Jurassic Park 4: Leaked Raptor Pic Generates Buzz

    July 12, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Let’s face it: The Jurassic Park franchise took a turn for the terrible.

And a comeback would not be aided by all the terrible CGI effects that have become the standard since we were first dazzled by the very first Jurassic Park back in the nineties.

In addition to ground-breaking effects, the movie also featured man-made dinosaurs, powerful and terrifying puppets. These realistic dinosaur creations gave us a more accurate picture than we probably ever wanted of the damage that dinosaurs could inflict back when they ruled the world.

The sensation of wonder is one that director Colin Trevorrow is hoping to recapture with Jurassic World, the fourth Jurassic Park movie.

Though much of the movie has been kept under wraps, a recent image supposedly leaked from the set of the new movie has got movie fans buzzing.

The image features what appears to be a velociraptor wearing a metallic muzzle. The detailing is phenomenal and it’s insisted that the dino is NOT the result of CGI.

It’s been speculated that the “muzzle” is meant to hold the raptor in place and protect the creation from damage. Others think that the muzzle may have something to do with the plot.

Those responding to the hype generated by the leaked image will have to wait awhile before finding out which theory is true.

This image would represent but a small glimpse into the world of the latest movie. If the leaked picture is genuine, it signals that Trevorrow may have achieved a “back to basics” effect after all.

Fans of the Jurassic Park franchise are expected to get a more detailed look at the upcoming movie at the San Diego Comic Con. There is already some talk that a raptor of some sort just might make an appearance.

Comic Con aside, make sure June 12th, 2015 is marked on your calendars; that’s the day Jurassic World is scheduled to hit theaters.

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  • kmandingo

    Um, big deal. This franchise is played out. Spielberg is almost as pathetic as Legendary Pictures who have the same theme in every movie they make. Can we move on to better stuff by now, produced, written and directed by heterosexuals who don’t feel that every movie family has to be dysfunctional or be saddled with one parent?

    • RGame

      Weird, weird post. First time I’ve seen a picture of a dinosaur provoke homophobia. But, hey, it’s the Inernet.

    • Jeremiah Newman

      Who the hell are you? What have you ever done in the entertainment world that is so significant? Go away! You suck and big time!

  • dude

    Anyone else see the triforce in the background?

  • RGame

    After reading this, and hearing about how the new Star Wars is supposed to have a lot more physical sets, I’m cautiously optimistic that the CG-saturated near-cartoon phase of movies may be ending.

    • Jg3000

      No, CG is a enhancement tool. If you remember the first Jurassic park was the first movie to use CG. But they also used animatronics and puppets. Biggest problem with CG is when they don’t bother to blend it into the background. Or waste money trying to animate blood. It just looks bad. Or when they animate something as stupid as a dog, when they just could of brought in a real dog. Mixing old school and new school techniques makes everything feel more real.

  • gator

    dingo the dik wad

  • Tater

    They should have some lesbian dinosaurs with mad cow disease and they would all be looking for Rosie O’Donnell so they could eat her and rid the planet of such a pathetic creature.