Jose Canseco Hired To Write For Vice, Talks Gun Control

    August 2, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jose Canseco has never been known as a guy who holds his tongue. He’s loud, he’s brash, and he writes things the way he thinks them. Unfortunately, he’s seen by many as a heavily-muscled jock with not much between the ears.

So when Vice Magazine announced they were hiring him to write a weekly column, people laughed. And Jose came back on Twitter with, “You clowns forget I am a two-time best selling author. How many people can say that?”

Touche, Mr. Canseco.

At any rate, his first article is sure to draw some controversy no matter what people think of his writing style, because in it, he talks about gun control, the Aurora shootings, and whether or not James Holmes would have made it out of the theater alive had his victims been armed.

I truly believe, aggressively, that we have the right to bear arms. We should be able to carry guns to protect ourselves. Period. The funny thing is I don’t own any guns,” he continues, “but I would love to have a few—an Uzi and a street sweeper and a machine gun, maybe. I’d love to be able to carry a 9mm on me in a holster and just walk around. That’d be great. But you can’t in California, the state in which I live. And that’s bogus.

Canseco’s column–called “Jose Can Say So”–will run every Monday, so be sure to check in and find out what he has to say. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  • jeff

    “Jose Canseco has never been known as a guy who holds his tongue.” Right, but the bigger problem is, he’s certainly not known as a guy that’s ever held a pencil, either.

  • lol jose

    What’s he need all those guns for? Someone not packing much in his pants?

  • Jason Dean

    That shirt is horrifying

  • rhirt

    He’s got the guts and passion, when well, properly oriented, guided for the universal good, can eloquent grievances for the defenseless, weak, downtrodden, the manipulated and exploited.

  • Jon

    I totally agree that’s why it’s called Commie California. Just think if someone had a CCW in that theater it would of turned out differently. Mayor Bloomberg has jumped on the wagon and wants to take away all our guns. Glad u voiced your opinion and go out and buy a gun!!