Katherine Russell Tsarnaev: Wife Refuses to Talk About Bomber

    May 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Ever since Boston police identified the Boston Marathon bombing suspects as Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, authorities have been digging into the brothers’ pasts to learn why they wanted to hurt people at the finish line of the marathon. In addition to finding out that over $100,000 in government assistance has gone to the Tsarnaev family, authorities found female DNA on bomb parts recovered at the scene of the bombings.

Now, The New York Times is reporting that Dzhokhar has revealed some of the bombing plot to the F.B.I. From his hospital bed, the alleged bomber told police that he and Tamerlan had originally planned to plant their bombs on the Fourth of July. Their bomb-making proceeded more quickly than planned, and the Boston Marathon was chosen as the target. Dzhokhar also reportedly stated that the bombings were partly motivated by the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that he and his brother had viewed online sermons from Anwar al-Awlaki, an American cleric.

Intense scrutiny of Tamerlan’s wife, Katherine Russell has also begun. She has retreated to her family’s home in Rhode Island since the bombings and is caring for her and her former husband’s 3-year-old daughter. Tamerlan died in a shootout with police shortly after the Tsarnaev’s pictures were released in connection with the bombings.

The Times cites two unnamed “law enforcement officials” as saying the fingerprints found on the bomb materials were not Russell’s. Even so, authorities have stated that Russell is no longer cooperating with the investigation.

The investigation into Russell’s relationship with her husband has uncovered that she was arrested in Warwick, Rhode Island in 2007 for stealing $67 worth of clothes from an Old Navy store. Her mugshot (seen above) has been released by Warwick police.

  • Jamal Ghaib

    I feel so bad and sad for the victims,R.I.P, just want to mention an important thing. As muslims people who are seeking refugee status in the world, I did see or find any Muslim or Arabic country offer a refugee status to any muslims in this world, from Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya,Syria,Eygpt,etc. The only country is doing that is the U.S.A. My question is”why they are hurting the home who gave them,shelter,food,clothes,medical care,etc” instead being gratefull, they are doing harm. I do not understand their point of view.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/katherine-russell-tsarnaev-wife-refuses-to-talk-about-bomber-2013-05 lisa

      Greed and they believe they are better.

    • Marta

      No, there are many other countries that are doing that as well- France, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany etc. Actually all western european countries and Australia are accepting refugees. Talking about something without any actual knoweledge, is the best way to present yoursel as a fool ignorant.

  • http://webpro.news may chin

    I feel that Mrs. Tsarnaev should be arrested because the bomb materials was made in the apt that she shared with her husband. She wants FBI and investigators to believe that she knew nothing of it.

    • Wells

      The guy is been named a suspect since day one. It’s a sharp difference between a suspect and a terrorist. Otherwise you too may be a suspect and of course terrorist. It is true that the Welfare system keep them here to pay them 100k with the purpose (they have no idea) to groom them as targets so the government have something to feed on and charge the taxpayers for. This is the American way if you don’t learn.

      • http://www.webpronews.com/katherine-russell-tsarnaev-wife-refuses-to-talk-about-bomber-2013-05 lisa

        They drove in fancy cars while the wife worked 70-80 hrs per week. Lived on welfare until 2012. Shame on them to take because they are greedy when another deserving family could of actually benefitted from it.

  • Eleanor

    They are not grateful to what America is giving to them. I really believed that most countries are so jealous to America. We are still the most powerful country in the world, inspite to all what is happening to us like all the disaster. America bounce back, people are very generous. This is what they cannot understand so they want to see us paralyze by doing bad things to us. We still very strong and together. Yes we are not perfect but better than the rest of the world.

    • Marta

      And by ‘they’ you mean exactly who?

  • Devere

    She is smart not to talk to the police. The only thing it could get her is incriminating herself in some way, possibly accidentally by remembering things wrong and accidentally “lying”. The police are allowed to lie to you to try to trap you, but if they think you have lied to them it is a crime.
    If I were her lawyer I would ask the police to submit their questions in writing, and then answer the ones she can the same way, so there are no “accidents”.

    • Wells

      You are a true american man talking the american way.

    • leo vincent


  • Kathy

    My gosh the whole family is a mess. Hopefully the baby will get some help. The mother needs intervention also.

  • jimb

    Let me waterboard her. She’ll talk.

  • Palestine

    You Americans must stand with each other in crises ; There are a lot of dangerous criminals with different races and religions on jails nor the guilt of their parents. what happen is a mystery criminal and who lost is American people .sorry for all and to Katherine twice sorry.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/katherine-russell-tsarnaev-wife-refuses-to-talk-about-bomber-2013-05 lisa

      “You Americans”
      That says it all!

      • Marta krawczyk

        Don’t u get he/she is writing from Palestine and that is y referred to as a nation- “you Americans”?!! The comment is very positive and there is nothing insulting there; how blinded by ur hate u must b not to get that?!

  • lisa

    First they say she cooperating with the FBI and reports that she is not cooperating. The media sucks!

  • Eizabeth

    I believe she stopped cooperating because she lied to the feds. She knew what they were doing. She was probably advised by her lawyer to shut up and don’t tell them anymore to leave room for a plea deal. Terrorist traitor bi t ch is what she is. I hope she loses everything and spends a long time behind bars. No way she is innocent. I’d like to slap her across the face.

  • Sober

    Only those who work really hard to get to US through education and hard work will appreciate their new home, the rest (refugees/ illegals) will not appreciate the benefit, because they got their green cards not thought their skills or intelligence.
    These two Chechens got to USA easily, they never lived in Chechnya, which does not make them war refugees (as their papers claim)! How did they get in here? Lied in their papers? Scam?

    • Marta krawczyk

      Oh, really? I was an ‘illegal’ for some period of time when i came to US- 7 yrs actually. And during that time i was working extremally hard working and going to school at night, and doing everything that is in my power to one day legalize my status and being allowed to stay here- now, when i finally have achieved that, looking back at those ‘illegal’ yrs and what a hard f**in’ struggle that was makes me to appreciate this country even more. Coming with nothing as an ‘illegal’ i learned that this is a country where you can achieve anything if you only work hard for it- how i feel about us by definition calls patriotism and im not even a citizen yet! And belive me those ppl that went through a lot of obsticles to come here, wasn’t just allowed to enter, but somehow managed to do that will appreciate it much, much more cuz they know how hard was to get here, yet alone to get they legal status and not being constantly worrird ull get deported b4. Trust me on this- i know exactly what im talking about. M.

  • American

    How about she cooperate or we ship her you know what out of this country with the rest of them. They don’t deserve all that we have given them in this country. Go back to Chechnya and see if you can live the way you do here. Friggin’ ingrates!!!!

  • leo vincent

    Fine, let her keep her mouth shut no prob. Just lock the dumbsh*t up and we’ll forget about her and her loser hubby. A-holes.

  • Dan Floyd

    This dirty bird needs to fry. Or at least get to O.D. on truth serum…

  • kevin, american citizen

    Why, as an american citizen I dont get the same benefits. I am pissed off!I struggle to meet the bills and they pay for foreigners to come here and spunge off the government…..yes! I am pissed off!

  • kevin, american citizen

    They deserve nothing…get out of my country. We gave you opportunity..you gave us death! get out!

  • Samantha

    I love how some people are saying that they need to ship her back to Chechnya and Shes not allowed in the US ……SHES AN AMERICAN BORN AND BREAD!!!!!!! wow some people I tell you!!!