Karla Homolka: Her Connection To Zombie Stories

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Karla Homolka's name may sound familiar to people here in the states, for a very specific and horrifying reason; the Canadian woman was convicted of the brutal sexual assault, murder, and/or dismemberment of two teen girls along with her husband, Paul Bernardo. One of the victims was Homolka's own 15-year old sister. However, she struck a plea bargain--which was infamously dubbed the "deal with the devil" because she managed to do it before videotapes of her involvement in the murders surfaced, granting her a paltry 12-year prison sentence--and was freed in 2005.

Now she's being linked to another alleged murderer, porn star Luka Magnotta, who is being sought for the murder and dismemberment of an unidentified man in Montreal. The victim's torso was found in a suitcase stuffed into a pile of garbage in a Snowdon neighborhood; police believe it belongs to the same person whose hands and feet were mailed to various political offices around Canada.

Magnotta has allegedly posted more than one video online of him stabbing a man to death on his bed with an icepick, which police describe as pornographic and involving cannibalism--making this one of several disturbing stories related to vicious "zombie" attacks this week. And in a weird twist, Magnotta has been linked to Homolka after rumors surfaced that the two once dated. Although Magnotta has denied any involvement with the convicted killer, it certainly seems a strange coincidence that two people who have been linked in the past would share a dark love of perverse sexual pleasure tied in with murder and dismemberment.

A Canada-wide warrant has been issued for Magnotta for his connection to the murder, although no leads have been reported yet.

Image credit: CBC News

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