Judge Joe Brown, Recently Jailed, Running for Office

    May 8, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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The man who helmed a popular TV court show for 15 seasons is now running for office. But could he be up against his worst challenge yet?

Judge Joe Brown, the man whose namesake show gave him the opportunity to dispense justice in his own style, sometimes sitting on top of his bench.

Brown had formerly been a prosecutor in Memphis, Tennessee. In fact, he was the first African-American prosecutor in that city. He later became a judge on the State Criminal Court of Shelby County, Tennessee.

Brown was thrust into the national spotlight when James Earl Ray, the man who killed Martin Luther King, Jr. was filing the last of his appeals. The investigation was re-opened in the case. Judge Brown was presiding, but was removed due to some statements he had made about the murder weapon that led some to believe that he would not be an impartial judge.

But during this time, he was spotted by the producers of the Judge Judy program, a show that has run 18 seasons.

Brown was whisked away to head his own court TV show. But his show was canceled in 2013. Now Judge Brown is running for the of District Attorney back in Shelby County, Tennessee, picking up his judicial career where it left off, it would seem.

But something else has happened in the short time since his walking off the set of his show.

Judge Joe Brown was arrested.

In a scene that was as ironic as anything before, urge Joe Brown was jailed for contempt of court. At the time, he was in the court helping a client in a child support case. Judge Brown says the hearing went ridiculously sideways and he got angry.

Brown was charged with contempt of court, arrested, and sentenced to five days in jail.

The question is, will the citizens of Memphis care that their D.A. has been to jail himself? Or will they see it Joe’s way, that his opponent set this up to try to beat him in the race?

His opponent in the D.A. race, Amy Weirich, made hay with the incident herself, “That sort of disrespectful circus stunt may get Hollywood ratings, but this is real life and real people, and Joe Brown knows better. He should be ashamed of himself.”

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  • me overhere

    let’s praise Judge Joe Brown for standing up to the corruption of the courtrooms nationwide. There is “No Justice” it is all about the politics of the people, the old know who, and the stage of the court room. The law has become perverted justice,
    For a man to have courage and knowledge in his heart WE NEED HIM not only for his case, the DA’S office but as example for the system at large.
    If we don’t change the United States as a whole, take out the Bars, wipe out membership for Attorney’s, prosecute these criminals in robes and suits as they should be, the criminals they are.. Membership protects them and the State Bars are not Government, there are very few punishments short of murder and then maybe not also if you know the right people.
    Let’s bow are heads in praise respect of Judge Joe Brown he did the moral right for us all.. (hopefully)

  • comanchemoon

    I’d be mad too. If this judge had no legal ability to have Judge brown arrested then yeah definitely, I’d be mad. If he can prove that his opponent’s nephew had a hand in the whole thing well then that would be the end of his opponent’s run. Ive seen lawyers and judges both get wound up in court and in his case Judge brown had a right to. I’d be ticked if I saw someone’s own lawyer screwing em over too. He was in the right. The judge who saw him, not so much. I hope Judge brown’s able to clean up the jurisdiction again like he did years ago. Good luck Joe :)