Kandi Burruss: Of Phaedra Parks And Prenups


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If you are wondering if Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is crying into her pillow at night over the recent incarceration of husband Apollo Nida, then don’t.

According to castmate Kandi Burruss, she is putting on a brave face and is “doing just fine" despite being in the midst of scandal.

Hollywood Life got an exclusive word on the matter from Burruss, who is a good friend of Parks. The gossip site insists that if anyone knew the current state of mind of the RHOA star, it would be Burruss.

“She’s basically working”, said Burruss.

Burruss admitted that she understood how Parks felt, in that she too would throw herself into work when faced with stressful situations in life.

“I know that [Phaedra Parks is] promoting her book and doing the book tour and stuff like that and she’s not really trying to focus as much on what’s happening.”

Phaedra Parks’s husband Apollo Nida pled guilty to charges of bank fraud and identity theft. He was sentenced to eight years in jail on July 8th.

Though Nida hopes wife Parks will “stand by him”, he admits that “tomorrow’s not promised”.

Eight years is a long time and following the widely publicized scandal, it’s very possible that Parks may decide to move on.

As for friend Kandi Burruss, she recently tied the knot with beau Todd Tucker.

Some were skeptical about a wedding even happening since Burruss laid down one hell of a prenup. Eventually Tucker came around and the two lovebirds were married.

The turn of events left Burruss’s mother “Mama Joyce” out in the cold. The Real Houswives star recently admitted that though the prenup nightmare is now behind her, sadly she and her mother are currently estranged and not speaking to each other.

Apparently Burruss’s mother does not like or approve of Tucker or his family.

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