Karlie Kloss Says She Isn’t What People Expect


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Karlie Kloss may be a successful model, but she says that she wants to be more than just a pretty face and is tired of always being seen and not heard.

Kloss recently talked about being a role model to young girls and said that she hopes they notice some of the things she has done instead of just how she looks and her modeling career.

"The way I present myself can have a big impact, which is partially why I'm so passionate about health and fitness, and strength," she said during an interview with The Independent. "I take responsibility for the fact that other young women see pictures of me and it might impact how they feel about themselves, so I only want to stand for things I'm proud of."

Kloss said that because she is a model, people don’t expect her to be smart or to care about important, worldly issues.

"People don't expect me to be well-read or have an opinion, I almost like that," she admitted. I like being able to shock people."

Kloss said that while the world might think they know her, if they took the time they would see that she is just as passionate about helping others as she is her modeling career.

Karlie was recently chosen as the new face of L'Oreal cosmetics, something she is very proud of.

She said that she hopes when people go to her social media pages or try to find out more about her, that they pay attention to the charities and organizations she represents and take the time to help out in any way they can.

Karlie clearly has a good head on her shoulders and is focused on more important things than just her looks and celebrity status.