Kate Gosselin Reportedly Spies on Kids' Phone Conversations With Dad, Jon Gosselin


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Kate Gosselin reportedly feels some kind of way about her eight children having a relationship with their father, Jon Gosselin.

According to Radar Online, she's even taken drastic measures to ensure she can keep a tight lid on things.

The Kate Plus 8 star is now being accused of ordering her nannies to listen in on the phone conversations the kids have with Jon.

It's no secret that Kate and her ex-husband, Jon, have a tumultuous relationship.

They have both been known to publicly insult each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.

However, the most recent allegations might only add fuel to the fire.

An insider close to Kate was able to share in-depth details about the 39-year-old reality star's alleged spying demands. There's reportedly a "babysitter rulebook" that the Celebrity Apprentice star has compiled for her nannies.

The alleged book reportedly includes Kate's demands about everything from indoor household duties to outdoor responsibilities, such as landscaping and maintaining her chicken flock! Her instructions for the children's phone conversations with Jon are also included in the book. Calls with their father should be limited and, of course, all conversation dialogue is to be relayed.

“ALWAYS listen with one ear to hear what they are saying,” Kate reportedly wrote. “You are always my eyes and ears and need to report everything you see and hear!!!”

“They may call their dad when they ask permission using the house phone only,” she wrote. “You do not have to grant permission if you are busy or the schedule doesn’t allow it (example: dinner time, shower time, bed time, room cleaning time or homework time). Please keep a listening ear open and have them stand nearby.”

"Jon is also prohibited from having access to the front gate of the home. Do not lend it to anyone, especially not Jon!” Kate specified.

One of the nannies gave a personal account of her interactions with Kate. “Even if we had a conversation about nothing, I had to email her all the details,” the babysitter said. “And I also had to keep a log of every time Jon returned the [shared] van to make sure he used the correct amount of gas!”

The nanny went on to describe Kate as “condescending” and “overwhelming.” However, she had no complaints about Jon. The little time she reportedly spent around him was relatively enjoyable.

Image via Kate Plus 8, Facebook