Kate Upton Reveals What She Wants In A Man

    July 14, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Upton has seen her career take off in the last year, after a modeling gig for Sports Illustrated led her to Hollywood and onto the cover of nearly every magazine on the newsstands. Since skyrocketing into the public eye, she’s garnered quite a bit of attention in her YouTube videos and in commercials dedicated to her knockout bod, but she has pretty specific criteria when it comes to looking for a guy.

“I think, really, it’s all about confidence – it’s however a guy feels the most confident. And anytime someone walks into a room who is just exuding confidence, I think whatever they’re doing is amazing. I think there is a fine line between grooming when you’re confident and you appreciate yourself, and grooming because you’re insecure. I think some guys try to please what other people think they should look like, instead of knowing how they feel the best in themselves,” she said.

Upton spoke recently on the rumor that she’ll do a shoot for Playboy, saying it’s not in the cards right now but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. She also said she prefers print modeling to the runway because of the weird energy that collects backstage.

“Fashion shows are not collaborative. t’s only about the designer, so I get bored in that situation. There’s also a weird energy backstage – it’s a little too aggressive, I prefer a relaxed, happy environment,” she said.

Despite revealing what she looks for in a guy, Upton is actually taken; she’s dating Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Daniel Pasadena

    Deep down, what every woman wants in a man is something “really deep down”

    • bobby bobby


    • David

      LOL!! good one. thumbed you up.

  • Kenneth Milne

    Gee, I must be psychic? She wants a guy with lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ Personally, I think shes nasty

    • bobby bobby

      nasty? wow I know everyone has their own taste in women but I don’t even believe you believe she’s nasty. There are a lot of women who are gold diggers but that doesn’t mean every women is. Also there’s a difference in what a women wants and what she is actually attracted to. You aren’t sexually attracted to money lol

      • E

        How old are you bobby? 12? 13? This broad has a mustache and the waist to hip ratio of a sausage. That’s NASTY! And yes, women ARE sexually attracted to money. That’s a lesson you’ll learn once you break out of puberty. :)

        • bobby bobby

          Does it really matter how old I am? Has a mustache? Are you crazy? Yeah you are right she doesn’t have much in the way of hips but come on no one is perfect and actually not everyone likes a girl with big hips.

          No they really aren’t, maybe some day you will learn that. There are gold diggers but even they aren’t sexually attracted to money. They are just using the guy for their money but even rich guys should stay away from women(well little girls) like that. Real women want a man they have a connection with, is funny, fun, maybe a bit of a bad boy, has a nice body and an attractive face. Of course not every women will agree on what those equal.

        • Kenneth Milne

          E, dont bother trying to rationalize with Bobby, hes the type that would hump his sister’s leg

      • Kenneth Milne

        I DO believe she is nasty. Her teeth are jacked up and her breasts are so over sized they sag down to her navel

        • bobby bobby

          Her teeth are amazing and let me get this straight you have a problem that her boobs are big? Get the hell out of here sorry but I prefer my women not to be flat chested like a 12 year old lol

          • Kenneth Milne

            Well, thats your choice and its obvious you prefer low I.Q bimbos with bleached hair,fake tans and giants cans. I prefer a solid c cup and a brain BTW- you obviously havent seen her choppers up close

          • bobby bobby

            Actually I normally like pale as a ghost sort of nerdy( not necessarily smart, I just don’t like the “cool” party girls) but still really cute faced girls, slightly chubby, who don’t necessarily have big boobs but I’m certainly not against it, it’s a nice plus, same with a big butt. Hair color doesn’t really matter but usually I prefer dark or red hair but kate upton is gorgeous regardless.

            As long I have a connection with her and we have fun together I don’t care how smart she is. It’s actually more fun when a girl isn’t real smart. You can playfully pick on her for doing dumb things and what not and it just makes things more fun. IQ is overrated.

    • dont’likestupidpeople

      someone is stupid, OH YEAH! she totally only wants a man with lots of money. someones jealous

      • Kenneth Milne

        @ Don’t- Think about THIS for a moment, “Don’t LIKES Stupid people”? Read this back a few times and you may want to “think ups” a new moniker.

  • Joshua Moraga

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  • Jeremy Alexander

    What she wants in a guy is fame and money. Famous people date famous people because they want fame and the money that comes with it, period.

  • CmPunks Ball

    I want to c her (.) (.)’s

  • don’tlikestupidpeople

    Sh**she poses for Playboy i have something to add to my Monroe. collection i’d buy that in a heart beat

  • Don’tlikestupidpeople

    Certain Types of women do that dumb sh** to men to make them feel they have to look or act a certain way just to be able to be with them and that’s not cool at all. So! i love how KateUpton said that about certain men doing that for people period…

  • E

    These Upton quotes are hilarious! This bimbo has the IQ of a tire iron. Anyone who’s seen her talk show interviews knows full well that those aren’t her words.

  • Pete Schneider

    Blah blah blah.. me me me..

  • re

    guys she ptobably doesn’t need the money. her great grandfather founded Whirlpool I think it is a billion dollar company these days.

  • JCJ Bike

    Whatever… Head to any strip club and you find five chicks that look just like her.

  • Kev8464

    If she didn’t have huge breasts, would she be as popular as she is? Nope.

  • blood

    Why the f4ck is this even news? besides shes going out with that guy isnt she? damn the fact they are even talking about this must mean that she thinks her dude isnt man enough for her but she left out aside from the “Confidence” that im sure she will never care about is tall, good looking, muscular, can dominate her in bed, being famous and of course money.

  • David

    gaaaaa. gguuuuuh….I….can’t……breath…..

  • bobby bobby

    As much as I’d like to see her naked I like that she doesn’t want to do playboy