    keep her in the dark and loud places

  • naneki

    Carrot Tops long lost twin

  • Sheryl

    I laugh when I read comments that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic, which in this case is about being comfortable enough with yourself to go out in public with no makeup. You losers are all “what is wrong with this country”! Go spew your political, self righteous rhetoric someplace else. I don’t care if you are liberal/conservative/teaparty/etc.etc. SOOOOOO stupid.

  • Doug

    well since all of you ppl. are so effing beautiful why dont you post your pics…Obama 2012 Get used to it baggers! Bwaahahaha…

    • eva

      you post your’s first

    • eva

      We can all agree to disagree because we live in the United States of America. We have opinions and beliefs which are
      our own. I am so grateful that I live where I do and that this really is the land of opportunity. Even this chat back and forth would be banned in numerous foreign countries. My disappointment with Ms. Griffin is that she chooses to use foul language 24/7 and this turns a lot of people off.

      • CanadianBabe

        Land of opportunity? Which USA do YOU live in. Your country is so messed up it’s laughable.

        YAY USA propaganda…


        • Sheryl

          I agree, and if it weren’t so darned cold up there, I’d move to Canada! At least I live in the Republic of Texas…we are practically our own country anyway! People that think the USA is a free country are fooling themselves.

    • lamont

      If obama wins re election. the only good thing about it will be the fact he will never ever ever again get to be president of the US, that is unless he manages to rag this once great country into the ground the way he has started. Thank God for 2 count em yes TWO term limits for potus!!!! no more obama!! woo hoo!!

      • http://- Skylar

        There is no way in hell that incompetent muslim socialist will be re-elected. Americans are not as stupid as left-wing liberal losers think we are.

    • http://- Skylar

      B-waa-ha-ha-ha… ? English was not your strong subject, was it?

  • Paul Bearer

    An over the hill (or a never was) big mouth skank grasping at last straw for publicity. She would make a great Scarecrow in a lesbian remake of “The Wizard of Oz.”


      …..and all “conservatives” are perfect and naturally beautiful

      • johnsnare

        It does not matter what this gal does to her face. She is on UGLY broad. Let’s get real here. Botox,plastic,whatever. The lady is downright UGLY. Her talent equals her looks. I have a pair of combat boots, that bear a striking resemblance to Miss. Kathy. Ughhhhh.

      • http://- Skylar

        If they do not have beautiful faces, they have beautiful minds and spirits. No so the embittered, really ghastly females(?) of the left-wing liberal world.

  • Tim F


  • Sue

    Who looks good without makeup? Why is this newsworthy?

  • Sue

    Why is this a story?

  • http://- Skylar

    Oh good Lord! I thought I was hungry until I mistakenly clicked on this left-wing liberal escapee from the zoo. Talk about a phony and celebrity butt-kisser second to none.

  • http://webpronews Kandie evans

    Shut Up, I don’t think any of you could judge a rogs race.

  • http://webpronews Kandie evans

    Shut Up, I don’t think any of you could judge a frogs race.

  • Kevin

    Its the JOKER from Batman !!! Put a bag on her head – and I still would call an Escort –

  • Kiki

    My goodness, children. To make such a mountain about a person jogging without make-up! And to bring so much hate into it. Of course you can say what you want in this country, but if you don’t like Ms. Griffin, just turn her off when she’s on TV or don’t buy magazines with articles about her. What offends me is your utter lack of breeding and humanity. To be so hateful does not say much about your soul or your integrity. If Ms. Griffin is on TV and her humor offends me, as it occassionnally does, I just change channels.

  • http://www.yahoo.com SomewhereSouthWest

    My very first Plastic Fantastic Lover!

  • Kim

    Ugly inside & out.

  • nelson

    its like a punch in the eyeball! wtf… how can her bf be smileing? id rather pork a glass of salt and razorblabes than wake up next 2 that! im not handsome, granted, but crap man… looks like julianne moore got a face full of acid after being BADLY beaten but before getting spliced w/ pauly shore and calista flockhearts love child. even lost my appitite.

  • becky garmon

    she is still ugly with or without makeup. When she opens her mouth all the ugliness spills out. She will never be pretty in my eyes.

  • Ron Mattingly

    I love her no matter what she has a fantastic personality and great sense of humer!!!!!! Seek me out Kathy!!!! Im 58 and perfect for you!!!!!

  • http://Yahoo beebee

    She’s been pretty cruel to people….only to find that THIS is what has been hiding under all that makeup. She looks sinister!

  • http://msn GEORGE

    NOW I know what CARROT TOP does on his days off

  • j dauerty


    • Amanda Reckenwithe

      Oh, come-ON!! Wozniak is a TOTAL troll!

  • http://WebProNews BC

    Man that’s eye pollution. Look up ugly in the dictionary and her picture is there.

  • http://WebProNews DrtyYgMn

    That’s just Randy Bick out walking his dog.

  • http://WebProNews OMG(ObamaMustGo)

    She’s got a bad case of the zackleys. Her face looks zackley like her ass.

  • http://WebProNews Mitt Romney

    Don’t look at that hideous mug for too long –you’ll turn to stone.

  • http://WebProNews Adonis

    They met on a blind date. He’s blind. She looks like what you’d get if Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi had a child.

  • http://WebProNews BigD

    They’re jogging to the store to buy more paper bags to put over her puss.

  • Ironbob

    No makeup, no botox and especially NO CLASS.

  • http://WebProNews NYC

    Hey Kathy ,”Need a match”, got one – a skunks ass and your face.

  • YourWorstNightmare

    Holy Hell! You people all must be haters! Leave her alone and hate someone worthy of your hatred. What has she done to you to deserve all that hatred anyway? Told nasty jokes? Be obnoxious every chance she gets? And she has been pretty cruel towards people? Oh wait, yes she has done all of the above, and more, perhaps. But to YOU??? Don’t you haters know that she feeds off all the hate mail and bad remarks said regarding her. IT IS AN ACT!!! She is funny, hilarious even, at times. But of course you are allowed to have your own opinions, and to be able to express them. If you don’t like her, you may turn your channel, or not read anything about her, if your hatred is that strong towards her, why watch her or read anything about her? Go live your happy life and don’t worry about her and her successful, wealthy lifestyle. Somebody, apparently lots and lots of somebodies do like her and her act. What have you done lately to be that successful and make that much money. Also, check out her charity donations, and see how much you hate her then.

  • RaeLynn Porter

    It is so damn sad that people are so into physical looks. She is a beautiful woman not afraid to go without makeup. If you dont think she is funny..dont watch her shows

    • terry

      I do think she’s funny. Alfred E. Neuman should be on GQ. Let me ask this; if she is THAT secure, why does she wear makeup ever?

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ jack hawley

    That picture will be the first real cure for obesity. Just put it on your table and you may never be able to eat again. I instantly feel like a gay boy: is this normal or is it just the trauma. I have to go find my gun right now!

    • Ccannon

      Wow, how would all of you beautiful people loved to be photographed when you are out jogging or on the beach or where ever? Celebrities are just normal people with jobs that put them in our houses every day. Is there anyone who looks perfect all the time? No, stop being so negative! If a person is comfortable enough in their skin to go sans make-up applaud them for that; don’t be mean.

  • Sean

    I think she looks great. Her boyfriend is a lucky guy. I would do her inna minute with no makeup she’s friggin gorgeous. I wish more of the women would scrape off all that B.S. and just show their face. Kathy is stunning with or without makeup. Wish she was mine.

  • http://WebProNews DirtyYoungMan

    Sean ,you and Bill Clinton are about the only 2 guys that would think that puss was friggin gorgeous.

  • http://none Jeannine

    Kathy Griffin used to be a man she is a woman now.