Kate Del Castillo Threatened By Mexican Authorities For Meeting With 'El Chapo'

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Kate del Castillo is currently under investigation because of her heavy involvement in the secret meeting with Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, which resulted in an Rolling Stone interview with actor Sean Penn.

According to Univision, the 43-year-old Mexican-American actress is worried that the Mexican government wants to “destroy her” and that she is being used as a target of a witch hunt.

After the controversial El Chapo interview,Kate del Castillo is now a primary suspect in a money laundering investigation by Mexican authorities. Attorney General Arely Gomez stated that they are exploring the possibility of El Chapo’s funding of del Castillo’s Tequila Honor del Castillo business.

The actress has declined to comment on the allegations in order to avoid further scrutiny from the Mexican government. “I have no reason to give explanations to the press. If I don't talk it’s because my lawyers told me not to because the government wants to destroy me,” said Kate del Castillo in a message addressed to Univision.

Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho recently came to del Castillo’s defense and confirmed to the media that her friend is indeed being threatened by Mexican authorities.

In an interview with TVyNovelas, Cacho revealed parts of her conversation with Kate del Castillo and admitted that the actress was “scared” and that “she doesn’t understand why the Mexican Government is attacking her this way.”

Despite the gravity of her current situation, Kate del Castillo cheerfully stepped out with another good friend Jillian Barberie on Saturday to have dinner at Mexican restaurant El Coyote in Los Angeles.

When asked by TMZ to comment about the El Chapo scandal, the Muchachitas star said, “You know what? I can't talk about him.” Barberie then chimed in, “It's girls night out. We want a little Mexican, a margarita.”

El Chapo, who was recaptured earlier this month, was said to have agreed to the rare interview because he was interested in meeting with Kate del Castillo to discuss plans of making a film about his life.

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