Jurassic Park 4 is Now Jurassic World

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We officially have a name and a time to put with the rumors about the fourth version of Jurassic Park. With a just-off-the-mint title, Jurassic World, the movie was actually pushed back from 2014 to a June 12, 2015, opening.

Many believe naming the film Jurassic adds momentum to the rumors that the film returns to Isla Nubar, the site of the original Jurassic Park, and could present a story in which the dinosaur theme park is actually up and running. Expect to see at least one new dinosaur in the movie, now being directed by Colin Treveorrow, who is responsible for sci-fi indie Safety Not Guaranteed. It will be produced by Steven Speilberg, who, of course, directed the first two installments in 1993 and 1997. The third came out in 2001.

We know the film WILL be 3-D, but little else is known about casting or other details. Can't wait to take the kiddies for some 3-D T-Rex action! They'll be two years older by then, maybe they won't have nightmares?

Here's a little walk down memory lane to get you hyped for Jurassic World:

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