Kate’s Baby Bump Makes An Appearance

    February 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Middleton has kept things pretty low-key since her pregnancy was announced, so she hasn’t been photographed too much out in public. Around the time news of a royal baby got around, she was hospitalized for severe, continuous morning sickness which was quickly overcome, but not before a prank gone awry aided in the suicide of a charge nurse working at the hospital she was admitted to. Perhaps the subsequent scandal–and backlash against the people responsible–are as much to blame for her retreat from the public eye as the pregnancy.

But it seems the Duchess is ready to be seen again as she was photographed in London last week, wearing a large shawl that covered quite a bit. And while the belly is barely there, she is noticeably pregnant, and that makes fans happy. Many have been eager for any news or pics of the mum-to-be.


Image: Top Star Pictures

  • http://yahoo Nancy

    She is always so beautiful and tastefully dressed. Wish the remainder of the world, especially Hollywood would take a few lessons from her. Even during her pregnancy she will be tasteful. Love ya, Kate.

  • http://sallybahner.blogspot.com Sally

    ENOUGH with the “baby bump.” There is no tackier term on earth. Stop it!!! all you media hounds!!!

    • Stone

      Sally, Thankyou for saying this! Somehow the term “baby-bump” is a little disrespectful…to all women. Stone

      • Linda

        Agree. And it’s usually coined/spoken by men.
        Pregnancy is natural. Let them be.

        (At least Lizzie can now retire and/or abdicate, sooner rather than later.) Time for a republic in Oz.

        • P. W.Starr


          I am with you about that dreadful, “baby bump” expression that it troubles me to even write the words!
          Mind you, to date I have never seen it coined by men.

          I have to tell you that the Queen will not either retire or abdicate because that is NEVER the way that it is done in England. Most Americans are totally ignorant of this tradition. The monarchs do die on the job.
          Why you had to say, sooner than later, I don’t know – based on what you say, every monarch would move aside irrespective of his/her age the moment an heir is born!

          It is really, really offensive to refer to the Queen as Lizzie and I can only doubt that you don’t know her life story and the magnificent job that she has done for England.

          As for your last sentence about, Oz, I don’t know what you mean or where you are coming from with that wish.
          I trust that you are not an American telling us how we should conduct Royal affairs in the U.K?

  • Coby

    Such hypocrites these liberals. They call it a “baby bump”. Yet if she were to have an abortion it’s not a baby.

    • Alexis

      Funny how that is, isnt it?

      • NathaLee

        funny how you through that in? Couldn’t resist. She is Catholic, so it’s most definitely a baby bump. lol. wow.

        • NathaLee


          • melissa

            she’s not catholic, she’s anglican ie church of england

        • HPM

          She is not (nor has she ever been) “Catholic.”

          The Middletons are Anglican (Episcopalian) and the royal family are the same. Church of England. The break with the Roman Catholic church is a pretty big piece of history….

    • Deb S

      I’m a liberal and I hate the term “baby bump”. Please don’t make generalizations.

    • Roo

      Despite the term that’s being used, what she is carrying isn’t a baby. It’s a fetus, as it (depending on how far along she is) would not be able to survive outside of the womb.

      I’m not sure why you’re bringing abortion up in a story that has absolutely nothing to do with the legal right to choose. You do not personally have to agree with abortion, but if you do not believe it should even be legal then you really need to reconsider your stance.

  • Sharon

    It’s not a baby bump……….Stop this stupid saying NOW!!!!! The lady is pregnant, with child……….but not a baby bump………
    And by the way the picture shows Kate looking beautiful in a cape…….no sign of the baby…… Get real here…

  • Dino


  • Jo

    Leave her alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy. Don’t keep hounding her about every little thing she does right or wrong she is human. Let them experience this moment together as a norma couple

  • Jo

    Leave them alone and let them enjoy the experience of a normal couple about to have a child. Don’t report everything she does right or wrong, she is human.

  • les

    i agree just a taste of things is more than enough. She is having bad morining sickness leave her alone it is miserable,

  • Patty

    Lovely woman. I hope the media leaves her and her husband alone and doesn’t hound them the way they did with Diana. Let this young couple enjoy the anticipation of their first child in peace.

    Please, enough of the infantile “baby bump”. She’s pregnant and showing her pregnancy (barely).

  • Heather

    Who cares. This girl is not doing nothing special. Women have been having babies for thousand of years. Who cares if she is royalty. If you knew the true story about Queens and the Kings before them then you really won’t find them fascinating. A a lil FYI, the word Queen actually means a whore. Do your research.

    • Rochelle

      Could you please give an academic citation to support this “definition” of the word queen.

      • brandi

        why can’t you just be happy…they’re just a couple in love, theres no war in their story, theres no scandal, theres no justin bieber… its just pure. and thats refreshing.
        and it is a little special. its the continuing of an important bloodline that can be traced to the 1500’s, and God willing the Queen should live to see the birth of this baby, it will be the first time a royal baby and great grandparent are alive at the same time in almost 200 years.

        • PJ

          Well said, Brandi!

    • S

      I’ll “do my research” when you learn the basic skills related to spelling and grammar. When will people realize that the inability to form a correct sentence makes any point they may be stating invalid and subject to ridicule. (In case you don’t understand — The double negative is in the second sentence. Kings and Queens and their stories are contingent upon the geographic location of their kingdoms and are most definitely fascinating, especially in a historic sense. In addition, this is the etymology of the word “queen”: fore 900; Middle English quene, quen, Old English cwēn woman, queen; cognate with Old Saxon quān, Old Norse kvān, Gothic qēns < Germanic *kwēni-; akin to Old Irish ben, Greek gynḗ woman, Russian zhená, Sanskrit jani wife Why do I read the comments? It makes me fear for humanity and question my belief that people are basically good.

      • http://Yahoo Kathy Trim

        Thank you for your comments. People seem to think that they can write anything, right or wrong (mostly wrong). I’m with you – I fear for humanity. Children are “taught” language, punctuation, etc. in school, do not learn it, and passed on with no real knowledge.

  • Ellie

    I don’t see a bump.

  • laurie

    That’s a bump, they are pushing that one…..

  • Chris

    The insipid, moronic phrase, “baby bump” should be banished from the language.

    • http://yahoo.com Mark

      8>O I agree !!

    • kat

      I absolutley hate that atrocious word.

  • Shawnta

    I’m so happy and excited for them. I hope its a girl.

  • towanda

    Can we please stop using the revoltingly cutesy phrase, “baby bump?” Why in the world would anyone want to turn pregnancy into such a cutesy thing. There are teenage girls who follow celebrity news and try to emulate celebrities. We shouldn’t be turning pregnancy into nothing more than a cutesy little “baby bump.”

  • Jen

    If anyone ever refers to my “baby bump” while I’m pregnant, I will punch them square in the face.

    • P. W.Starr

      I have had all my children now but LOVED what you said.

      Please promise me that you will do exactly that. And if you ever have twins (as I did) and anyone uses that loathesome expression, will you please punch them squarely in the face – TWICE!!
      (In the meantime I’ll have to just imagine that we can do it to the childish writer, Amanda Crum! She has to be young and disrespectful but I guaranty you that she thinks that she is trendy.)

      Thanking you Jen, in advance.

    • http://Yahoo Kathy Trim

      Thank you, Jen. I guess these young ones don’t know that the word is pregnant. I’m sick of this “baby bump” crap.