Kansas TV Stabbing: Veteran Gets Aggressive

By: Amanda Crum - May 26, 2012

Employees at a Topeka, Kansas television station were surprised by an attacker with a knife yesterday but managed to overtake him before he seriously hurt anyone.

The man, a vet by the name of Ray Miles, contacted the station earlier yesterday about a Department of Veterans Affairs case which he says was being mishandled. When he was told he would have to take it up with them, he became violent and threw a lamp through the glass door to gain access to the station before running pell-mell through the hallways and stabbing two employees in the leg. He also bit one man on the ear before he was tackled and held down.

While the story is disturbing to say the least, it also rings with a sad truth; that veterans who come home with serious emotional and mental issues are often overlooked or even ignored. Many stories have surfaced over the years of deadly prescription pill cocktails being given to veterans to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and unfortunately that seems to be the case all too often when a member of the military seeks help. While it’s not known if Miles was on any medication at the time of the altercation yesterday, officials are aware that Veterans Affairs did play a part in his agitation. Whether or not he will be treated is yet unknown.

Miles and the two victims, Roger Brokke and Greg Palmer, were treated at the hospital for minor injuries and were later released.

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  • Dave

    Well, I quess you should have been more receptive and at least had someone talk to the Veteran and see what he had to say. You handled it the wrong way and made the Man feel un-important just as the VA did so he lashed out.

    • Patricia

      I agree Dave. There is something to be said for sitting down, taking some notes and doing some phone calling on behalf of someone who fought for our country.

      I am the mother of a son who has served three tours of duty in Iraq and a former television news producer. The job of a producer is to talk to people who come in with stories.

      Next time, listen for five minutes and make someone feel like they have an ear, someone’s ear, and maybe situations like this won’t happen.

      I hope the news station employees are ok. God bless and help the veteran.

      • james

        i agree that this was handled badly, i am a former veit nam vet and we came home to being called baby killers and rapiest and all kind of b.s. that we did not do. and no one was there to help us through the tough times. we were told to suck it up and shut up. you would think a radio/tv station would have a person to listen to someone that might have a news story that doesnt have half a million dollars in the bank. i used to be a big fan of this tv station. now i will rethink myself

        • Gomer Pyle

          What the #%@& are you people talking about? Man goes to a TELEVISION station to complain about the VETERANS AFFAIRS administration. Television station folks rightly inform him that he’s barking up the wrong tree and he goes beserk and you think the station somehow mishandled this? Take this analogy – If I take my car to the butcher shop for an oil change you think the butcher should sit down and help me select oil filters? I can just imagine the number of crackpots who come in wanting the station to do hatchet jobs on someone, and factor in how this guy must have been acting at the time if he was that agitated, and I’m not surprised the station said no thanks to the “story”. I will grant you that the craptastic writing of this so called journalist has left much room for misinterpretation of the facts, but I don’t see how you can reasonably fault the station for someone going beserk and stabbing people. If you’re volunteering your time, I’m sure the other citizens of Topeka will be more than happy to refer other agitated individuals to you for counseling and assistance.

          • jf

            Gomer Pyle, what an apt name! It does make a difference when it’s a war vet. It is b/c of our government that they have these issues. Your analogy is a very poor one indeed. Vets need to be cared for and listened to. Our country owes them that much.

          • Edward Harris

            I think you are dead on. Vets need a place to go to deal with issues. They don’t seem to have the place they need. However, a TV station is not the place.

    • Paul Groover

      Sounds like the ones who really gave him the push off was the government.
      If they would do right by our vets, then the public at large wouldn’t be the ones who got hurt.

    • http://yahoo stan

      As a veteran I can say there is no excuse for this kind of actions. We all have different ways of dealing with things. This was not a good way. It appears he has issues that he can now get help with. This help is available without this kind of actions. Lucky nobody was hurt worse than they were.

      • Waldie

        I agree with Stan. As a veteran who has served multiple tours in the middle east, to include Iraq and Afghanistan, his behavior is not excused. We appreciate the support from everyone but this behavior is unacceptable.

        We do not know if this individual is suffering from PTSD, TBI, or any of the other acronyms which get thrown around. The bottom line is that he needs help, veteran or not.

        Also, I believe our government does a good job of taking care of it’s Veterans. I can pick up the phone right now and call someone if I am having trouble with substance abuse, PTSD, suicidal thoughts or marital problems (Just to name a few). There are a plethora of resources available and they beat that message into your skull every time we come back from the combat zone.

        • Jay

          Waldie and Stan,

          I agree on what you both talked about. I have also served tours in Iraq. It is disheartening to hear about the current events, but I would enlist again because of our freedoms. Thank you to all our men and women, still serving in the military.

        • Jennifer

          Umm…ok. What state do you live in because my husband and I need to move there? Seriously, I can say that around the Fort Hood area, they don’t do much to help with PTSD, or any other mental or emotional issues. They just keep throwing drugs around and hope it works. They don’t have the time for appointments for therapy. They tell you they might be able to get you an appointment in 6 months or so. Not very good therapy, right? The VA here has some serious issues. They don’t care about what’s going on with their veterans. My husband had to show up there in person and demand help and refuse to leave until he got it because they kept telling him he’d be receiving some forms in his email. It was an emergency, he flipped out a few days before and finally realized he needed help coping with things because I left with our daughter to ensure our safety. To this day he has to beg them for his appointments and argue over the phone when he needs his meds refilled. That TV station may have had a good story to get the VA off their butts if they had taken a minute to listen to this guy. It doesn’t make his actions right, but think about it.

        • Sabrina

          I totally agree with you that this type of behavior is not acceptable, and I will not sit here and try to make excuse for that man, But I do have to disagree with you on one point. Although there are many resources available to you when you return from a combat zone, they are not always something you are made aware of, and sometimes you are strongly discouraged from using the ones you are aware of. It was not untill after I left active duty was I aware of all the options out there, and it took a long time for me to “deprogram” the negative image of them.

          • Phil McKann

            Who said the guy had PTSD, or saw any action more than being a clerk in Topeka? Nothing in this article claims that, although the crappy writing implies it through speculation in the 2nd paragraph.

    • http://yahoo david habjan

      i beleive that are government uses people up . nand think they can just discard the citizens like trash.i know it would be hard not to except the lavish bribes they get from communist sectors. but they dont look at the long term effect. dont the politicians realize there offspring are going to be growing up in the piles of shit they leave behind. and i aint talking about polution. thats the least of my worrys. this earth can recycle it self. . with are without us . its the greed that killing us. father of all creation please help us

    • Phil McKann

      I hope some random stranger complains to you about something that has nothing to do with you and then kicks you in the groin for it. That’s the same thing as the drivel you’ve written.

  • http://webpronews steve

    Only one responce to any story like this, ” never turn your back on any veteran from this country” After all they put there lives on the line for eveyone.

    • Karin

      I agree that our veterans, especially the PTSD sufferers arent treated as if they are really ill. But.. I also agree that turning your back on a crazy guy might get ya stabbed!!

  • James

    Everyone thinks that we are just complaining when we have something to say about mistreatment and we are just really looking for our lives back and a chance at society but we keep getting stepped on over and over. I do not blame him at all its sad it takes instances like this to be heard.

  • Philip L

    Let’s hear all the facts first. Not every veteran is a hero (I a vet and no hero)but there are some that want to milk the system and get a free lunch for the rest of their lives. This guy may be one of those that got ticked off when he could not prove his “illness” and saw his gravy train leave the station. I’ve dealt with the VA many times and they bend over backwards to get you what you deserve. Sadly there are those that abuse the system in order to get an easy life courtesy of the tax-payer (and yes all vets are tax-payers too).

    • Bryant

      I resent your thinking no true vet would ever turn their back on a fellow brother he is like all of us, like all of us vets, how could you criticize a man you’ve never met? How would you dare say something like that? I feel that the only reason you would say something like that is because of your ignorant prejudice, just because he’s black. Why else would you say something? What else could possibly justify your thinking? Also does it really take that many men to hold down one man? What a shame, hit the weights.

      • Crystal

        Bryant….you think he would only say that becuase it’s his “ignorant prejudice, just becuase he’s black”? ( Your words ) How do you know that he’s isn’t black himself?! If anyting, maybe one could assume that YOU are the one who is prejudice becuase of what YOU wrote! Looks like you are just another person looking to throw the race card out there when it clearly has nothing to do with anything at all! The guy may be a vet, BUT he handled the matter all wrong….doesn’t matter if he was green, blue, white, black, yellow or striped, he handled it all worng, so COME OFF IT!

      • bj


    • derek

      Know what I am a veteran as well, and though I never “jumped on a grenade” to save a buddy, you dog gone right I obeyed orders, stayed “on station”, gave orders when neccessary, lived the life of a US sailor for twenty years, yes it was by choice as there’s still no draft…but for someone to say only those with traumatic war injuries from military service, those who “gave until it hurt” (or even killed them)are the only “heros” I say bull! I am fully aware I did not suffer nearly the amount of many service members, but the next time you think I or another service member are not heros, go back down to your local recruiters office, sign up, then get sent on 6-12 month deployment somewhere, away from friends, family, missing holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, eat whatever food is given you, sleep whenever you get available time and in whatever environment is available for such “sleep”, work as long as neccessary to fullfill the mission, be a supervisor, trainer, first aid provider, fitness leader, firefighter, etc. and then tell me that I did not accomplish anything heroic! Is that saying a cop that never took a bullet, or a firefighter that never suffered from smoke inhalation after years and years of service are not heroic, bull again, no one can predict their lifes outcomes, I’m sure ALL of God’s people are fully capable of both heroism and cowardice as well, herosim is not always brash, it may be rather quiet and restrained as well (though you might agree “I’m tooting my own horn” a bit here, nobody in the military gets too far in the ranks without learning “the ladders” as the civilian sector calls it, and such horn blowing is very apparent in the military as well). I know this vet was wrong for his actions, he should have called the crisis line, however I will attest that the VA is not exactly an easy organization to deal with, and can also say there are those that will bend over backwards to help a vet, and other VA reps that will diagnose someone as “perfectly normal” or “could not determine any detectable medical/mental causes for the vets reported “symptoms””, perhaps because it is easier to
      “push the vet through the system” as normal or only mildly injured, than to speak up about the real findings, this I have witnessed myself as well as several other vet friends, I am of course glad I am still alive and not a double amputee or quad, etc. as some vets. Have a nice day, and a fitting Memorial Day.

  • http://yahoo tom

    i am a viet nam vet,i had to go out one day and police up body parts from a fellow g.i. because he had blown himself up with a hand grenade over a poker game in which he lost $68.00 in,now why would some little ole thing like that bother a vet,i mean we’er just robots without any emotions “right???”

  • Dizmang

    Philip L you must be one of the lucky ones who the VA bends over backwards for, because my husband ( who has been diagnosed with PTSD), my father in law, and my father who are all veterans can not get the VA to help them at all. As a matter of fact my husband received a voice mail telling him that his doctor was out sick for an unspecified amount of time, not to come to his appointment and they would call him when his doctor was well enough to start seeing patients again.I find it sad that our veterans feel they have to lash out at others or self inflict injuries just to get help. I hope that everyone in this situation is okay and I hope that someone finally gets this veteran the help he needs and deserves!

  • Marlon Jackson

    It’s the thought that counts? No? Then maybe you all should journey through this nation’s history before you go passing labels!

  • http://cox Redmen

    His problem is he isn’t wealthy or he’d get help.!

  • Bob

    Why does the video project Jan. 17, 2000?

    • thebiek

      dumb camera

  • Sgt K

    Amanda Crum. You state in your “report” that virtually nothing is known for sure about this man. You don’t know if he is, in fact, a veteran. You don’t know if he suffers from PTSD (Soldiers aren’t the only ones affected by PTSD.) And you don’t know if he was on any sort of medication. In other words, you don’t know jack sh!t you ignorant nobody. But this doesn’t stop you from throwing out wild ass guesses does it? Why don’t you wait for a few facts to come out first? But no! Let’s just jump to asinine conclusions without a hint of proof. Let’s try to scare the public with fairy tales about all these ticking time bombs wandering aimlessly about the country just waiting to attack poor innocents. You make me sick. Can you, Amanda Crum, look yourself in the mirror at night? With the drivel that you post her you shouldn’t be able to. You should be ashamed about what you’ve done here. You owe all Veterans an apology.

  • Jason

    Obviously they were mishandling at least one case….his, he should have been locked up in a psych ward!

  • http://none Tim

    Ok so you want to sit there and say the whole,”well sometimes vet come back with problums mental or other wise” yes that is very true. But the problum I think your not talking about is the way they are sytemacticly ignored mistreated over looked cheated and overly used. As a news station you should no plenty about using veterans, I mean you guys love to show them after they get blown to piece’s in some far away land fighting to keep your college asses free, and you love to show them leaving and retuning home, ” oh were so proud of these great people, we love them so much.” But for some reason after our solders return home and get the crap-end-of the stick at the V.A,which has been happening for far to long, finaly this man walks in, a man who was willing to die for his country, who had probuly reached the end of his rope and he wants your help, so he can cast a light on the treatment he recieved for his effort as a solider, and what do you tell him ” take it up with the V.A”. So when it come’s to exploting these guy for all teir worth I bet your right on top of that, but puttimg his story out and helping the man that was just to much for ya. All I can say is this Kansas City news station can kiss my American ass , and your probuly lucky all he did was stabe a few of you. I would it have killed you to her the man out and maybe try and help a little, but instead all you can do is shove this guy aside and chalk it up to a mental disorder. F-YOU DUSHBAGS

  • Alex

    he’s black. Go figue

    • http://webpronews abdur raheem muhammad

      alex, maybe you should keep your biggoted remarks to your-self,you are nothing more than a low-life piece of shit, just as many white folk do the exact same thing if not worse, maybe you should try fighting for your country, it,s people like you that turn my stomach, get a life…

  • Patrick

    The sad fact is that when these soldiers were sent to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Military estimated how many would die (they have a special group that prepares the estimates). Unfortunately, not as many died as they had planned (or hoped), and they were not able to handle them when they came back.

    Sad, too many lived and now that’s a PROBLEM for the Veterans Administration.

  • JR

    From the DailyBeast…something to think about…

    “About 18 veterans kill themselves each day. Thousands from the current wars have already done so. In fact, the number of U.S. soldiers who have died by their own hand is now estimated to be greater than the number (6,460) who have died in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

  • Phil McKann

    The reporting on this story is dog crap. Paragraph two pontificates a personal opinion and loosely implies a connection, AND it has nothing to do with the story.

    As the station stated, if the man has an issue with the VA, he should take it up with the VA… not throw a chair through the window of a TV station, stab two people, and bite someone’s ear.

    Commenter #1 is an idiot. I hope someone complains to him about some random problem and then kicks him in the sack when he doesn’t magically make the person’s problem go away.

  • Phil McKann

    One last thing: Nothing in this story confirms that the cuckoo has PTSD. He could be a medical discharge that never left the country, for all we know. Stop all the hand-wringing.

  • Armysniper2448

    Did the Police see the footage at 1:27? Is that or is that not assault? That dude sneaked in a few “illegal” kicks don’t you think?

    • Armysniper2448

      I mean come on….. The man was already detained.

  • babbabuyee

    i’m not buying into this,the man next door to where i live was a sniper 30 some odd years ago,for real and all the trappings and he is as calm as they come. insecurity? perhaps there is some guilt involved in not being as bad as their mind tells them they should have been. think about it folks,if you knew what you were capable of and yet were back home in the world having faced it overseas,why would you need to be a lunatic? maybe you already were a lunatic before you went to the show. maybe it wasn’t the blood fest you were hoping for,maybe , you didnt get to impress the people you went to school with, and maybe your mommy and daddy lied about just how important you actually were to uncle sam……maybe.

  • J.M.


  • Alexander The Great

    Do the people who are condoning his actions and blaming everyone but him live near these violent people? Luckily none of those innocent men were killed, but their liberties were sure infringed upon. I really wish those that condone his behavior would just die please.