Kate Gosselin: Was Reality Show Scripted?

    July 29, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Kate Gosselin is in the news quite a bit lately, with recent claims that her nanny outed her for maintaining a strange rule book and now word that the reality TV show on which she starred with ex-husband Jon Gosselin and their six kids was scripted. This claim comes from Robert Hoffman, an author who really seems out to get Kate Gosselin, and has printed many such claims in his book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World.

The latest claim was even a topic of conversation between Kate Gosselin and the ladies on The Talk back in 2011.

“We’re not scripted. You heard me. We are not scripted. We’re living. The kids run in and out of the frame and they just live,” Kate said at the time.

Robert Hoffman begs to differ. He says that after some digging–yes, he has in fact even admitted to digging through Kate Gosselin’s garbage–he has found evidence that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 was in fact scripted.

The following are what Hoffman says are “‘scripted,’ voice-over assignments, written for and given to Kate, telling her exactly what to say” on the hit TLC show during two early episodes of the series.

“So we thought it might be fun to take them to have their head shots taken.”

“But before we left for the photo shoot, we had our Saturday pancake breakfast, which has now become a Gosselin family tradition.”

“After pancake breakfast, there was a bit of a potty training party happening in the laundry room.”

“After pancake breakfast, a potty training session began, that was somewhat supervised by Mady and Cara.”

“Not surprisingly, Joel didn’t manage to use the potty that day.”

“Aunt Jodi, my brother’s wife, is coming over today to get the twins suitcases.”

“Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi are coming tonight. They’re bringing Cara and Mady with them. And our friend Beth will be there as well.”

“I had planned the dinner for after the babies went to bed, and a neighbor came over to sit while they were sleeping.”

“We had a plane to catch to Florida, and there we were stuck in the snow.”

“Jodi and Kevin have 4 kids of their own, and Cara and Mady really love spending time with their cousins.” (or something like this)

“So Jodi helped them bake cobweb cookies and meringue puffs” (is that what they were?)

Robert Hoffman admits that the entire show didn’t appear to be scripted, but that it definitely didn’t appear to be completely off the cuff, with cameras viewing completely unscripted footage either. He says the shows were “totally scheduled with story lines planned in advance” and adds that Kate Gosselin was given her schedule for the week to let her know where her family would be going.

“There was absolutely nothing ‘organic,’ normal, or natural about the Gosselin children being filmed,” Hoffman writes.

Maybe the notion that the kids were used to the show being scripted helps explain how two of Kate Gosselin’s daughters completely embarrassed her on national TV when their talk wasn’t scripted?

Kate Gosselin described Jon & Kate Plus 8 as being unscripted during a Q & A special that included the show’s producers. She was asked then if their show was ‘realistic.’

“Yes. It’s very realistic. There’s no scripting,” Kate quickly responded. “There’s a plan about this is what we want to get. Right, that’s important for us to let people know we aren’t hiding anything. Our goal is to show people how hard this job is.”

Has Kate Gosselin been caught in yet another lie or is Robert Hoffman simply better than she is at telling tall tales? Which one of these two do you believe?

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  • Cat27

    Did ANYONE think ANYTHING about her was real??

  • Pablo Cervantes

    News flash…they’re ALL scripted. And wrestling is choreographed.

    • Whit

      O come on dont tell the kids Santa isnt real.

      • Pablo Cervantes

        I’m through molly coddling these kids…It’s high time they knew the cold, harsh realities of life. It’s a jungle out there and someone needs to explain the lies…I have new info on the tooth fairy as well.

        • Whit

          Ha ha!! Spoil sport!

    • Deadeye Duck

      After the nth argument with a college buddy about whether or not pro wrestling was “real” or truly a “sport” (I said no, he said yes), he got me to see the light in declaring: “It’s ‘sports opera’!”

  • Battman

    The only thing worse than “reality” TV are the scumbags who write about reality TV like it mattered! Mr. get a life! I’ve got his picture next to Loser in My personal dictionary.

  • Sheila Morgan

    all reality shows are scripted, do not be stupid america, they have been outed allot for scripts, some of the people donot even socialize, they do not know each other till they are on camera.

  • Steven Ortega

    these should be called fantasy shows . Reality is getting up and hating your job . Not flying around the world . I cant wait for the FCC to come along and make them change their titles . For instance , on this stupid tow truck show . Why do I never hear about those big fights on the local news ?

  • Guest

    My question: who thinks these shows are real to begin with?

  • Likely

    Good Grief……all ‘reality’ shows are scripted to some degree……get real people. And with 8 kids someone had to step up with ‘organizational’ skills. Kate has never been my favorite person but so what. I’d have done almost anything to support, feed, and clothe 8 kids on my own. If you all think she’s so bad is there a reason we all didn’t see you stepping up to help?….Jon sure didn’t (deadbeat dad, as he has always been) Cut her some slack :/

    • Whit

      She was CRUEL to Jon and is nothing but a bully and greedy narcissist. Her girls will have eating disorders and her sons will DEFINITELY have inadequacy issues due to her and her “mothering”. You don’t RUIN your family on national TV for money, that’s awful parenting, down right damaging. I find it sick people call it “entertainment”. Poor kids. Jon is guilty of being a wuss.

      • Theresa Lynn Baleda

        I agree if anyone should be sorry for anyone from that show it should be Jon and those poor kids. Jon need to grow a back bone and stand up to Kate and those poor kids are going to be damaged for the rest of their lives.

        • LMSI

          Jon is not smart enough to even begin to know how to stand up to Kate. She would only whip him with her sharp tongue. As far as the kids go, they will have issues and hopefully they will be able to get counseling to know that they have a good future ahead of them if they don’t fall into the trap of “it’s my parent’s fault I’m this way”.

    • FamilyDad71

      so your saying Likely that it was ok to throw the husband under the bus and turn those children lives into a money making machine. Just to Feed the kids!, Your a wiener Likely there are other more honorable ways to make a living than to sacrifice your family for money. And if you defend a woman like her you are part of the problem. Jon didn’t give up, he wanted his family out of the limelight.
      Kate didn’t. And the money went to her and because the network wanted the show to continue she had the support of the network and the ability to vilify her OWN HUSBAND !!! And she did just that. Just wait in about 10 years when all the money runs out and the kids start writing books on how screwed up their lives are, because of mom. Are you then going to have Kate’s back. Those children would have lived happier lives had mom and dad stayed together OUT of the Limelight!
      That show was pure exploitation. That woman needed constant help with her children , she didn’t raise them she had teams of nannies watching them. While Kate went to work on creating an image . Now don’t get me wrong if she was a movie star id understand that , but this was supposed to be about how good a mother she was , not how great she looked doing it.
      Those kids don’t know who their mother is, why do you think those girls never said a word on that show. Those looks weren’t looks of kindness and joy. Those looks were of fear from their mother!!! NOW HOW CAN YOU STAND BEHIND THAT!!!! No child should ever have to look at a parent like that. Nor have to worry about what to say .Most DFACs workers have seen that look and thats when they ask if the parent is mistreating them . That when the worker then asks the parents to leave!!!
      So please quit drinking her cool aid, give your children a good hug . And remember that woman should not be giving any advice on how to raise children because she is doing a lousy job of doing it.

  • ReadingsbyAzul

    Uh, all shows are somewhat scripted. Otherwise they would bore us to death, lol!

  • hateObammy

    Hey Snooky called and she wants her script back

  • Scamuel

    Santa Claus say, “She B a ‘HO!”

  • ark_dixie1

    Kate needs to go away. I have never watched her show. but surely ppl isn’t dumb enuff to think reality shows aren’t scripted. she doesn’t need to be on tv.

    • Viviane Bloodworth

      I never could understand that people actually watch faithfully “reality” shows. Where is the real in reality? I sometimes watch one,curious. It makes laugh it’s so fake! Don’t people have their own life to live, real, interesting life??

  • Nancy

    This is the ONLY one of these shows I have ever watched! I enjoyed it for awhile, then she just turned into a manipulative Bi***! Yikes! I don’t blame Jon for leaving! Nancy

  • Free Princess

    It’s a tool for reality shows. I don’t think the melt downs were scripted. The scripts you saw in the article were for when they sit down in front of the camera to give a break down. I believe there is probably a meeting with them first to find out what their (Kates and Jon’s) thoughts were then make phrases for them to help them comment on their feelings and what’s going on with the show. Reality shows like this are real people that have never been in acting and do not know the logistics of creating a tv show. It has to be organized to some extent. I think this guy hates women and hates Kates. It’s his own problem. I think women with multiple children are stigmatized and it’s sad. They must make schedules or they wouldn’t be able to make certain all the needs are taken place. There are lots of women out there who run a tight ship and they may only have 2 or 3 kids and they are not being persecuted.

  • Mom

    This “reality” show was a complete cluster f*ck from the get go.

  • Seexxyme

    I call for a boycott of the show — so these children can have a somewhat normal life. Her being their mother is alread stressfull to the children. If I was her husband I would have left also – good for him.

  • nikki

    Blame it on the network…whatever will get the views..they will show, & of course they ALL GO along with it for the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..simple…we dont need to see more of Kate and her kids…SOOOOOOOOO OVERDONE!!!…find another way to make $$$ Kate !!!

  • girlfriendred

    Anybody that doesn’t think “reality shows” are NOT scripted is not thinking straight…..they are ALL scripted ! everybody knows that !! nobody has THAT much drama going on all the time…! they are getting so out of hand. Wish they would drop them ALL….(except the Little Couple…that is the only one I like !!)

  • Deborah Huckaby

    I am happy to say I didn’t watch any of the last shows they had a few weeks ago. After how she was on the last episodes before the Kate plus 8 was cancelled, I didn’t want to see garbage as that again. Hopefully there were so few that did watch it that they won’t ever have another episode about them again.

  • Guest

    It’s not reality, it’s actuality.

  • Joe McDonald

    Does anyone have 13 yr-olds? On live national TV? How is this humiliating? Awkward, yes. Humiliated?, I don’t get it. I haven’t walked a mile in her shoes yet.

  • Michelle Quick

    I actually liked her on the show, unlike most everyone else. I felt for her because she was trying to keep up with 8 kids and Jon was just an idiot but now I’m just sick of all of them. Go raise your kids and stay out of the limelight. You can have a where are they now show with the sextuplets turn 20, k? K!

  • disqus_inLasVegas

    I think the little interviews with the couple were scripted and I always felt that way. I don’t think the parts were scripted where the family was just being filmed, though.

  • lindee

    Have you ever heard Kate speak on live TV? All she says is “UMMMMM”. Thank God for scripted reality shows!

  • theonethatlived

    I read Jon saying he was happy with the twins. But Kate wanted more. So they did. And the rest is the history of how this family disintegrated on TV.
    When they had that huge “wedding” in Hawai’i is was Kate wanting to have the all paid for trip to the islands. He has family there so at least they got to see the kids. It was obvious by then that their marriage was almost over, but the publicity was good for the show.
    When she complains that he does nothing to support them, hum, she got want she wanted and she was the cause for the break up. feel for the kids. They are the real tragedy of this. Hopefully when they are adults they will lead private lives.

  • Laurie

    oh please like the Kardashians aren’t scripted. almost all reality tv is somewhat scripted. This man needs to get a life and stop obsessing about Kate

  • Really

    Wow… a reality show scripted? Wow, SHOCKERS!!! You mean all the wacky insane things that happen to RS people is fictional? OH WAIT EVERYONE!!!! Come on, lets hate kate for being a snob, mean, obsessed with fame but can only get it through her kids insecure lunatic that she is. Lets blame TLC for their crap shows.

  • michele

    she even looks like a b.i.a.t.c.h.

  • Johnny Carbon

    Anyone who believes that reality shows are not scripted do not know the truth.