Justin Bieber’s Fans Send Hate Tweets To Stripper

    October 22, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Justin Bieber has acquired quite a loyal fanbase over the years; many of them didn’t care much for his relationship with Selena Gomez, so naturally they’re not going to appreciate a stripper talking about her time with him.

Bieber, who was at a Texas strip club recently with boxer Floyd Mayweather, dropped plenty of cash on a dancer named Diamond, and she has the Twitpics to prove it. The dancer wasn’t shy about tweeting during her time with the superstars and said that although she’s performed for several celebrities before, Bieber was the first to make her nervous.

“I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock,” she tweeted.

Of course, this started a long chain of conversations questioning Diamond’s talent, personal appearance, and slut factor, and none other than Perez Hilton chimed in.

  • Interesting

    The same deranged fans that love Bieber are the same deranged fans that used to love Miley Cyrus. America by far is the most messed up country in the world. By far.

    Funny thing is that we think we aren’t. The rest of the world knows though.