Kate Gosselin Tell-All Details Wooden Spoon Beatings

    September 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Kate Gosselin made quite a career out of being a reality show mom, earning millions from her appearances and book deals detailing life with eight children. Now, it seems there’s a tell-all book about to come out by a former reporter who was close with Kate’s ex-husband Jon, and all the juicy tidbits about Kate’s manic behavior are to be exposed.

For anyone who never watched “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, the story would be shocking enough, but fans of the show know that Kate was not always portrayed in the best light during it’s run on TLC. And while reality shows do sometimes edit things to make them appear different than they actually happened, Kate has had her fair share of detractors since the show started due to her type A personality and sometimes shrill mothering style.

The new book, written by former Us Magazine reporter Robert Hoffman, reportedly chronicles journal entries of Kate’s that describe her discipline methods–using a wooden spoon–and tells of her punishments when the kids were very young for things such as climbing out of a crib or having a potty training accident.

Hoffman allegedly became close with Jon while he was a reporter and was eventually invited into their home, where he gained access to their private lives and what really went on when the cameras weren’t rolling. Word is, Jon knew about the spankings and never put a stop to them, which could cast some negative light on him when the book comes out, as well.

Of course, it’s hard to say what one parent should and shouldn’t do with their own children. While spanking is looked down upon by many, some were raised with similar punishments and see nothing wrong with it. The issue in the book seems to be that Kate admitted to going into rages and was afraid she would seriously hurt her children one day.

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  • jlala

    Ok…uh so what? Kate is not my favortie person by any means but she is not the first or the last mother to spank her kids! Really?? This is the big shocker? She spanks them…..with a wooden spoon…..she is not punching them with her fist locking them in closets..if that is the only thing you can find save your energy! The woman has eight small kids of course she is stressed. There is a huge difference between child abuse and spankings.

  • Big Chief

    When Kate was a child she was beaten with an ugly stick, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Lori B

    while growing up in the 70’s a wooden spoon would have been a welcome sight over my dads leather belt…as far as lifting one up by their hair, well that is a different story, with 8 kids and 6 of them the same age i am surprised that none of them have been killed, their show proves that these kids were never really well behaved, as far as jon not saying anything, well it wouldnt have been something no one would have believed and then if he saw the kids being beaten with a spoon and the way she treated him, well i wouldnt have said anything either, she is a doozy!!!

  • Betty

    You need the wooden spoon, you don’t want to hurt your hand!

  • ccoats

    I thank God every day for my Grandmother Valia who spanked me with a wooden spoon…once even popping me on the back of the head because I attempted to run. She taught me decency and respect! So many people want to complain about bratty unruly children in public, then tell us we cannot spank our children. I recieve compliments all the time from older people in public because my children still say yes ma’am and no sir. Why? Because I taught them respect! You get a spanking when you need it and a pat on the head when you’ve earned it!! Why would anyone take an ex tabliod reporter seriously?!? Get a life!!

  • Joan M. Szwabowski

    I raised 5 children and ran a tight house.
    You do what you have to at times.Ask the child twice to do or not to do what you want. the third time take action.

  • windy

    I agree they are out to crucify her, I don’t even like her but with this quote from another story “”””Wow, what do you think of these shocking revelations? We know you have an opinion, and we want to hear it! Comment below and share your thoughts with us!”””” it’s obvious they are out for blood. Try raising 8 kids go ahead try it. I’m sure she’s not in the mood for negotiating every whim of her children. What we don’t need are 8 more unruly children running around the world spitting on social graces. My dad had a belt he used it twice. I guess I didn’t understand after the first time, second time was the charm.

  • dayze


  • Robin

    The cameras were on them at all times people. Get real!

  • Cat

    I agree with almost everyone on here. A little discipline is good for them. I really hope she is not beating them (they dont appear afraid of her on the show at all,)but a pat on the butt once in awhile is totally acceptable. When you have eight kids, you do what you must to firmly establish who is in control. I have four children of my own and being outnumbered can be a little overwhelming at times, however, I am always receiving compliments on their behavior in restaurants, at social gatherings, and on airplanes. A little disciple can go a long way, as long as it comes from a loving place.

  • http://sallybahner.blogspot.com Sally

    Amanda, please, don’t you know the difference between its and it’s …
    “it’s run on TLC.”
    Aren’t you supposed to be a writer?
    But then there are probably no editors or proofreaders …

    • Shitty Randy

      You really need to pick out a mis-spelled word? You have nothing better to do?

  • AES

    Please, PLEASE go away!! We are tired of hearing about these people already! We’ve had them shoved down our throats long enough.

  • Peggy

    I don’t even like Kate, quite the opposite, in fact. Come on now, how could this guy get her journals? And if John is the one that supplied them, why not him write the book and get all the money?

    Let’s use some wisdom here, folks. You can’t believe everything you see, and hardly anything you hear.

    I hope she can sue this guy for slander, and that no one buys the book, so he comes up way way short on the money train.

  • debo

    8 kids and she had time to write “journal entries”?? Come on…I don’t buy it!

  • Aspie mom with Aspie kids

    Discipline can be done with love & respect very effectively– to reach for a wooden spoon or scream in adult anger at a small child is BULLYING.Mothers show children how to react and solve problems by their very own behavior. I would not be surprised one bit if this story is true; I couldn’t stand watching her show back in its heyday because I hated the way she was with her children. May the force be with you Kate, you will have a angry mob of 8 people just like you and bigger than you sooner than you realize….

    • Tracy

      You’re wrong. She has always made sure they were very well taken care of and loved. It must be hard to spread yourself around evenly when you have eight young children. I’m sure you couldn’t do it.

  • Tracy

    For God’s sake! Leave this woman alone! How exactly does this guy get a hold of her personal secret journals? None of this makes any sense. Not only that, the kids today are absolutely out of control and if a parent needs a wooden spoon to remind them of who is in charge, then so be it. Nobody can take away from Kate that she is an excellent mother. The kids are clean, well fed, provided for, and loved! Get off her back!

    • bobcobb33

      She needs to have here tubes tied. She’s one NOT hot mess. Lady, you’re guilty of something.

  • Jacqueline

    I’d like to take that wooden spoon to Kate…She makes me sick. I always felt sorry for John.

    Those kids will be writing their tell all one day as well!
    Now that will be a page turner!

    • Tracy

      You felt sorry for John? Are you kidding me? He was a lazy, cheating, pot smoking, beer drinking, whining jerk with eight kids, and YOU feel sorry for him? You try having that kind of loser for a husband and see how quick you want to a wooden spoon to him. I am not saying that Kate is perfect by any means, but you have to know that every single relationship has moments when partners insult and yell at each other…and then they make up and move on. The only difference here is that you didn’t have a camera following you around every second.

  • Terence

    A child that is not disciplined, has no way to go and will end up clueless. Spanking is not bad at all in a control way. So, stop harassing her.

  • Amanda

    As sick as I am about hearing about this woman, a spanking here and there is NOT A BAD THING. For crying out loud, my brother and I were hit with spoons, hangers and such when we got out of line and we’re both just fine and normal! People these days are just too damn sensitive.

    • Lora

      I totally agree. We were spanked with whatever happened to be in arms reach and we are all fine. People are way to judgmental about whipping these days. As long as they arent getting beat, it’s a good thing.

      • DeeDee

        How do I know you are “fine” For all I know you could have someone locked up in your basement. Maybe other people do not think you are “fine” and stay clear of you because they are scared of you? And I have yet to meet anyone in my life that is “normal” so saying you are normal because you were beaten, seems like an oxymoron

  • Pam

    A personal friend of Jon’s. Hmmmm, who would expect something good? I feel they were both good parents. Kate had to be the one who had to disipline the children. Jon was too soft hearted. With that many kids, they have done well.

    • Kim

      Didn’t read the article, did you: “Word is, Jon knew about the spankings and never put a stop to them, which could cast some negative light on him when the book comes out, as well.”

      Or you did read it, and you have an agenda. Perhaps that’s why you suspect one, as well.

  • dessertgirl

    Will this help Kate’s bid for a new TV show? What man in their right mind would date this sick, twisted “woman”/SHE BEAST?

  • Heywood Jabloume

    Speaking of hittin… when it comes to Kate… I’d hit dat!

    • bobcobb33

      You must be hard up, jerk.

  • Joe

    Now that TLCs hottest show is about a redneck family with trailer trash values it must ENRAGE Kate!!! I bet she bought a BIGGER SPOON!!

  • Lisa

    Wanna see how the Jon&Kate+8 kids might turn out as adults?
    Search GOSSELINS GONE WILD! on utub.

  • me

    Thats a freaking wooden hair brush. Also, the guy is selling a “tell all” book without any quotes from her. Just her douche bag husband who is probably going to get a dime from the book. Who knows what happens and who cares..we watched the show, we made them famous so don’t complain now!

    • You

      Please do not blame the husban… She is an abuser… both off and on TV!!! She is a faker and I hope CPS can really get involve and take all those kids away… she wants those kids for TV show… now she got no show… she starting to hate them because those kids not making no money for mama!!!

    • oliveoil

      haha my mom is korean and she broke so many spoons on mine and my brother’s ass i lost count. She actually would usually just spank us with the first thing she could grab but spoon were her fav. I’m totally fine, except that i only use forks.haha jk.

  • LORI


    • Kristin41

      My ex-husband used to hit our kids with a wooden spoon. He is Korean. Why don’t you blame that one on Jon Gosselin instead of Kate. It’s an Asian cultural issue…

  • nina

    my mother had a wooden spoon with my name on one side and my brothers on the the other

    • Sarah Rodriguez

      All you haters are so self righteous— spanking never killed anyone I DON’T CARE what Dr PHIL says, he does not know everything, notice how schools have gone wild, evidently these kids needed a different kind of discipline other than talking. our schools are jungles with crazy kids killing each other a little paddling with love never hurt God said “Spare the rod and spoil the child” for a reason. Sad thing is that the parents also needed the rod at one point. We are all too afraid of our kids and they are over taking us.

      • bobcobb33

        Get some help, lady. You’re one stressed bitch.

  • bobcobb33

    That’s one scary face.

    • bobcobb33

      That should suffice.

  • Deborah Wier

    If i had 8 kids and a crummy husband i would be stocking up on wooden spoons! They sting and thats all. Give her a break people.

  • http://yahoo Lisa

    Get a grip people. I am sure she never BEAT them she spanked them.. my kids laughed when I used my hand no one laughs at the spoon.. and rarely do you have to use it just the “threat” of it makes it known that mom is serious! Those kids have never acted afraid of her and they would be if she abused them.

  • Starzz22

    Beating your 2 year olds everyday to the point of questioning yourself if you really hurt them bad THIS time is abuse! And yes…there are pictures of the beast hitting her daughter with a CLOSED FIST. Is that ok too?Who cares how her personal notes were found….anything to help stop child abuse is a plus.

  • Sher

    Oh for pity’s sake! The kids are healthy and happy today no thanks to their bio! Personally, I don’t know how anyone could have handled a Momma’s boy for a husband, and eight kids too without losing it occasionally!~
    People get a life and leave the woman alone!

  • caryl

    Hitting someone with a wooden instrument is NOT a “spanking”. It is a “beating”. You don’t BEAT people you love. Those children need to be taken away from this evil witch.

  • Isaac

    wow everyone needs to relax. My mom used to OWN me whenever i did anything bad. Do I hate her? Nope. Still love her and thank her for not going easy on me and turning me into a spoiled bitch.

  • http://www.corntastic.org Johnny

    A woman,born and raised in a trailer park with a below the waistline tatoo who eventually becomes a a mother who “spanks” (which become beatings) her children????!? What a surprise!! (She also bragged about only feeding her kids left-overs). White-trash beating their children??!? No. No way. No wonder some of her kids were thrown out of school for bullying. They did not learn it from her. White trash women love marrying Asians as they think it will buy them class and smart children. Poor John, he never hit his children but he’ll be the one paying her bills untill they turn 18.

    • http://spankingchildrenisgood.org Trailer Park Momma

      I disagree with you @Johnny. I grew up in the same trailer park as Kate and we were all raised to spank our children and to save what we cooked and serve later as “left-overs.” I had a tatoo over my private parts as well and that doesn’t mean I’m not a good mother you insensetive moron. Of course Kate should be getting child-support John doesn’t have and he should be imprisoned because he’s too poor to pay. I can’t wait ’till those children grow old and have interviews where they tell how great a mother Kate is regardless of her challenging background.

  • Pat

    What’s the big deal. Wooden spoons break easily on a kids butt. It was common practice in my generation. Never got a spanking I didn’t have coming.

  • Julie MacKinnon

    I would think that if there were people around who saw these so called “beatings” they would have contacted “DYFUS”. I know John was passive agressive in their marriage, but one would hope that if he saw one of his children getting a beating with a wooden spoon, he would have stepped in to stop her.

  • Angie

    What happened to “live and let live?” It is nobody’s business how anybody chooses to raise there children. As parents we do our best to raise our children to become stand up, responsible adults with integrity, a lot of the problems in our world now days are because parents dont take action when it comes to discipline in childrens lives, it has become easier to some people to ignore a childs bad behavior because addressing the problem is a tough task. Thank God IT IS A FREE COUNTRY where we have choices…..it is NOT our place to judge others!! It is our job as parents to be the best we can be and raise our children with morals and values…

  • freefalcon

    Spankings with a wooden spoon..child abuse? If she is ‘spanking’ them on their bottem for doing something wrong I’d hardly call that abuse. When I was a child, forty years ago, we were whipped if we did something to break the rules. It wasn’t uncommen to see a parent in the grocery store or some other public place whipping their child who was misbehaving and in school you also got paddled and no one thought twice about it. We grew up to respect or parents and authoruty.
    I’m not condoning child abuse by any means. If someone is ‘beating or abusing’ a child then they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    But I do know we didn’t have the type of disrespect toward teachers or parents that I see so rampant in todays society. Most, not all, knew our boundries and what the consequences were if we crossed them.

  • Lana

    A wooden spoon isn’t going to hurt as much as growing into an adult without boundries. John and his loser friends need to butt out.

  • Linda

    When I was a kid my mother used to threaten me with the wooden spoon all the time and used it a few times. No big deal. Some principal at a high school in texas can BEAT a girl with a wooden paddle and that’s OK but this isn’t. Those kids seem healthy and happy to me.

  • Allegra

    Let me take a guess, she is broke, desperate for money and second chance in the lime-light. Someone please ignore this attention slore.

  • CJK

    Today teachers are afraid to hug children, smack their hands with a ruler (guess where I went to school!) and yes if you spank your children you could go to jail. If that was the case when I was a child my Mom would still be in prison! During those days by the time my mom came home from work (single mom) she already heard from the neighbors as she was coming home what I did. Yikes! Today I am a happy person, love my deceased mom, was not blessed with children, but feel I would be a good parent and yes spank. She has enough junk written about her. Leave her alone.

  • Lisa

    Wanna see how the Jon & Kate+8 kids might turn out as adults? Search GOSSELINSGONEWILD! on utub and FB now.

  • Lisa

    Wanna see how the Jon & Kate+8 kids might turn out as adults? Search GOSSELINS GONE WILD! on utub and FB now.

  • http://webpronews carol schwartz

    when i was a child, i got the switch on my legs if i was naughty and im fine. the trouble with this society now is a parent cant be a parent. you cant look at your kid without someone saying your abusive. sad.i feel for the teachers!!! i put my kids on timeout as i found out that spanking never helped but time out did!! my grandkids go on time out as well. course thats only two kids, not eight!!! im not going to judge kate but i do know she was mean to her husband on the show and i got to where i wouldnt watch it. He needed to step up to her many times. just saying.