Justin Bieber Is Terrorizing A New Neighborhood


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Justin Bieber just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Earlier this year he was accused of egging his neighbor's home and charged with vandalism.

Bieber moved out of the neighborhood for what everyone hoped was a fresh start, but it looks like he is causing just as much trouble in his new neighborhood.

Police have been called to Bieber’s condo six times in the last two days.

His neighbors are constantly complaining about his partying and demanding that something be done about it.

Neighbors have complained of loud music that lasts until morning, loud party guests coming and going from the complex and a variety of other party-related problems.

"He's causing a lot of nuisance," said one of Bieber’s neighbors. "Four in the morning, he has music pounding."

Bieber was not cited for any of the complaints, but was given warnings by the cops. It’s only a matter of time before Bieber is cited for the complaints and if he is caught doing anything illegal, he could get in trouble for a probation violation.

It is also rumored that the police told Bieber's neighbors that they can place him under citizen's arrest if he continues to party.

The singer is already on probation for the vandalism of his neighbors home earlier this year.

Over the last few months Bieber has made more trouble than music. After he plead no contest to the vandalism charges, he was ordered to two years of probation and to pay $80,900 in restitution to the neighbor.

He has also been in trouble for drinking and driving, street racing and assaulting a limousine driver. Even though Bieber has said that he plans to get his act together, it doesn’t seem like he is trying very hard.

What do you think of Bieber’s misconduct?

Image via Wikimedia Commons