Kathy Bates As Charlie Sheen’s Ghost: Twitter Reacts

    May 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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I’ve never understood the popularity of Two And A Half Men. There. I said it.

I’ve never actually watched an entire episode, either, but that’s largely because the three minutes I’ve seen of the show was enough for me to decide it wasn’t worth my time. Endless 8th-grade humor about male genitalia and women’s bodies and farts only gets you so far. Like, maybe an episode’s worth. Somehow, this show has been on for nine seasons. NINE. They’re still going strong even after losing one of their stars to Ashton Kutcher, in the midst of a huge public breakdown on the part of Charlie Sheen, who has pretty much become a joke at this point.

At any rate, despite the popularity of Sheen’s character, the contention between him and the network execs means they can’t exactly bring him back on, even for flashback episodes (his character was killed off, apparently) or dream sequences. So what’s their answer? They put his spirit in someone else’s body. Namely, Kathy Bates.

Now, I love Kathy Bates. She’s played some of my favorite characters over the years and is fully capable of playing everything from a hard-nosed bitch to a vulnerable woman who tries too hard to make everyone happy. To see her talents used to bring a character like Charlie Harper back to life just makes me sad…especially when she falls into the trap of ball-jokes and sexist silliness.

Twitter users actually seemed pretty divided on the subject, which is rare. I guess I should be glad Bates has found a few new fans in the Two And A Half Men audience, because she deserves recognition for the funny lady she is.

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Two and a Half Men was pretty funny. Kathy Bates played the deceased Charlie Harper. She was so hilarious!(image) 4 hours ago via txt ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • Juju

    Euh your article is innacurate : Charlie Sheen is far from a ‘joke’ you are ‘The Joke’ here actually ‘Amanda Crum’ Charlie has a new show and a new movie and you ? a worthless little blog about tv gossip..whatever..i am almost sorry for you.

    • addinsam@ameritech.net

      My thought exactly Juju, only better put. You go girl.

  • Wow

    Juju…… seems you have really taken the writer’s comments to heart. You can’t expect that everyone is really going to continue to like Charlie Sheen after the rant he went on and all his low class, unprofessional, drug indused comments made to the public! Please, you’re probably just as much a joke as he is if you’re still defending him.

    Don’t get me wrong, at one point, I too like him. However, there comes a point in life when someone just loses all credibility with people and Charlie Sheen did that without even trying.

    I respect your opinion, but remember this… Opinions are like butt holes, everyone’s got one and they all stink!

    Kiss kiss

  • april

    OK, let me get this straight…you have never seen a full episode of this show yet you feel entitled to publish your opinion about it? Over 9 years I have probably seen a dozen episodes. Based on the massive amount of research I have done in comparison to yours I have decided I am entitled as well. It is not my favorite show, but somedays you just need mindless humor. Sometimes I watch Two & 1/2 Men, sometimes I read entertainment blogs…it all serves the same purpose to me. 😉



  • Muriel Hislop

    I’m not defending Charlie Sheen at all but this writer is way too uptight. I hate crude body part/bodily function jokes if there’s no purpose for them. Two and a Half Men is just funny. Those things were (when Sheen was on) part of very funny lines.Charlie Sheen was made to play that part. Watching for 15 minutes and then judging and turning your nose up…who’s thinking like an 8th grader now???

  • http://posterous.com/helemimic Michele

    Where’s the magic?
    Fundamentally, yeah, it’s rough humor, and I have to agree, Kathy Bates brought magic back to the show, with just her personna of Charlie Sheen’s character, played right to the hand motions, Kathy Bates’ style, impeccable! If we’re discussing characters, that gf of Ashton’s? A no-go. You can feel the love going down the drain–talk about mean women! The show is full of them! Where are the nice ones? Lyndsay takes advantage of Allen– everybody takes advantage of Allen. So why doesn’t Ashton’s character set up Allen in a house of his own. He has the $. Mean girl can go back to Britain. Nobody likes her.

  • tacks

    two and the half men sucks and can the jerk who came up last night show.

  • beverly

    kathy is great and it just for laughs, who takes this show serioulsy??? charlie probably loved it.

  • Mike

    It does appear the votes are in and even with a few hanging chads,it’s pretty much 50/50. Personally, I have never missed an episode of 2-1/2 Men,and yes, the Charlie years will always be the better ones, which may not be fair to Ashton, who is actually fitting in well, but the dynamics are simply not the same. Allen has not shifted from his character, he is currently the glue holding the show together. Granted we all speculate Rose was the force behind Charlie’s demise, why she has not appeared is odd. Also, as the show will inevitably fade away within a year, I hope some sort of spin off will come from it and breath new life. Hey, it’s been a good run, would have been a better run if it completed it’ journey with Charlie. One viewrs opinion.

  • Mike

    You say “Somehow, this show has been on for nine seasons.” You’re right that it has always been moronic, but come on, now: how it goes on isn’t really such a mystery. The public are morons. Duh.

    • ethel flavin

      Im with u on this one. I became a fan after Charlie left. I watch the re-runs. I surprised the new show lasted this long. It’s not funny at all.

    • M. B. Schrader

      What frighten’s me about them is that they are allowed to breed and vote!

      • M. B. Schrader

        I’m referring to the general public. Oh my.

  • Quasi

    To the author of this article: You passed judgment and speak about how awful a show is after only watching it for three minutes. How pathetic! That says a lot more about your character than it does about the merits of the show.

    Clearly, this type of show is not for everybody, but shame on you for passing such a lame judgment. This is typical of critics; what a pathetic and completely useless profession. Personally, I do not need some stranger telling me what I should and should not like.

  • http://2.5men cyndi

    The writer amanda is very opinionated about charlie sheen, not a good way to start out writing articles how would she like if we do this about her!!!! Charlie sheen is charlie and we do like him no matter what he made a mistake but now all is done and over and he is still a good actor and funny!!! We watch his reruns as the show was funny with him and can’t wait for his new show and movie, Amanda maybe you need to quit being so uptight and laugh a little after all what’s going on in this world we all need to laugh, and thanks to talented actors like Charlie Sheen we can all laugh!!! Sometimes in life we all need to laugh maybe to you it’s eighth grade humor but do not comment on a show you only watched once!!!! I think you should watch the Kardashians you can comment on how they are on tv influencing our teens and are bad role models and how Kim k really got famous now that is what needs criticizing!!!!

  • addinsam@ameritech.net

    I guess I’m still an 8th grader at heart. At 57 I guess there’s no hope for me ha ha ha.

  • kris

    Whaaatttt??? I am so sorry but how could it come to this? Kathy Bates is a very talented actress and I know she can do funny too but why on earth did she want to be part of this so not funny show? It was not funny when Charlie Sheen played himself as the sexaholic drug-addict he is, always thinking too much of himself. Can’t imagine Kathy Bates as Charlie Sheen being funny. Sorry Kathy – but why on earth did you have to do that???

  • nate jannison

    Weak article. Do some more research rather than watching only part of an episode before publishing an article. Not impressive at all

  • Ray Workman

    Sadly, almost none of the characters on TWO AND A HALF MEN are likable people. Alan is a parasite, his son Jake is a pothead, and taking well after his father as a parasite. The mother Evelyn is the mother from Hell!. Believe it or not, the only one on the show that would be welcome in my home is Berta, the housekeeper. She is the only reason to continue with this show.

  • Drew

    Yo Kathy:
    So I’ve never seen “The Simpsons”, “King Of The Hill”, “South Park”, nor any of the other silly cartoon shows that FOX keeps putting out. But that doesn’t mean someone else can’t find them funny.

  • Terri

    I agree, I love Kathy but I am just saying this is a woman who stared in and won awards for such classics as Misery, Titanic, and Dolores Claborne so either her or her agent or desperate..3 and a half men do suck so why would you play a part in it? And even Harry’s Law..really Kathy , I used to watch you knit but these choices lately?

    • M. B. Schrader

      She is so wonderfully versitile that she can make the best of any role. That’s what a professional actor does.

  • tcsherrod

    OMG…wasn’t expecting it, but it was friggin hilarious! Don’t get me wrong I miss Charlie on the show. This was just the deranged twist it needed!