Katharine McPhee Caught Kissing ‘Smash’ Director

By: Lacy Wise - October 24, 2013

Just a helpful hint to former “Smash” director Michael Morris, if you don’t want your wife to know your kissing another woman either don’t do it or don’t get caught on camera.

Katharine McPhee and Morris did just that, and were caught on camera locking lips.To add to this story, these two are BOTH married.

McPhee, 29, is still technically married to Nick Cokas, 47, the two married in 2008. They have been living apart and separated for about six months. Morris and wife, Actress Mary McCormack have been married for more than a decade and three daughters between ages two and nine.

Morris attempted to purchase the photos from TMZ to conceal them from the public. After a failed bid, he broke the news Sunday of the photos upcoming release to his wife. McCormack reportedly threw him out of the house.

TMZ posted the images of him and McPhee at first base in broad daylight in a parking lot, and ruining his reputation.

It is unclear where the relationship between McCormack and Morris stands.

Images (via) WikiCommons.

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