Justin Bieber Wreaks Havoc At Hometown Walmart

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - April 6, 2014

Justin Bieber has clearly traded his good guy image for a bad boy one and seems to be doing everything he can to show the world that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. While he has been in trouble with the law on several occasions over the last few months, his attitude is his biggest problem.

The singer and his entourage were recently visiting a Walmart store in Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, when they decided to start annoying the other customers and causing a big scene. Several other shoppers witnessed the grown men acting like children as they bounced balls up and down the store aisles, opened packages of food inside the store and even shined flashlights in children’s eyes.

Mike Malcho was one of the other shoppers who witnessed Justin’s bad behavior and said that although he was previously a fan of Bieber, he was glad that he got a chance to tell him off in the store and will no longer be supporting him.

He posted on Facebook, “Justin shame on u…..ya know from get go I supported ur ass…Always saying he’s a kid…Money has got to him he will find his way back….on and on….U disgust me….Yes I am happy I told u exactly what I thought of u…u and ur 30 goons.”

“I cannot believe they allow u to behave that way and r right beside u doing it….Waltz into Walmart last night and low and behold Mr Bieber not only being a little p***k to young girls by shining flash lights in there face.”

Many people believe that Justin’s fame and money have gone to his head and caused him to act out so badly. Others blame his new entourage, which seems to grow larger every day.

Why do you think Justin Bieber has started acting so badly and getting into so much trouble?

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  • William Cochran

    Nice lipstick, Justine!


    Blame the parents.

  • http://www.spongesickleaddicts.com Jonathan Rhea

    In the words of my 8 year old dachshund mix, “he’s a poop head.”

  • Dan Gregory

    She probably didn’t mean any harm,lmfao.

  • Tom Fox

    Woulda been the golden chance for an average Joe Everyman to deck the kid.

    • bdickiedo

      amen tom….. if that had been my kid. he would have been out . and shame on Wal-Mart’s staff. he should have been banned from the store .!!! Sam wouldn’t have that for a min…

    • mrbrockpeters

      Maybe, but sadly Justin’s lawyers would see to it that Joe Everyman pays through the nose.

      But, boy, what thrill that would be. Doing what millions of people around the world dream of doing. You’d figure that you’d get major support worldwide.

      • emncaity

        Yup — in the form of a big pile of cash for a defense fund. I’d contribute.

        • mrbrockpeters

          Me too.

  • $33162158

    Just like Amanda Bynes, whatever programmed demons in which ever mind-control program he’s under – have to come out. He’s got a lot of dough and fame for giving up being non-demonically controlled.

    And how do you think he went from some Canadian nobody on YouTube to hanging out with Lebron. He was talented. Yeah right. That’s all you need to work in the Satanic Foreign Bank-run music industry. He’s probably trying to forget how many times he had to have sex with Quincy Jones and Kanye and his way of lashing out is going back to act like he’s 12 again.

    People who are sexually abused whether raped or part of some rituals (like all in the major music industry have to go through in order to be high up in the music industry) always regress back to childlike behavior. Heck, he might be walking down 5th Ave. sucking his thumb in a diaper by summertime. Who knows.

    These are the people that sweep young girls off their feet (whether at concerts or listening to their I-PODS in their living quarters) and sway a generation. What a commentary on the young people now.

    I think back to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding who didn’t sign their name in blood or sign to give their total life away to the industry and how they were murdered for making that decision. Whether it was called a lovers quarrel for one or an “accidental” boating accident for the other they were killed for the industry. People who support this industry and their puppets they call “artists” need to know that all these artists are f’ed up in the head, body and soul. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be demon-possessed millionaires with egos bigger than the state of Texas and intelligence lower than the kiddie pool at the local municipal park.

    • Lisa

      …sniff much glue as a kid?

    • Boy Belieber

      How fucking insane are you? Did you forget to take you meds dude????

    • KiKee

      You are not talking from personal experience, do you ??? In any case though – you need help desperately, it seems…

    • jason

      Soooo what you’re saying is he got raped by Kanye a bunch of times?

    • Haha, really?

      Or he could just be a spoilt, selfish asshole. That’s also a possibility. But sure, let’s go with the worldwide rape conspiracy. That’s super plausible.

  • vivavegas1988

    Justin just needs to go because I’m sick of hearing about him. Another thing I’m sick of is people comparing him to Michael Jackson, I mean ya Michael Jackson has died but that doesn’t mean Justin is going to take his place and if it does he’s no better plus he doesn’t have a very good rap sheet

    • what the hell are you saying??

      Who compares him to michael jackson??? wtf, I never heard this.

  • Nosmo King

    I think it has something to do with the fact he is a eunich.

  • Matthew P

    Because his so called “role models” have convinced him that he is invincible. Someone probably told him that he can have anything he wants and do anything he wants and because we was immature when he achieved super stardom, he didn’t know how to process that and he took it to heart. He will come to his own realizations when he is a total washout, with no more money and everyone that were his friends have now turned their back on him.

  • elizabeth brooks

    Kid needs a major wakeup call but the authorities keep letting him off the hook. I guess if someone gets hurt or dies due to his antics that will end it. I hate this little creep.

  • Lisa

    Hey Justin….just sit down and shut up for a while. Seriously.

  • robert lyon

    Maybe now I can have Selena

  • xavier

    He looks like a chick

  • Ivan Put

    Apple dumpling gang reject

  • charsis

    Someone needs to commit for a period of time. Wait till he really breaks the law and
    the judge throws book at him, It just might help.

  • Ariana

    Not taking up for him at all, but I have seen my “kids” – my daughters and their friends, and their cousins – all in the 17-21 age range, so into Wal-mart and act such a fool that I could hear them all the way across the store. They would put stuff in other people’s carts, make “fun” interactions with elderly people -which I’m sure they didn’t see as “fun” but as disrespectful” and so on. Basically acting like Bieber, only they didn’t have an entourage of “goons”, just an intimidating group of stupid young people. So again, I’m not taking up for Biebs, cause I know most kids don’t act like that, but just saying he’s not the only ridiculous acting young person that acts like that. Kids (I know he’s not considered a kid – but ever thought to think maybe he acted more grown when he WAS a kid than many adults we know?) these days think Wal-mart is their place to be social, and in many places it is. You’ve outgrown the skating rink, you’re not in school anymore, work is work, and so on. But the management at Wal-mart should have stopped the behavior. I knew understood how my young people got away with what they did, and I did not approve at all. They were too old to control, and I refused to walk the store with them. I even told on them and asked the managers on duty to stop them. It would work. For a minute.

    • KiKee

      Then they need some kind of reality check, too. There have to be consequences for such behavior. I’d not let my girls get away with acting rude and disrespectful – and they know it !

  • Lucia Haase

    That kid’s got serious problems…

  • jmcom111

    Think he tries to act bad because he looks like a little girl? What a comic act with no talent but a huge ego.
    Wait! Looks like miley cyrus’ sister!

  • Lucia Haase

    Henry Chickenhawk better settle down there…lol

  • mazzie54az

    I think he is spoiled and most likely a drug addict. when using drugs…people lose their conscience and all regard for people. They act out in bizarre and obnoxious ways and that I what he keeps on doing in public. I also think his father is part of the problem as he does not want to hold his son accountable and his mom appears to have lowered her standards as well in raising him so he could have lots of money and fame.

  • mazzie54az

    I also blame the walmart store for allowing this to happen. Doesn’t anyone in the store have the guts to tell him NO!!!

  • Flano

    He will be dead before he is 30…….No where else for him to go but down now!!!!!

  • Carol Campbell

    I’m starting to think this young man may be mentally unstable. This is the age when schizophrenia hits those it’s going to hit. Look at Amanda, that’s what happened to her.

  • who cares

    Why even give him the attention it just fuels his stupid ass behavior! Ignore the little puke!

    • Mello

      My thoughts EXACTLY!!! #JustinWho?

  • bgndrmn

    WTF………who really cares abouot that idiot???

  • Doug Walshe

    They ALL need to go back to Canada. We don’t need them or want them.

  • scandalous7

    when justin goes down (and he will) those goons will not be goin down with him. These boys aint loyal.

  • abc123

    He’s in Canada now and he’s their problem. Just need to make sure he doesn’t get back into the US

  • jason

    i can’t stand looking at him, he is so gay

  • snowrose

    1) Dad’s encouraging him. 2) The gang is encouraging him. Justin, no matter how much you carry on ‘you nevah gonna be a member of them guys ‘hood’. They’re just using you until you wise up and aren’t entertaining anymore.

  • valentinelady65

    Only Justin knows what is really happening to him and only he can decide to respect himself and others.

  • Rosalie Trujillo


  • Betty Peters

    I think Justin knows exactly what he’s doing and he thinks he’s invincible because he has money. A judge needs to put his money and belongings under a conservatorship (and not with his parents) and put Justin into a treatment center of sorts to figure out what is wrong with him. Do not let him have his belongings back until he can act like an adult. His posse needs to find someone else they can cling to. This kid needs to do some serious growing up.

  • Brody Kalbrier

    This was bound to happen, people have seen him acting this way since he gained greater fame. Don’t only blame the parents for doing a crap job but blame the rest of society for standing by and allowing him to do this. If he keeps acting like this (and he probably will) he is going to be deported. Although that would probably to him and the rest of us good.

  • FAhQBeiber

    As long as we keep allowing him to stay here, thats as long as this Fah King, Little Schit will continue on being a Fah King Little Schit. He needs him mommies nipple again. Deport that GAY Boob, he’s breathing our air. IS HE GAY? Lip Stick, Eye Brows, Necklace, Earrings, and Chin too high. STOP BREATHING OUR AIR!

  • Boy Belieber

    Do you haters ever STFU?? Seriously JB isn’t his fault plus im sure he paid for anything they opened up. Plus the face hr is only 20yrs old and is force to grow up in front of the whole world with paparazzi always being around him invading his privacy. He is very young he has the right to act out. Plus most of you haters are just jealous so get a life.

    • Legendary Trolly

      You do realize that the guy who told him off, USED to feel the same way that you feel? He was taking up for Bieber until he met him personally.

      • Boy Belieber

        Yes i do realize that. I read the whole article wise ass. I’m talking about all thses haters in the comment section moron.

        • KiKee

          you sound like you are on the same intellectual level than your idol … lol

          • Boy Belieber

            No comment.

        • Legendary Trolly

          So what do you think? Do you think that if you met him and he was having a wild day, that you would say the same things that the guy in the article said?

          • Boy Belieber

            Nope i would not of said anything. Plus hbu STFU WISE ASS.

          • Legendary Trolly

            Im not asking if you would have confronted him. Im just saying would you have stopped dickriding him? Or would you pretend like he was just being young? I like Bieber, I dont care about his personal life but this kid is washed up teen star. His music flopped and his movie flopped. His music is still good but it doesnt matter. Everyone makes good music. Even if he makes good music, his time is up.

  • Derk

    I feel like people will believe anything he does. If he does something bad, no one questions the authenticity of it and when he does something good, everyone’s like “He’s just doing it for publicity.” Like stfu, there’s no pleasing people who don’t have lives and are constantly filled with hate.

  • mARK f

    Justin “BELEAGUER”

  • FahQBeiber

    Deport this LIttle Schit! HE’S BREATHING OUR AIR! As long as we keep allowing this Little Schit to remain here, the Little Schit Head will continue to wreak Havoc. GET OF YOUR MA MA’S NIPPLE AND BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE. YOU’VE GOT YOUR CHIN TOO HIGH UP IN THE AIR. NICE MAKUP TOO. Why isn’t this little SChit GONE. HE’S BREATHING OUR AIR!

    • scott

      I’m sick of him and his shit. Throw the little fucker in jail for 20 or 30 years

    • bud

      are you jealous of the beaver
      or is it a lack there-of
      this guys a little bit pervy if you ask me

      • guest

        come on back home
        you don’t belong here

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • FahQBeiber


  • FahQBeiber


  • Dina

    Hes not a bad boy, hes a douchebag.

  • Ramblin2

    Sorry JB but that picture of you above this article, you look so much like a girl (no disrespect to girls).

  • Linda

    he definitely needs an attitude adjustment!!!

  • mrbrockpeters

    Well kids, you supported this piece of

    and this is how he repays your loyalty.

    Look on your golden calfe, and reap what you sow. He doesn’t care about you.

  • katc

    This is just so sad. He really is a talented kid, and he earned his fame and fortune. The main problems seem to be that he is under so much pressure, is heavily influenced and encouraged to do whatever he feels like by his new entourage, isn’t as protected by his Mom now, and he has given in to the easy access to drugs as so many famous people tend to do. I’m also guessing that his relationship, and break up, with Selena Gomez has played a major role in him going off the deep end as well. Really, if he would just get out of the lime light for awhile, focus on getting his life together, decide what is really important, and the biggest help of all will be to pray to the Lord for help and guidance…he can have a chance at real happiness.

  • LisOp

    Fame & money and the fact everyone allows him to do anything, and lets him become this way.

  • Ashley Price

    justin b is an jackass for doing what he did in the end he will be one hit wonder very soon

  • Luther Ham Jr

    who cares: he’s gonna crash and burn in due time…. the generation of Lost parentless no disapline children will do their selves in.!.

  • Sendejo

    I hated Justin beiber as a tween girl heartthrob with his corny serenades and terrible tweeny tunes …. now I hate him even more because of the fact that he makes this soft lame music yet tries to be a bad boy and act like an a hole because he thinks it makes him hard core when he is really a soft Canadian punk. if I were a rapper, the first thing I would do is get on the mic and tear him up lyrically, put him on blast in front of the world. .. then when he threatens me I will fight him and beat him to a pulp, mess up that pretty boy face of his so no tween girl will ever scream and get wet over him again.