Kate Upton Video Almost Breaks Internet With Wet T-Shirt

    June 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Upton has many talents: eating cheeseburgers while oiled up with Crisco, jiggling in a bikini, and…hula hooping. A couple of those things are featured in a new video which was created by photographer Terry Richardson, who also shot her GQ spread.

Appropriately titled “The Many Talents Of Kate Upton”, the video captures the blonde beauty in a variety of summertime activities, including skateboarding and playing basketball. And, I’m not sure if looking good in a wet t-shirt is a skill, but if it is, Upton takes the gold medal for sure.

Make sure you have a big book handy if you’re planning on getting up from your desk anytime soon. (NSFW)

The video even documents her “wardrobe malfuntion” while riding on a carnival ride. How convenient, you cheeky GQ boys.

As always, the Twitterverse has much to say about it:

  • Russell Vollmer

    Serena Williams -(and Vens too)looks wayyyyy better than her.She is too pale and skinny.

    • erack smith

      what are you smoking crack? Kate blows them away.

  • Russell Vollmer

    Sorry-I misspelled Venus.

  • Russell Vollmer

    My ex would put her to shame.


    REALY a couple of gorrilas in skirts look better? your either joking or retarded

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    amazing sexy girl