Kate Upton Look-Alike Imitates Swimsuit Cover Pic

By: Sean Patterson - March 6, 2013

Kate Upton has once again graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, this time wearing a revealing parka and not much else on the 2013 swimsuit issue cover.

The pic, of course, has been much imitated since it was revealed, with women using their winter coats to “tastefully” show off their cleavage and abs. However, the pic has probably not been recreated as well as by this Russian beauty, who was brave enough to publicly tweet a picture of her attempt to Twitter. The tweet was quickly re-tweeted by Kate Upton herself, making Ania famous overnight.

Now that Ania has proven she is a dead ringer for the world’s current most popular supermodel, Sports Illustrated took the time to interview the Upton doppelganger. Ania, revealed that she decided to take the photo because she had been told she looks like the model, and because she owned the exact same coat Upton was wearing on the SI cover. It remains to be seen whether Ania can dance the Cat Daddy as well as Upton.


Ania didn’t expect anyone but her friends to see the photo, but seems ok with the attention she’s drawn. The retweets and comments about her photo were, predictably, about the most prominent (and lighted) part of the pic:

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  • Thomas Koscinski

    Young lady. Don’t you know that this will follow you every where you go? I can’t remark on your breasts because all see is cleavage and nothing else. One could say that you touched up the picture. If your serious send me a real picture to my e-mail address and it will be for my eyes only. Will you do that? I can think a lot of reasons why not chit change, don’t you agree and also I respect you n matter what you do

  • Percy

    I think Wrigley’s just perfected their double mint gum….. WHY CHEW ON ANYTHING ELSE?!

  • http://www.the-bra-size.com/kate-upton.html/ Kate Upton fan

    Yes, she looks really similar and her breasts even bigger.