Kate Upton: Carol Alt Does Not Get The Hype

    February 26, 2014
    Jennifer Curra
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Blonde bombshell Kate Upton has graced the cover of multiple magazines and even has the coveted title of being classified as a Sports Illustrated cover model favorite. However, everyone can’t be a fan of the popular model, and by everyone I mean legendary Carol Alt. Supermodel Alt sat down with a representative from HuffPost Live on February 25th where she explained her own views regarding 21-year-old Upton’s success as a model and an actress with what many could describe as some sort of bewilderment. “I like Kate [Upton], she’s a pretty girl, but all the girls are nice and all the girls are pretty,” Alt said.

Fifty-three-year-old Alt attempted to rationalize her perception regarding the mystifying level of attention that Kate Upton receives. “What I don’t understand with Kate [Upton] is what’s all the hullaballoo. There are many covers of Sports Illustrated — one girl was just wearing a bottom, no top. I don’t get what all the hullabaloo is. I think what it is is that in this moment there’s just so much social media and that’s why she’s had more word of mouth than anybody.”

Still, many fans eagerly follow Upton’s photo shoots and consider the model to be one-of-a-kind. Kate Upton has been able to remain at the forefront of public attention, which allows for her fans to follow her various projects. The model has utilized multiple social media platforms in order to reach her broad fan base.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons and courtesy of Peter Ko

  • Patricia

    I would like to come back as Kate Upton in my next life…gorgeous young lady.

  • Alex Johnson

    I’m a guy so ill tell you exactly why Kate Upton is so popular.
    1.She’s a pretty face
    2.She’s blonde
    3.She has curves(big chest/big butt)
    4.She’s 21 but looks like she’s at least 25-26.
    Who agrees? I mean…its pretty obvious. Don’t really understand why Carol doesn’t get it.

  • dumba$$

    Carl Alt is old, ugly and jealous

  • Alexandre Bret


  • Thomas Sprague

    Dont hate..youre obviously trying to bring her down Carol but youre only making yourself older and ugly.

  • P Scott Dykes

    carol was never a supermodel…ask fred Norris of the howard stern show

  • TJ

    Have you ever heard a guy say they don’t understand the popularity of another guy? No.
    Most women are jealous of other women in some regard. There aren’t many women who love themselves for who they are and actually look for the good in their counterparts. Maybe society and advertising did it, but the bottom line is that she is jealous. Why the hell else would she even bring this up? And if it was the interviewer who started the discussion, why not answer the question without being catty?

  • Times Up Carol !!!

    Carol… ….Stop Hatin’, you old hag !! The super skinny, stick figure Size 0 – 2 models from your ERA, 30 years ago are like you: Unhealthy, Coke heads.

    Kate represents the changing times where beauty is not measured by being under 100 Lbs and a bitchy, runway Zombie.

    Now…..Stop bothering the others and roll down to the Day-Room for your med’s.


    Ps: Now did you happen to be posting about Kate. Lord knows your to old to use a computer…….Maybe a news crew was in town at ” The Home ” looking to do a story on the ” Coke Bros. ” and you piped up when they said Coke…. That’s it…. Nurse more Lithium please. j

  • Head_Heaux

    Ive always felt the same way. Kate is nice, but is she really worth all this buzz? I dont think so. Also, hourglass figure? She has like no hips and no butt in comparison to her chest. She’s top heavy not hourglass at all. But she is very pretty and has a sweet look about her. 3 SI covers? really? There a tons of other pretty faces and nice bodies to feature.

  • jb

    She’s average looking, has NO a** , a chubby stomach and has nice tits, plain and simple, if it wasn’t for her tits, no one would even know who she is.

  • Shady

    I’ll give you 2 BIG reasons why Kate is smoking hot!!! Jealous much Carol?

  • Jim S.

    She has a pretty face and a large bosom, but her legs are too skinny for my liking, especially her calves. They’re like sticks, with no musculature at all. From most accounts, however, she is a sweet person. Her large bosom is what has made her popular.

  • dave

    Here is the hype on Upton:

    Blonde with a great set of hooters and nothing more. Hooters and blonde’s sell magazine’s.

    • Nobbs

      I agree. I seriously don’t understand the hype about her other than tits.

  • Danny Norris

    Well Carol, you are not a guy and that just about explains it all. Guys like girls with curves and Kate sure has them in all the right places. Yes there are plenty of pretty girls, but Kate is about the prettiest out there right now.

    • Serge Ibaka

      Lol hell no.. I only see you white dudes hyping her up