Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker Ink Multi-Million Dollar Nationwide Tour Deal With Theatrical Works Live

    July 30, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are obviously on the right track!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her new hubby have reportedly inked a hefty production deal with Theatrical Works Live.

The multi-million dollar deal will enable the “Fly Above” singer to take her hit stage play A Mother’s Love on the road.

On Wednesday, July 30 the Columbus, GA-based theater production company released an official statement announcing the partnership with the famed power couple.

Travis Steele, founder and CEO of Theatrical Works Live, will be the man behind the scenes helping to make the nationwide tour a success.

Burruss released a brief statement about the new partnership. She’s definitely excited about sharing her show with adoring fans all across the country.

“I’m excited to be able to partner with the amazing team at Theatrical Works Live to take ‘A Mother’s Love’ on the road,” said Burruss.

“We worked extremely hard on our initial run of the show in Atlanta, and to be able to take it on the road and share it with people across the United States, is a feeling that is beyond words.”

Steele also weighed in with a few words about the upcoming tour. “This is a huge opportunity for us and we are extremely excited about it,” said Steele. “Not only that, but we’re feeling the excitement from venues all across the country. We’re happy to help Kandi and Todd take their brand to the next level.”

The tour is scheduled to kick off September 4 in Columbus, GA. The 29-city tour will make stops in major metropolitan areas like Miami, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas before making its last stop in New York City.

Fans can check out Burruss’ official website for further details about specific show times and ticket purchases.

Image via Kandi Burruss, Facebook
Image via Kandi Burruss, Facebook

  • rewardtravels@hotmail.com

    What about H-Town??? We love Kandi Buress too

  • Bonicushead

    Not sure why Todd is so happy. Try reading your pre-nup again Todd. You gave up any financial consideration for any project pre-marriage (only odd because she wanted you to take on partner responsibilities, and you were paid a consultation fee), and you heard what comes next just as I and 1000s of other people heard, you gave up ALL FUTURE claims to endeavors that go forward AFTER the marriage. I’ve NEVER heard of that part of it before because ventures going forward as a legal couple are always shared to some degree, especially when your name is listed here several times along with hers, she expects you to do the same work you did before, and you gave away ALL rights to ALL monies made, save for any that you negotiate on your own behalf, with either the production company or with your wife…which is REALLY weird.
    Btw, you need to incorporate your name before you negotiate a contract with the prod. company. Otherwise you’re negotiating for your work product on her project…she gets all that money, even though it’s your contract for your work. But hey…you signed it.

    • n2lec

      Thank you for clarifying

      • n2lec

        Bonicushead, thank you for clarifying the issues related to the pre-nup signed by Todd. He was so strong early on in his relationship with Kandi; I was shocked when he went forward with signing the pre-nup against the legal advice of his own attorney. All I could say was, WOW!

    • tasha jones

      I though he gets 1/2 of future earnings, not what she already had. I thought that pre-nup was a lil one sided thou

    • Bird

      I also heard on the show that he earned half of the profit from the Mother’s Love Play. Kandi had to recoup all of the upfront cost and then she split the profit with him. I believe Todd stands to earn a lot of money from this endeavor per Kandi’s comments on WWHL and her wedding show.

    • Mercedes Carter De Ville

      I’m betting the contracts Todd and Kandi signed is sooo different from the pre-nup.
      This isn’t Kandi’s half-ass last minutes “stuff”, This is a big deal with more than Kandi a Joyce. I am so very happy for this “Power Couple”

    • EloiseM

      That’s what Bravo edited it to sound like. FUTURE endeavors done together Mr. Tucker get 50% of. Did you forget that this man knows this business and is smart enough to protect himself, his wife and his daughter/s? She did NOT meet him off the streets. Gesh!!!!

  • happyforyou

    I believe that kandi loves Todd and she knows that you reap what you sow so regardless of what was signed an what others say she will do theright thing. God bless this union and whatever they put their hands together to do.

    • Avis

      If anyone knows what it’s like to be cheated on a project, it’s Kandi with the “Don’t be Tardy for the Party” song recorded by Kim Zolciak. Kim tried to reap all the profits while giving zero to Kandi, who arranged the song and turned it into a catchy, popular tune. The dispute was never resolved and Kim has not been permitted to continue to sing the song publicly and make money off it. Kandi put a stop to that in court. Good for her. I hope she does the right thing by Todd, knowing first hand what it’s like to be ripped off.

  • ms anne

    why is everyone wanting this relationship to fail? these are two adults who can make their own decisions. they know how they feel about each other and I am sure that they can handle any thing good or bad that is thrown their way.

    • Bird

      Because money was at the forefront of their relationship all the time per Mama Joyce and others. Kandi gained a loving husband and Todd gained much more than love and that is why people were so skeptical about their relationship. I believe Todd loves Kandi, but the money definitely sweeetened the pot and he all but stated that on the show in so many words.

      • EloiseM

        And you believe Joyce? Shame on you!!!!

  • Alex Harris

    I’m just saying!Love goes a long way !People alway’s thinking about money and who got the most and bullshit!Well!Todd hit a multi-million dollar tour deal to match his wife Kandi equal Love without the bullshit!While his wife just now finding out Macon and Atlanta Georgia FBI been aid and abett,fugitives from justice,Federal felony kidnaping Alex Delance Antwain Harris For Ransom and more 2005-2014 and more,and more posted on her website!The United States Constitution is the FBI oath of office!Privacy and eavesdropping meaning everything the Victim Alex Delance Antwain Harris been posting on his sister(by our Father the LORD thy God /2 Corinthians 6-Hebrews 12 and our momma by Jesus is Lord /Matthew 12:49-50/matthew 7:21-24 Great Great Grandma Mrs.Mattie Mckenzie Gibson .a.k.a.Mudear) website just as well as Grandhustle Entertainment Records 2007-2012!macon Georgia and Atlanta georgia FBI been aid and abetting and morealso willing participates in federal felony kidnaping Alex Delance Antwain Harris For ransom and more!

  • MChantye

    Good for them. Hope mama Joyce eats her vicious words.

    • EloiseM

      I just hope her vicious mother stay out of the picture and off the screen period. Go live her life with that geriatric looking ex-pimp who is always at her side.

      • MChantye

        LOL, I hear ya!

  • Kay

    You may want to re-watch…Todd gets 1/2 of the tour. They were partners in the play.

    • Tasha Jones

      thats what I thought too.

  • marina

    Kandi is a business woman… and I admire her business acumen. She is also fair in her dealings with all, and has demonstrated this in all of her doings on the show, from “dont be tardy for the party” to Todd. I am sure she will be fair to Todd, but give the sister her props. If some of you rather be emotional than practical in your business dealings then so be it, but dont fault others who are more prudent in business matters.

  • lol!

    Kandi is a genius. She asked Todd to sign a pre-nup that left him with nothing if they divorce. This proved to her mom and everyone else that he is not a marrying her for her money. But as long as they are married he earns money fair and square on their mutual business endeavors. Problem solved! Smart lady!

    • LouGuy14

      Eactly, Todd will still b able to get proceeds from.anything after the marriage, everything kandi.earned b4 him.he.has.no claim to it, but anything they make now will b.a.definite split between the 2..

      • lol!

        I pray they stay together!

        • LouGuy14


        • EloiseM

          I do too. She really needs him to go to the next level in her business endeavors with stage plays. He knows the ends and out of the business. He is NO JOKE. So happy she recognizes that and has said so.

  • AB

    that is AWESOME!!! Good for the two of them…!

  • Kim Campbell

    Will Porsha be in it?

    • EloiseM

      I hope so. She is the ONLY reason I watch Dish nation. Too funny. Love her.

  • Joanne Dreger

    Todd gets something from a mothers love and Kandi is a decent person I can’t see her doing anything to Todd if anything happened with there marriage.They don’t look like the type that would go for blood .and I think they will have a strong marriage there not the ghetto type but then again a little ghetto came out of Kandi when she had that fight at ne ne’s party.i guess she showed them” your not gonna eff with me.lol”.

  • Miss M

    Congrats Kandi and Todd! Now take that Nene!!!

    • Alan Rubin

      Nene is nothing but a big mouth ghetto Orangutan. Kandi is a smart business woman who knows how to be fair and maybe a little bit ruthless in business, but she knows how to make money. She is definitely not stupid. I love the fact that she points out that she is always on a budget. Most importantly, her family is more important than money, which she has proven countless times.

    • EloiseM

      This is so uncalled for. What has Todd and Kandi’s success got to do with Nene? Nene is successfully going on about her merry way. No competition with them. Why try to create some?

  • EloiseM

    I am so happy this show is going on the road. Can’t wait to get tickets for the show. Congrats to Todd and Kandi.

  • Tee Tee

    Why Kandi is not using her married name?

  • Tee Tee

    These two I truely want to stay together they seem so in love.

  • TheBestPrinting

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    Multi-Million Dollar :)
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