Julianne Hough Returns to Judge ‘Dancing with the Stars’

    April 8, 2014
    Shana Norris
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Julianne Hough returned to Dancing with the Stars Monday night when she sat on the judges’ panel of the show’s “Switch Up” episode.

Hough joined Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli to judge switched up dancing pairs.

Hough caused ripples on DWTS last season when she appeared as a guest judge in week four. In her critique of pro dancer Mark Ballas and his partner Christina Milian, Hough cautioned Milian against remaining in the background, saying that Ballas can tend to overshadow his partners.

Ballas, who had choreographed the dance, was reportedly miffed by Hough’s critique.

Some fans speculated that Hough’s comments had contributed to Milian’s elimination the following week.

“You can always count on me to tell the truth,” Hough said prior to Monday night’s show. “It’s all about making comments that whoever the dancer or celebrity is, they can be better for next week. There’s never any harsh criticism just because I want to be harsh, that’s not my nature or my character.”

Hough admitted that sometimes critiques can come off as harsher than the judge intends.

“You go in trying to give constructive criticism, but when the nerves get to you, you sometimes put your foot in your mouth, which I have done in the past. So this is my do-over,” she said, admitting that when it came to critiquing Ballas and Milian, she “could have probably said it a little differently.”

Hough is no stranger to the DWTS contestant perspective, having been one herself in past seasons. She and Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno won season four. She followed that up with a season five win, partnering with Brazilian race car driver Hélio Castroneves. Hough competed in seasons six through eight but was unable to achieve another win.

Hough and her brother Derek are currently preparing for their 42-city Move Live on Tour show. Derek is a professional dancer and DWTS alum. He’s won five seasons of the show and is currently partnered with paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy.

Image via Julianne Hough, Instagram

  • Sara James

    Movie roles dried up…

  • Chelsey Chesapeake

    She’s very hot.

    • Jan

      She certainly agrees with you.

  • John

    Stick to dancing Julianne. You make a very lousy judge!

  • joanie

    Hopefully she won’t be back on the show as a judge nor as a dancer. Narcissistic is the only word to describe her, other than rude perhaps.

  • Kathleen Warner

    I thought her comments to Max were brutal and insulting, and patronizing to most of the rest. She has been back twice and she seems to think she’s been appointed the Queen of all dancers. Last time she accused Mark of “hogging the attention” and this time her victim was Max. I don’t know what dance she was watching but it wasn’t the one I was. I really hope they never have her back. I don’t have a Twitter account but I understand that her stock is rapidly falling in the twitterverse.

    • Rose

      I agree with everything you posted. I think your onto something she was not watching the same show we were watching. If she had she would have been compelled to be brutally honest about Derek and Nene’s routine. I still cannot believe it-what a mess? The costumes and routine were unbelievable. Talk about “overdancing” Derek should win that DWTS contest. There would be no controversy over that decision.

      • susanjlamia

        i agree.

  • Tony Ventana

    Outstanding talent! Terrific body and physical abilities! Needs to lighten up on lesser beings, though!

    • Jan

      Smart people don’t paint their face black on Halloween or create feuds every time she goes back to the show that made her famous.

      • Tony Ventana

        Never mentioned her IQ or her interpersonal skills. For obvious reasons. She might kick her shoes off under my bed anytime, though.

  • JCJ Bike

    I think this Hough girl is cute, but I don’t know why she is a “celebrity.” Is she dating someone with power?

    • Jan

      I think those years with Ryan Seacrest were for her like the many women that date George Clooney.

  • Jan

    Julianne and her brother think they own DWTS. I really loved this new season and like the upbeat vibe that Erin Andrews bring. Julianne cast a very negative spell on the show last night. I hope Maks wins for once. DWTS always gives Derek the most popular celebrity.

    • Marsha Zee

      I agree Julianne was not kind to Maks!! Even thought he has never won, I think he is one of the Best Dancer’s on the show and I think the judges always has and always will be tough on Max. Julianne and Derek both think they are all that!!! I, too, hope Max will win this season. Please stay on the show regardless Max. The show needs you!!!!

      • Rose

        I agree wholeheartedly Jan and Marsha. Derek always seems to get the dancer with the biggest fan base popularity.I have watched this show from the beginning. How is it that Maks has never won? I hope he wins this year, it has been long overdue.

        • Kathleen J.

          I think James and Peta will take the mirror ball this year.

          • Rose

            Probably right.

    • susanjlamia

      derek does own it.he is a great choreographer and dancer or he would not get so many votes.hate erin andrews.bring brooke back.

  • Phyllis Sandra

    I have always been a die hard fan of Julianne…until now. She got very personal
    in her comments most especially to Maks. That is not what the judge’s job is….how
    would she feel if she were on the other end of her comments. To make such
    cutting statements…Maks has never been guilty of “phoning” anything in. I just
    read his comments & I have to say…..he is a classsy guy. Sorry Julianne, but you
    should stay out of the judge’s chair….the regular judges have never been so
    personally harsh….they try to help the dancer’s so they understand how they can
    improve. I would not ever watch a show that would deliberately embarass people
    that work so hard & perform on t.v. & millions of people ….many of them way out
    of their comfort zone. Please don’t come back anymore to judge!!!

  • susanjlamia

    you were a nasty host.please don’t do it again.leave max alone we love him.

  • cgrclyn

    Julianne does not qualify as a Judge. Leave Max alone, he is a great dancer. .DWTS, please do not have her on again. She needs to choose her clothing with
    dignity. She does not have enogh in the chest area to wear a revealing dress like that.