Kate Middleton Photo Scandal: Pics Are “Not Shocking”

    September 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Middleton is the object of fascination for millions, a princess who wed into one of the world’s most famous families with nary a hint of scandal, much to the dismay of the media. So when some photos of her sunbathing topless popped up online, they immediately went viral and caused a huge backlash against the company taking responsibility for them.

Middleton was allegedly snapped while vacationing at a private residence in France–where topless sunbathing is not only acceptable, it’s deemed the norm–and although the photographers got their shots unknowingly, without her consent, the editor of the magazine which ran them is defending their moves, saying they aren’t shocking in the least.

“These photos are not in the least shocking,” Closer editor Laurence Pieau said. “They show a young woman sunbathing topless, like the millions of women you see on beaches.”

The problem with that argument is that Kate wasn’t on a public beach, she was in the privacy of the home she was staying in, and the royal family is taking issue with the statements. They are now considering taking legal action against the magazine.

  • Nellie D Fard

    every one has his or her own privet life no matter kate Middelton or it was prince William some time ago !
    its not right to put your nose into peoples lives , cant reporters find something more interesting than Kates naked pics ?

    • mary mary

      No Nellie, evidently they can’t. That goes with having a respectable job which these photogs can’t get. Would you hire persons like this to work at your normal company? I doubt it. But as long as its legal its gonna keep happening. Best to just ignore it.

  • http://kate-middleton-on-my.blogspot.com/ lorrie

    Without any scandal ? Are you living under a rock ? What future Princess or Queen was ever photographed the way that bimbo has been ?
    Let’s see….numerous drunk photos of Kate ? Yes, plenty. Many crotch shots too ? Hell yes. How about being dumb enough to go without underwear and being photographed like that too ? Of course, the bimbo did it all. Is everything really so trashy these days that no one wonders how she was accepted at all ? Are the standards really so low ?

    • R Hamby

      Perception of what she has done in the past, is in the past. She was a regular citizen, not part of the royal family. Would you want pictures of yourself or a female family member plastered on the front cover of a magazine. The answer would be no and every person has the right to privacy no matter who they are. I know I would not want pictures of myself or any of my family topless, naked, etc. on a magazine. If she was like others who let themselves be photographed that way then that is totally different. They chose to have that done. I hope one day someone takes pictures of you and puts them on the internet and then let’s see what you would say. I know you would feel the same way.

    • Mitzi Taddeo

      your are awful, they are a young couple in love and enjoying their youth and marriage, can you say the same?

  • Doris J

    Some reporter can really be butt holes.. Mrs Kate is so PRETTY and it’s so bad they she and Prince William cant have there down time to themselves.. Just stop taking picture of her backside and just embrace how pretty they both are. Find some real news to report about.

  • kylady38

    Kate is a beautiful lady,I think that people should leave them along,they need their time together,Wish them both years of happness,Good Luck

  • http://yahoo Tammy Lynn Justice

    I feel like you are held to certain standards as a member of the royal family, look at all the hoopla lately over Prince Harry and whatever he was doing to be photographed “inappropriately” last week. I agree that everyone should have privacy and in that country, sunbathe in the nude, however, the royals know they are going to be photographed especially if they are outside. Inappropriate. I bet the Queen is fit to be tied.

    • http://yahoo Tammy Lynn Justice

      It’s unfortunate because she is very beautiful, but it’s also what she signed up for marrying into that family.

    • mary mary

      I doubt the Queen has even raised an eyebrow. Remember the antics of Prince Charles and Camilla while they both were married? And Fergie who seemed to take the brunt of all this. At least the newlywed Prince and Princess are MARRIED.To each other that is.They must have run out of garbage from Hollywood to article on. Really hard to believe.Must be taking a break. Now those are where the scandals are supposedly but the line gets blurred because nothing is out of bounds in the entertainment industry.

  • gbutler

    this is rediculus, Why do publications try to smear the character of people in places of honor. its call Hating. She is beautiful and i am sure the majority agree with that.

    • mary mary

      all the public has to do is not buy the stories. No money no more of this. As long as there is an audience who gets off on this it will not stop. The world has a facination with people who dont really contribute (entertainers, etc) anything meaningful to the world. Where are the true heroes, those who strive to make a difference? People should look at who they choose to idolize. And explain why.

    • mary mary

      hey gbutler– its called selling a product. Thats the way they pay the bills. I don’t think Hate or any other emotion has anything to do with it. This is how big corporations operate. They don’t care as long as it generates revenue so this is nothing new

  • Regina Dubrava

    I think it’s sick that they can not have thier own privacy, Look what happened to princes Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeanne duncan

    i think that people should eave them alone to wih each other.

  • Jeff Hallada

    I am just amazed at how big a deal everyone is making over a famous persons breasts! What a joke, who cares I bet the happy couple is laughing about it in private while sipping their champange.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/cool-bed-frame-with-drawers sweety mary

    I hope the scandal is not true. I believe Princess Catherine will behave good as she was.

    • BN

      Mary, it’s not a scandal

  • Mary Bollinger

    William & Kate are a wonderful couple. It is too bad they cannot have some time alone without being spyed on. It was their private time.
    They are a beautiful young couple. Remember Lady Di whom we all loved. She never was treated right but was loved by all. Don’t keep reminding William of what happened to his mother.

  • Pet Lalusin

    Spare Kate Middleton from this controversy.Being rich and famous she is hounded always by the media. She was in a private territory, give her privacy.I admire this young royalty and Prince William. They are young and want to enjoy life too.Let’s give them the respect that they deserve!

    • mary mary

      most Americans today have no idea what respect is. Personal or for others.Just look at all the problems caused by this inadequecy.

  • Renee Kamke

    What everyone seems to forget is that Kate had been dating William for years… she gets all the protocol, security, etc that goes along with dating him. She is also from the same country so she knows the respect and class that goes along with being part of that world. Diana wasn’t exposed to it, there was no internet when she was immersed in the royal life so she couldn’t “google” what to do when you were with the prince’s royal family at a polo match etc.

  • Irene Ng

    can’t we just leave ppl private life regardless of what status you are. Don’t be so busy body abt ppl affairs. Why do u want to dig into old wounds. Please leave them alone & they have their own life. Put yourself in their position. Idiot…

  • Kim Sunderlage

    What if Kate had been (gasp!) breast-feeding? Oh, the shame!

  • Shawn002

    So what! the real scandal is that people are so taken by a royal family that has taken so much from the English people as well as people from all over the world wide for over a thousand years. I think the real crime is that somehow the royals got people to buy in that they were placed there by God… I hate the English royal family and think the US facination with the royals is for stupid people who did not do well in world history

    • Melissa Jensen

      Well somebody has a case of the Mondays!

    • mary mary

      No different than Americas facination(thankfully fading) with the Kennedys.They had more scandal than Jolly Ol English royals ever had yet were celebrated. I never got it. They never really did that much, definatly had moral problems, yet were glorified.All they had was a lot of ill begotten power and old money. Patriarch Joe was a know speakeasy during prohibition. So much for their custom of law abiding family. Its no wonder they were cursed for all their misdeads

  • Judy

    How low can people go. Leave the royals alone. Is that all the photographers have to do. They ought to have their cameras taken away and made to pay a hefty fine for stooping so low. Shame on them!!!!!!!

    • Noor Ahmed Chowdhry

      I like your comments. Photographers should restrain and behave like gentlemen.

  • Noor Ahmed Chowdhry

    There are many other problems in the world which need our attention. The nations are aggressive to other nations. People are destroying each other. Still we have time to poke into petty matters.

  • gypsyjoo

    What I would like to know is what entitles anyone to be above the same behavior as anyone else? Kate is no better than anyone else. Sorry, but even in a private residence, if you go into the back yard naked, you are putting yourself into the vision line of someone who might be outside at the same time and would have every right to snap your photograph. If these elitists wish to not have their photographs taken, they should remain indoors. hehehe

    • Army

      10-4…much ado about nothing.

  • lim chong choon

    i feel sympathy for Kate and her hubby, in fact to the royal family where invason of privacy is not a new thing being a popular target for those maniac and crazy paparazzi in the Western World. Knowing that gossips/hot news sell magazines, the public figures like Kate, should at least ask herself ” why bare in public ? Her mistake caused her now. She should learn from Princess Diana tragedy.

    • slmdt

      Therein lies the irony – she wasn’t in public. No one had any business (or right) to sneak photographs of her, or anyone else, when they are in a private residence. Especially with the intention of selling those pictures for profit and publicity. The shame is on the photogopher, not the lady. What she and her husband do in private, should remain private. There are too many other much more important things going on in the world to be worried about something like this.

  • Jane Fleming

    If I was her mother I would say “You are a very silly girl”.

    • Bud

      Not going to happen. Celebrities are big business, and the a__holes that get those intimate photos are rewarded.

  • rocky

    Since when, whilst on their honeymoon, cannot a woman sunbathe topless?? AND she is with her husband, at a private residence..If you cannot at that time, when the H can you?? I see nothing wrong with her actions..it is not like they got photos of her topless while she was attending a party with an acquaintance, as you see so many young women doing these days..and the low life’s that took the pictures?? They need to be fined for invasion of privacy..After all, they took the pics for money..take money away from them..where it hurts the most, as these low-life’s have no conscience or scruples..

  • http://yahoo karen smith

    I loved princess DI and now we have another princess that is loved, just leave them alone. YOU GUYS are probably just jealouse her looks and power

  • Raymond

    If the photos are not shocking, why don’t you show them to us ??
    That’s what we all want to see ~
    we don’t care the least about all your editorializing words.

    • hein

      What pictures?

      There are no pictures anywhere published. Why all the hype. This seems to be a big hoax.