Juliana Redding: Actress Murdered By Female “James Bond”?

    October 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Juliana Redding was a model and aspiring actress, appearing briefly in the 2005 film “Kathy T” and gracing the pages of Maxim before she was strangled to death in 2008. Now, new evidence has come to light that seems to suggest she was killed by a woman, who is nicknamed “James Bond” for her strong-arming ways.

After a business deal between Redding’s father and a Lebanese physician, Munir Uwaydah, went sour, Uwaydah allegedly sent Kelly Soo Park–on the books as his real estate agent and financial assistant–to Redding’s home to “threaten and intimidate” her. Forensic evidence ties Park to Redding’s home, but she has pleaded not guilty to the crime of murdering the young model.

“[Park] has committed other distinctive acts of misconduct against similar victims under similar circumstances which exhibit common features of threats, intimidation and bullying for the purpose of assisting Dr. Uwaydah’s business interests,” reads a motion filed by prosecutors.

As for Uwaydah–who briefly dated Redding–he claims he sent Park to Redding’s home, but not with the intent to see her killed. He has relocated out of the country, supposedly to Lebanon.

Image: Maxim Magazine

  • Chicklet

    Kelly Soo Park is one of those nasty, aggressive Korean girls – the evidence points towards her guilt.

    • Bro

      What do you mean by ‘one of the’ nasty, aggressive Korean girls? See, people like you are the ones that make other country look like a jumbled trashcan

  • Lebanese Rabid Dog

    NEVER ever date Middle Eastern men. They are masochistic male chauvinist pigs who will kill you if you reject them or break up with them. Keep them the hell out of the U.S. RIP Juliana. This is so tragic.

  • Lebanese Rabid Dog

    EXTRADITE Munir Uwaydah back to the U.S. for a trial. Why is he getting away with murder? He PAID these 2 numbskulls to rub her out. He was a jealous and vengeful pos.