Karli Kloss Says She Tends To Be Seen, Not Heard

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Karli Kloss, the lovely and talented model and new face of L'Oreal, knows that being a model sometimes means being known only for your looks.

However, that doesn't stop her from giving back to the world in a big way.

She said to The Independent, "I can often be seen and not heard."

Karli Kloss added, "So the way I present myself can have a big impact, which is partially why I'm so passionate about health and fitness, and strength. I take responsibility for the fact that other young women see pictures of me and it might impact how they feel about themselves, so I only want to stand for things I'm proud of."

In 2012 Karli Kloss partnered with New York bakery Momofuko Milk Bar to market Karlie's Kookies for charity. Proceeds from her cookies go towards the charity Feed, which supplies meals to those that don't have enough money to feed themselves.

Karli Kloss said of her charity work, "There's an opportunity now to have a career for as long as you want it. And using the platform I have, the spotlight, for something meaningful motivates me."

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What a great cause! Karli Kloss is known in the cut-throat modeling industry as "the nice one". She largely attributes her reputation to her upbringing and her small town childhood.

Karli Kloss admits that she was a shy, skinny girl who was focused on sports and school. She lived a very normal life and even dreamed of being a doctor like her father.

"I never thought I wanted to be a model, I never knew that job existed. I knew the supermodels of course, even in my small town I knew of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, but it just seemed unattainable. Before I started modeling, the extent of my fashion knowledge was my subscription to Teen Vogue."

What do you think of Karli Kloss' charity involvement?

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