Kate Upton: Blonde angel ready for marriage and babies?


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In a few short years Kate Upton has taken the modeling and beauty world by storm. With her angelic face, perfectly toned stomach, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, tall statuesque figure, large abundant breasts and creamy white skin, Kate is a sight to behold.

Viewers can't get enough of her, staring at her alluring pictures, while day dreaming about her. Is there any doubt that her physical perfection graces countless male dorm rooms? Her youth, innocent smiles, and magnetic charm reminds us of the eternal phrase America the beautiful!

So you might be wondering, well, what's new about Kate that we already don't know?

For starters, Kate has been chosen to receive the model of the year award at the 10th annual style awards this week. While this may bring great joy to Kate's fans, she is fairly used to awards, accolades and acclaim across the world. (image)

Over last two years, the buxom blonde spearheaded the movement towards a more natural, healthy looking body for young women, while the modeling world was afflicted with the sight of impossibly ultra-thin, emaciated, anorexic models.

Kate's luscious, womanly curves, gave countless women assurance that it's okay to be fleshy, to have a meaty frame that is neither overweight with fatty tissue hanging out, nor too thin with thigh bones and rib cage annoyingly visible.

Upton is now blessed with everything a model can desire. Fame, fortune, and millions of hearts throbbing with passionate love, hoping to be her love interest.

And who can blame her eager suitors? Just see what Kate posted on twitter last week:

Kate's beautiful sister Laura Upton just announced her engagement. Needless to say, wedding bells are in the air, and the young brunette is about to start a family. This brings us to Kate's future plans for marriage and babies.

Blessed with one of the most beautiful DNA in the world, one cannot but wonder, if being a mom to house full of beautiful babies hasn't crossed the buxom blonde's mind yet.

Well we will leave it up to Upton to decide when she wants to take the plunge into holy matrimony. But for some of us, the sooner the better, since the more baby Uptons there are in the future, the more beautiful this world is going to be.

[images via Flickr]