Katherine Heigl: Former Co-Star Talks About “Grey’s” Exit

    October 7, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Katherine Heigl was one of television’s biggest stars during her time on “Grey’s Anatomy”, but as soon as she found success she discovered that Hollywood was calling for a move to film. Now, she’s making the switch back to t.v. after seeing several movies stall at the box office, and one former co-star spoke recently about Heigl’s mistake…and the dramatic departure she made from one of the hottest shows on t.v.

“You could understand why she wanted to go — when you’re offered $12 million a movie and you’re only 26,” Ellen Pompeo said. “But Katie’s problem is that she should not have renewed her contract. She re-upped, took a big raise and then tried to get off the show. And then her movie career did not take off.”

In September, a story that ran in The Hollywood Reporter quoted directors and fellow actors who spoke out about Heigl’s bad attitude on set and how she got her reputation for being “difficult”.

“She can cost you time every single day of shooting,” said a source who worked with Heigl on 2010′s “Life As We Know It”. “Wardrobe issues, not getting out of the trailer, questioning the script every single day. Even getting her deal closed at Warners was hard. She hit that point of ‘no.’”

Heigl is preparing for a return to television with a CIA drama on NBC, which she reportedly shopped around for a while before finding a home.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

  • kimmie Clark

    Why is it okay for all these grumpy old guys like Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford to be difficult, but if a pretty young woman has problems with the script or speaks out about the homophobia onset she is a b****.
    Double Standard. I hope her new show is a hit, it will piss off a lot of “guys.”

    • djoeltaveras@yahoo.com

      Be cause those two gentleman you mention make hits, not garbage that can’t even re coupe their loose on DVD’s sales. It’s all about how much cash they bring in at the end of the day!

      • Mick

        Gotta love it when people play the prejudice card because they can’t or don’t want to look past the most shallow and obvious of reasons.

    • Mark

      The reason people like Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones can be “difficult” is because their films actually make a metric ton of money. Fact is, Jones has a reputation as a humorless curmudgeon, and mention his name within the industry, and people roll their eyes. Ford can be cantankerous and demanding himself, as he is a perfectionist. He demands perfection not only of himself, but of everyone around him, from his directors and fellow actors, all the wya down to the P.A.’s. And like I said, their movies make major BANK year after year.

      Heigl’s films, however, flopped one after the other. This is not necessarily her fault, per se, but that doesn’t matter. She’s like the QB in football or the pitcher in baseball. If it works, she gets th credit. If it flops, she gets the blame.

      It’s not about gender. It’s about cashflow. I work in the film industry, and this is how it is. Everybody knows the rules of the game in this town. If Heigl’s films had been consistently grossing over $100 MM domestic, she’d still be making feature films, and people on set would put up with her “difficulties”. As it is, her career is in freefall, and her PR machine can’t keep up with the bad press. If her new TV show hits, all will be forgiven. If it flops, she’ll be persona non grata in Hollywood.

    • Baldrick

      They probably waited until they were established and successful movie stars before turning into jerks. You can’t start off that way or it will kill your career. Once an actor is a proven box office success, then they can get work even if they are a-holes.

  • 83n15xd

    Angelina Jolie is a difficult “b****” too, but she rakes in the cash.

    Katherine Heigl made her own bed when she decided to trash “Knocked Up” as being sexist after already taking the check and the billing. Tepid people don’t make good impressions at work, whether they’re female actors or male fast-food workers.

  • Bubba Rydel

    She’s probably Hollywood’s worst actress. She can’t even have white babies. She adopted some 3rd world little animal. I don’t like her.

    • Chela

      You are the one that’s an animal. What human would call a child an animal unless their brain was on the level of an animal. You are an ignorant idiot showcasing it with your comments. Let me guess you are a real looker yourself and somehow your whiteness makes you special and superior. You are a nobody on top of being ignorant and completely stupid with a flee sized brain.

    • Tasos826

      “… She can’t even have white babies. She adopted some 3rd world little animal. I don’t like her.”

      My guess is that anyone would be glad to not have you as a fan, Bubba, your hateful, racist comment considered. Every child is a gift from God, treasure to care for. We are commanded by God to come to the aid of the poor and hungry; the less fortunate and our lessers. Heigl gave an orphaned child a home, her heart and a future. Respect that.

      Though I do not particularly care for workplace drama, or the type of career ‘maneuvering’ that Katherine Heigl reportedly did, she would not be the first actress to heed poor advice to pull a cutthroat move in a cutthroat industry from an a money hungry agent and/or an overbearing stage mother ‘momager’.

      Heigl should be allowed a ‘do-over’, not a pass, to offer her an opportunity to redeem herself, mindful of what she did in the past. A few years have passed, so she likely has ‘grown’ or matured; her perspective probably has broadened. Heigl also has married and is raising a child that she and her husband adopted, and both likely have caused her to become acutely aware of her impact of her attitude and behavior on others. Heigl probably has been sufficiently humbled by the outcome of her lackluster movie career, (which may be evidenced by her recent commercial for an OTC sleeping medication) enough to never repeat any stunt that may characterize her as prima donna, especially after the press she’s lately gotten about her alleged “difficult” workplace bearing.

    • sharon

      Oh, Do shut up.

  • Idiot

    She got 12M who cares

  • Pam

    She is a beautiful actress and was probably overwhelmed at her sudden popularity..so..she made a mistake and went into movies and away from tv.she is only human, as we all are. beauty rules…so it doesn’t matter if you can act or sing, you will always find work somewhere…but it takes great acting skills to become a success…I do wish her the best and hope she can return to tv, if that is what she desires..she is not a great actress but I liked her in greys anatomy and those movies on lifetime….the actors mentioned are really great actors…that makes a difference…she might become a better actress with maturity..