JonBenet Ramsey: Grand Jury Voted For Indictment

    September 19, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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JonBenet Ramsey, who was six years old when she was found dead in the basement of her home in 1996, captivated the world with her beauty-queen smile and heartbreaking story. Her parents, Patsy and John, were the first suspects in the case even though they’d reported JonBenet missing hours earlier and said they had found a ransom note in their home. Ultimately, they were cleared of any wrongdoing, but a story reported in an issue of Daily Camera earlier this year said that the grand jury actually voted to indict the parents on charges of child abuse resulting in death, but that it was ultimately never brought to light because District Attorney Alex Hunter refused to sign it. Now, the reporter who wrote the story–Charlie Brennan–is working with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press in a lawsuit against new Boulder DA Stan Garnett to get the indictment released.

“The plaintiffs believe… that the indictment is a criminal justice record that reflects official action by the grand jury, and accordingly that it is subject to mandatory disclosure upon request,” attorney Thomas B. Kelley wrote in the lawsuit. “Alternatively, they argue the indictment should be disclosed to the public because such disclosure would serve the public interest in government transparency and not be contrary to the public interest nor cause undue adverse effect upon the privacy of the individual.”

It doesn’t look good for Brennan, however, as Garnett has already rejected the plea for the indictment to be made public twice.

“We will respond to the motion in a pleading in court,” Garnett said Wednesday. “Protecting the integrity of the grand jury process is important to every district attorney.”

Members of the Grand Jury told Brennan that former DA Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment because of a lack of evidence.

“I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time,” Hunter said.

The jury felt differently, however.

“This grand jury, in effect, came up with a compromise finding, ‘No, it’s not murder,’ but, ‘Yes, we think they were responsible’ for the death based on abuse,” ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams said.

Patsy Ramsey died in 2006 of ovarian cancer; John reportedly lives in Atlanta. Both were exonerated in 2008 of any wrongdoing in JonBenet’s death.

Image: JonBenet Ramsey, Wikimedia Commons

  • myri

    The parents killed JonBenet.

    • Kathleen Peters

      Why would the parents do that? What would it gain them?

      • John

        Only they/him/her would know that. However, would the killer take the time to write a ransom note that would have done absolutely no good in the first place? The little girl was dead already and left in her own home. What did the killer have to bargain with? Also, remember 3 of the family members were in the house when all of this would down. Would the killer take the time to write a note on a machine that would absolutely do no good to him and then take the time to put it back up in a closet before making his escape?

    • LaCelle Howard

      I think the parents were covering up that their son killed her. He was 8, and I have known diabolic 8 year olds and that age is capable of some pretty horrific stuff.

      • Gilbert Roeper

        Yeah…my 8 year old grandson does some horrific stuff…lots of potty talk, lots of farting….send him to the electric chair for that….I don’t discount that the son could have killed his sister, but you act like it’s common.

        • LaCelle Howard

          No, it’s not common, but that age understands what is right and wrong and doesn’t care, that’s why you see the torturing of small animals begin around that age.

    • Gilbert Roeper

      Why? What was in it for them?

      • John

        Only they/him/her would know that. However, would the killer take the time to write a ransom note that would have done absolutely no good in the first place? The little girl was dead already and left in her own home. What did the killer have to bargain with? Also, remember 3 of the family members were in the house when all of this would down. Would the killer take the time to write a note on a machine that would absolutely do no good to him and then take the time to put it back up in a closet before making his escape?

    • vincer

      You are either naïve a moron or both. John has suffered beyond belief from people just like you and is a true profile in courage. The facts are that someone came into the basement through a unlocked window,used a stun gun on the sleeping child took her to the basement and eventfully used a garrote to kill her,leaving behind a ransom note and DNA that was never connected in any way to the family. Many people connected to this tragedy have apologized to John now it is your turn.

      • Lil L

        Okay, here’s an apology:

        Dear Mr. Pedophile Father John,

        We are sorry….soooo sorry you are alive and kicking. Soooo sorry for what you put your family through.

        We are sorry you are the most duplicitous, evil man alive right now.

        Furthermore–We apologize.

        For what? For not having a better justice system to catch you, to sentence you, to let you then go through the many atrocities your daughter(s) surely did as your oh so sore rump rots in jail.

        There….How’s that?

        • jdj624

          Lil L to wants to accuse John Ramsey of being a PEDOPHILE. you are a freaking MORON! what PROF do you have to make that accusation? NONE! that was a rumor written by another moron journalist, and you being a WEAK MINDED idiot, you believe it. why your writing apology letters why not write one for your DAD? yeah your DAD the man who lured little boys into his car, then would SODOMIZE them. this is something your FATHER did for years. raping little boys, because your father was a HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE. how do you like ” ACCUSATIONS?”

      • George

        A Ghost must have come through the basement because the evidence proved nobody entered the house from “outside” that evening. No footprints in the snow, no fresh snow, and no broken entry way = NO INTRUDER. The killer came from within and that is a Fact, it is not an opinion and it is not debatable. Your futile attempt to exonerate Patsy and John is a waste of energy. If this was not the case, the Grand Jury would not have been so animate in wanting this to go to trial, they felt there was sufficient evidence, however; “no guts” DA Alex Hunter failed to follow the census so an influential member of the community would be spared humiliation and embarrassment. Everyone has the right to “believe” what they want, but just because they wish it or want it, doesn’t make it the truth. I always follow the facts and the facts just don’t add up to Pat and John “Innocent”. The Grand Jury had it right but the justice system failed yet another person in our country. In a small victory, Pat Ramsey was served justice in the end. And if there is a GOD, it would be fitting that she never is able to be united with her beautiful daughter. You think just before she died she would have made her peace and told the truth (I don’t mean cowardly telling a priest in confidence), but I feel her ego was way too big and she was too much of coward to scar her name and reputation.

  • http://www.recourse-loans.com/2013/05/once-again-natural-disaster-foils.html Gary Anderson

    I personally don’t believe the parents did it. I think she was a public little girl and some pervert had entrance to the house. But we may never know.

    • http://Yahoo Rick Smith

      I do agree that we probably will never know for sure who killed her, but I do believe somebody in that house killed her, and I don’t mean as an intruder. I hate to think that, but it just didn’t seem like the evidence pointed to a break in from what I’ve read. But that’s just my opinion, which in the grand scheme of things means much of nothing.

    • John

      Gary, why would the killer leave a ransom note? It doesn’t make sense. What did the killer have to bargain with? The little girl was already dead and left in her own home. And the note was written on a machine that was found in one of the closet’s in the house. Do you really think a stranger/killer would have put the device back in a closet? Remover, 3 family members were in the house when this attack took place. Would the killer actually take the time to write a ransom note, that would absolutely do no good in the first place, then take the time to put the device he supposedly used to write it with back in a closet?

      • jenna

        Wow, here you go with the typewriter thing again. What is your problem? The note was handwritten, not typed. Do you have some sort of mental disorder where you cannot process that information?

  • Sara

    I believe the brother is guilty of the crime. I feel he was jealous of the attention on his sister, especially attention from the mother who was always putting her in beauty pageants. The brother killed her and the parents tried their best to cover it up. Someday the truth WILL come out, I’m sure. If the family is TRULY innocent and the real killer comes out, then I feel horrible for all they went through.

    • HARVEY


    • mother

      I believe the daughter told the MOTHER she did not want to be in any more beauty pageants, and the MOTHER had a breaking point.


    Jon Benet brother KILLED HER-the parents hid the truth 2 protect son – the mother wrote the ransom note..police hid it 2–where is the brother ?

    • Sara

      Type in “Burke Ramsey” in Facebook. He’s the one that goes to Purdue. He has cold-looking eyes, in my opinion.

      • alicia

        he has a filthy mouth.

    • mother

      The MOTHER killed that girl. She tried to blame the brother. I do not buy that theory. The MOTHER and the FATHER chose to no longer live in CO after that! Interesting. In a weird way, the MOTHER died of . . . ovarian cancer. I don’t care what anybody says the MOTHER killed that girl and the FATHER knew it.

  • http://yahoo gloria shamsi

    Now let us review. No forced entry. Child missing for over 24 hours and the basement is not checked? Secretary of the father had reported he took the child fron early childhood into his locked office routinely and the child would scream, then bloody diapers found in the trash. Older sister dead when her brake line was cut after she threatened to expose sexual abuse by the father. Dead child found garroted in the basement (sexual asphyxiation?) Father’s semen found all over the childs freshly laundered bedding? You can easily put the pieces together. Daddy is a sicko, Mommie thinks it’s okay.

    • ann

      Thank you, at last some sanity. Of course the father did it. After reading about the case it’s the only sane conclusion anyone could draw. The mother’s handwriting was also found to be a match for the so-called kidnapping note that was found.
      May all child molesters burn in hell, where they belong.

    • Ben

      Where are you getting this stuff? Have you looked at sources other than the National Inquirer?

      • http://WebProNews Phil Hammersley

        I think they must be getting this S— from MSNBC; they’re always shoveling it out!

  • Uhg

    Just goes to show how stupid juries and the media can be. Nevermind the fact that all but ONE of the investigators thought it was someone other than the parents, and the one who did think it was them had dreams of talk shows and books.

  • Wendell Fountain

    I believe that her brother killed her and the parents covered it up. Why did the son get shipped out of the United States?

  • Brick

    We studied this case for 2 weeks in my forensic investigation class while in college. Patsy did it and wrote the ransom note

    • Jesse James

      It has been obvious for so long that Patty did the crime in some attempt to punish the child. Jon benet died and then John and her did their best to cover the truth. I’ve always surmised this, and I think you are 100% dead on right.

    • margie K

      you are right on that one. yes right. I believe that the police dept was paid off to keep silent.

    • Z

      Ok, so Patsy did it? Where did the semen come from?

    • Chip Weathers

      Bingo. No killer would hang around, comfortable, in the house long enough to write a 3 page ransom note. Nor would they ask for $118,000, the amount the father just received as a work bonus. In addition, it’s a fact that men don’t write 3 page ransom notes.

      • eve

        and you have these facts from where?

    • jenna

      You studied this case for 2 weeks in a class and this makes you an expert? lol Did you not learn anything in your class in regards to actually evidence? You cannot rely on handwriting to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. How would you like to be convicted because some “expert” said your writing looked similar to the ransom note? Let us stick to facts and not speculation. I graduated with my criminal justice degree and also studied forensics. I am currently becoming an RN and getting my certification in Forensic nursing and I say she didn’t do it.

  • john john

    Vincer is absolutely correct. There was never a match in DNA from a family member. There was stun gun marks on her body. There was also a convicted felon known to be in the area at the time of the crime. It is just one of those crimes that will probably never be solved.

    • max


      • dreamflyer


    • Lil L

      Oh please, there is a felon on the loose on every block these days….you can’t go letting guilty as sin parents off because there was one on the loose then. We all know what happened here, parents are culpable. That horrible mom is absolutely burning in the fifth ring of hell right this minute, and the dad will one day be there too for covering up.

      • jenna

        Wow, you are crazy!

  • Breanne

    Fuck you ssholes who think the family was involved it was an intruder.

    • Mark Vinette

      And Breanne you got this information how? BTW cursing and name calling during a debate shows lack of intelligence. Yours, in particular.

  • http://yahoo vickay

    My dad years ago came up with his therory. he said since the kids bedrooms were away from the parents..he felt like something had been going on with the kids at night. He thinks one or the other had a golf club and they were wrasseling around swinging the gold club and Jon Benet was struck in the head by the brother, like a kids rough game that got out of hand. The mother happened on the scene one way or another and was in shock when she hid the child in the cellar trying to protect her son.

    • andrew

      My understanding was that she was strangled with a short rope that was twisted with a pencil, not hit in the head with anything, am I wrong?

  • Allen

    Ultimately her parents, specifically her mother are at fault. ANYONE that dresses their child up like a woman with make-up and such needs and SHOULD be prosicuted for child endangerment. This show toddlers and tiaras should be banned from television. That freak that runs the show should also be charged. We as a society KNOW that there are dangerous people with unnatural desires walking our streets and IF YOU KNOWINGLY put your child in front of them dressed like a woman YOU ARE LIABLE. Dont get me wrong its a bad situation and I want knowone to get hurt like that ever, but the parents did more to instigate it than prevent it.

    • Mark Vinette

      Allen, you are absolutely right.I would like to add that these pageants are not about the children at all. They are all about the adults. The children do not know what is going on most of the time and the parents are the ones who get the satisfaction out of showing their kids and they can be vicious. The children are often punished for not “winning” and it is my belief that they suffer undue pressure at too young an age which pushes them to try to be superior to others. This carries through their entire lives. These pageants are no better than dog shows in the sense that a dog doesn’t know what it means to win a medal and the “showers” are the ones who get all the gratification. I purchased a $3,500 show dog and then refused to show her when I found out how cutthroat these people are. They don’t give a damn and the dogs are just collateral damage. IT is the same with the children. Now my dog is my best friend and is very happy romping at the park or sitting by my side. Kids shown in these pageants are robbed of their childhoods. France just banned these pageants and I think the U.S. should follow.

    • dreamflyer

      Came in second place too many times……?


    I think her Mother killed her. Maybe the girl wet her bed again and the mother lost it in the bathroom while cleaning her up. Maybe she smacked her & the girl hit her head. Thinking she was dead, the mom took her to the basement & tried to make it look like a murder. She was the one who wrote the note & I believe told her husband what happened & with his help, covered it all up. He must of laid out a lot of money to get the DA not to file any chargers. Someday all the answers will come out, but not until the old man passes. Sad there’s no justice for this little girl.

    • margie K

      you said the same exact thing, that I was thinking. Completely read my mind that is.

      • ann

        You two must have drunk the same Kool-Aid the Obama voters did! This whole thing could have been solved, right away, if they had competent law enforcement people instead of sick ones. My hear goes out to John Ramsey and his poor wife. They were punished for being punished!

        • Jenna

          Seriously, you’re bringing up Obama? That’s demented.

          • Elle R.

            There’s always one of those ridiculous political mongers in every crowd looking for an opening to get their 2 cents in. Stick to the issue.

        • dreamflyer

          I liked your comment up to where you compare this comment to Obama voters. Get off your high horse and treat innocent people with respect even if you don’t agree with their political views.

        • George

          Obama? Another angry Republican that must bring up politics for every discussion. Yes, President Barack Obama is our President of the United States and yes he is Black and he is going to serve his second term as President of our Country, Red White and Blue. The Sean Hannity’s, Rush Limbaugh’s, Karl Rove’s and the remaining rednecks who still wave the Confederate flag have left themselves blind because of their inability to adapt to Civil Rights over the past 60 years. Oh, they claim it’s NOT about race or color, its about policy. I never heard Republicans complain once when George Bush took our country from a surplus to a deficit, when he sent our boys over to Iraq to be killed and maimed for a senseless war based on all lies so could finish what his father started during Desert Storm, and where was the fiscal “Tea Party” when Bush bailed out the Banks with $787 Billion….. ding, ding, ding, ‘Cause that ain’t what it’s about people. I just wish they would be man enough to call what it is but that would take courage. Our African -American President is here for 3 more years-Accept it!

    • suki

      And maybe you’re a drug ravaged pedophile who transposes his fantasies and real life actions on other people.

    • Kevin

      She was “garroted’ and sexually assaulted. Did the mom do that? You don’t know what your talking about. The Boulder PD botched this case so badly it was doomed from the minute the body was found. Most likely it was an employee ex employee of Ramseys company who possibly knew the girl and hid in the house. There is some credibility to the suspect that commited suicide. I have studied this case up and down and sideways. The mom did not do it. I’m a retired police detective. I have lectured classes in this case.

      • Kelly

        I agree that the manner of death is a huge clue that points to the killer.

      • John

        What good was a ransom note? She was already dead and left in her own home. Pasty panicked and made a mistake or she was trying to confuse the scenario. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with?

    • jim

      Wetting the bed is the best you can come up with! Give me a break, that’s as lazy as the cops always thinking it’s the parents so they don’t have to do any real police work. You’ve been watching to much TV, get a real life.

    • Rose

      REALLY.. Murder your child for wetting the bed? I was a bed wetter and there was never a scene
      that threatened my life. That statement tells me what is inside of YOU, not the Ramsey’s

  • margie K

    I have always believed that the parents were responsible for the death of little girl. Maybe they paid the investigators off.. They were very wealthy yes. The truth will come out yet.

    Also remember she was a bed weter. Something was there, that has yet to come out of this story, and will be told yet.

  • http://google angela armour

    oh yea the parants woke up one morning and decided to kill there daughter,when ever some child is murdered the police investigating the crime waste time looking at the family..odviously it was one of the neighbors .

  • lynn

    I do believe the parents are innocent. By all accounts they doted on their children. I don’t think middle-aged people suddenly become child abusers. John had already suffered the death through car crash of an older daughter. To think that a mother or father who adored their daughter would brutally murder her because of ‘bedwetting’ is ridiculous. Many hired workers had keys to their home, people came and went. Plus it was shown that the DNA on her did not match the family.

  • raylan givens

    I think it would be irresponsible to release the grand jury records. This is just a way for people who screwed up and got it wrong to find a way to cover themselves.

    There will always be people who don’t get it. Some of the evidence being brought up (e.g., father’s semen all over the bedspread) is internet hokum. The Boulder police are to blame for screwing up the crime scene. Court TV did a pretty good analysis of what happened, and the sad thing is people like Richard Jewell or the Ramseys get vilified, dragged through the mud, go broke defending themselves, while they didn’t do anything all along.

    Sling mud if you want, but wait for when it’s your turn…

  • Melissa

    They already think they know who did it. It was all over the news a few years back. The Ramsey’s had opened up their home for the Holidays as part of a Christmas House Walk. 2 thousand strangers walked through their home. They believe a man who later committed suicide after the Boulder press conference in which the Chief (I believe) stated “We know who you are and are coming to get you” (to that affect) was the man who did it. His shoes matched and had blood on them or whatever. I don’t know why they didn’t exhume his body for the DNA comparison.
    Anyway, NO ONE instigates or invites the murder or abuse of their child by letting them participate in beauty pageants. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It is too bad the Ramseys couldn’t have their home open without someone creep taking advantage of their kindness. Unfortunately, the Rameys believed people still had some good in them…

  • marje

    The police botched the entire investigation. The DNA that matched no one in the house was important.To whom did it belong? I wonder why no alarms were on. That could have saved the child. I think this pervert was in the house when they got home and waited until they were asleep to grab the child. This never would have happened if the child was not in the beauty pageants. Parents who allow kids to dress up like hookers with all the makeup are sick. Patsy was a wanabee beauty queen and was living life through her daughter.

    • Michelle

      According to your logic, the only people this will happen to are parents who let their daughters participate in beauty pageants… and, yet, there are hundreds of children who are brutalized and murdered every day. Most of them are not beauty pageant contestants. Hmmm, maybe you should reorganize your thoughts and get a little common sense.

  • rick

    Who cares .It was years ago .They let the parents off .Let it go .

  • Betty Jane

    Gary Oliva should have been investigated more thoroughly.

  • Betty Jane

    Gary Oliva should have been further investigated.

  • http://n/a mike

    Of course they did it. I think the mom did it and the husband tried to cover it up. Remember OJ? Most Americans think he killed Nicole, but he was aquitted. Same thing here.

    • brian

      You have absolutely no proof. There is no proof. I think YOU did it. NOW try to prove yourself innocent. This case was bumbled from the start and these innocent people have suffered enough, from idiots like you.

      • George

        Well if there was a ransom note that looked very close to my handwriting, then FAILED a polygraph test miserably (Which Pat Ramsey Failed), and because I am an influential person in the community the District Attorney refused to go to trial although the Grand Jury insisted there was sufficient evidence to go forward, then I guess it would be safe to assume I was involved and something in Boulder Colorado Stinks! Use some common sense people, not your hearts and surely it will clear up for you. But you must not let feelings get in the way, just use logic.

    • brian

      You have absolutely no proof. There is no proof. I think YOU did it. NOW try to prove yourself innocent. This case was bumbled from the start and these innocent people have suffered enough, from idiots like you.

    • Terri

      How do you think you know what happened? You were not there. You did not see anything. You don’t even know the family. Go find something constructive to do with your time………..

  • amanda

    There is no legitimate reason to release the indictment. Just to stir up the painful emotions of the father and brother who have lost both JonBenet and her mother. These people should be allowed to just exist now without the scrutiny of the public.

  • Innocent

    I knew the Ramseys. Been to their house and was at Patsy’s babyshower when she was pregnant with Burke. They were at my wedding.

    They did not do this. Patsy and her sister were in pagents as girls. Both were in the Miss America pagent. It was a hobby and something Patsy had done. Jon Benet was involved in many things with pagents representing a small part of her life.

    I knew Patsy for years and she would never have done this. She was a strong woman who would never have stayed with John if anything wierd was going on.

    Burke was not sent out of the country. He stayed with his parents. They moved back to Atlanta to be near family and friends. They lost everything over this. However, they were the kind of people who would have given anything and everything to have her back.

    • whatever you say lady

      the wrld is full of people saying” so and so would NEVER do such a thing”….

      I’m not here calling them killers or criminals, but everything you said is based on opinion; and I’d say your probably a lying internet troll anyway.

    • http://www.accurateinvestigation.com Gladys Brierley

      I have always believed it was someone very close but not the family and I have an idea who.

      • Sara

        If you have an idea who, then why are you telling us and not the authorities?

      • dreamflyer

        If you think you kno who it is…by all means..enlighten us!! Or maybe you are delusional…

    • Chuck Weis

      I think we can all appreciate the fact that – based on what you knew of them – there was no way it was in their characters to have anything to do with the crime.

      HOWEVER, I hope YOU appreciate that you can NEVER know someone else as well as you “think” you do. There can always be something there that none of their friends or family knows. So there’s always a “chance.”

      • Shayna

        Well said Chuck!

    • jdj624

      if you knew the Ramsey’s then you know who the real killer is. JonBenet’s brother.

    • John

      What good was a ransom note? She was already dead and left in her own home. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with? Then takes the time to put the machine he used to write the note with back in a closet all the while 3 members of the family are present in the home?

    • John

      Innocent posted –

      “I knew the Ramseys. Been to their house and was at Patsy’s babyshower when she was pregnant with Burke. They were at my wedding.

      They did not do this. Patsy and her sister were in pagents as girls. Both were in the Miss America pagent. It was a hobby and something Patsy had done. Jon Benet was involved in many things with pagents representing a small part of her life.

      I knew Patsy for years and she would never have done this. She was a strong woman who would never have stayed with John if anything wierd was going on.

      Burke was not sent out of the country. He stayed with his parents. They moved back to Atlanta to be near family and friends. They lost everything over this. However, they were the kind of people who would have given anything and everything to have her back.”

      What good was a ransom note? She was already dead and left in

      her own home. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note

      asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with? Then

      takes the time to put the machine he used to write the note with

      back in a closet all the while 3 members of the family are present

      in the home?

  • Tom

    According to one of the detectives assigned to the case (until John Ramsey brought pressure to bear to have him removed) was former Boulder PD detective Steve Thomas. According to him, the one hand-writing exemplar which could never be eliminated (via the ransom note) was that of Patsy Ramsey.

  • holly

    just one question..why is her father not still looking for “the killer”? if it were my daughter i wouldnt just move away and forget it ever happend.

    • Elle R.

      I always wondered about that. He certainly had the finances to fund an extended investigation into her death on his own — unless he already knew the answers to the questions.

    • Sundown

      Very clever observation Holly…I would imagine that a parent who so loved their daughter or IF they so loved their daughter or son would never give up on finding their murderer. However, some people truly are that passive about just about anything and everything..they figure what’s done is done..Me? I would like to think I would remain diligent

      • dreamflyer

        Love over rules passivity every time….

    • Sel

      John moved away to put it all behind him. He and Patsy know what happened and they certainly have to means to investigate privately. If a private investigation wasn’t done, it’s clear they are guilty. Reminds me of O.J.

  • D Cole

    Police were intimidated from day one.Little town not dealing with a crime like this saw the home and handled things wrong. May she rest in peace.

  • http://killingkillers.blogspot.com Killing Killers

    I believe that all the forensic evidence is there to reveal even today, tomorrow, or next year, the identity of this baby girl’s murderer/s.

    Presently some of those proofs may seem vague or indecipherable to us, just as decades ago, without the aid of DNA testing, some killers similarly escaped justice.

    But there is no statute of limitation on the crime of murder.

    ‘Patience’ is the best prosecutor to assign to cases like this. And ‘Due Diligence’ the perfect partner.


  • Sarah

    THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! John had nothing to do with his daughter’s death. If he did, do you really think
    he would leave her in the basement for people to find! People working on this case are idiots. There
    is zero evidence that JonBenet’s parents killed her. What parent could kill a beautiful little girl like her,
    unless they were mentally insane, which they weren’t. The police should have been looking for friends
    of her brother. What about the disturbed boy who lived in the neighborhood and then moved away.
    Did anyone ever question him? Do you really think John would write a ransom note for $10k??!! Doesn’t
    anyone on this case have any common sense! The mother cherished her daughter. Do you think she
    would allow John to hurt her? NO.

    • http://yahoo thomashall

      Well if they didn’t have anything to do with her death someone needs to explain the ransom note that was asked to the dime of his bonus it had to be someone inside the house to have know about the bonus my bet would be on the son!!

      • dreamflyer

        It could of been someone who works with/for Jon Ramsey, Or the person who cut the check or deposited the money in his account/or the janitor who overheard talk about the bonuses being given out while he/she was emptying the trash cans. Get real….

    • Chronic

      You are a D0UCHE

    • Melissa

      It is not out of the realm of possibilities the mother spanked and punished her daughter frequently for wetting the bed. I am not saying she killed her but she was not beyond hitting her child as punishment maybe it just got out of hand.

    • John

      Sarah posted –

      “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! John had nothing to do with his daughter’s death. If he did, do you really think
      he would leave her in the basement for people to find! People working on this case are idiots. There
      is zero evidence that JonBenet’s parents killed her. What parent could kill a beautiful little girl like her,
      unless they were mentally insane, which they weren’t. The police should have been looking for friends
      of her brother. What about the disturbed boy who lived in the neighborhood and then moved away.
      Did anyone ever question him? Do you really think John would write a ransom note for $10k??!! Doesn’t
      anyone on this case have any common sense! The mother cherished her daughter. Do you think she
      would allow John to hurt her?”

      What good was a ransom note? She was already dead and left in her own home. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with? Then takes the time to put the machine he used to write the note with back in a closet all the while 3 members of the family are present in the home?

    • George

      You obviously don’t know the evidence and have all of the information regarding the case or else you would not be defending this woman. In the end, justice was served ….where’s Patsy now? As far as John, justice prevails in mysterious ways.

  • retwac

    I would like to know if the DNA was ever done and the result. I would like to know more about what the secretary heard in the father’s office. Why was the son sent away? Why weren’t volunteer investigators allowed to work the case? As far as the guy who “confessed”, I think he was just nuts. The parents needed to be put on the hot seat. If the child was being sexually mistreated, the mother surely knew and helped protect her husband for whatever reasons you can imagine. Maybe he blackmailed her because she was also abusing the child. There are so many questions and no answers. I’m willing to believe that the district attorney was getting paid off, too. Why would he turn away from such a heinous crime? Follow the money trail. I have my opinion about who did this, but I’m just like everyone else. I’d rather hear the truth from the people who did not do their job.

    • jenna

      If I’m not mistaken the parents were put in the hot seat and were scrutinized by the media so that everyone suspected them of being guilty. And as far as the DNA evidence goes, the DNA found mixed with her blood on her clothes and in her underwear was of an unknown male and did not match anyone in the family.

  • GH

    What was/is Alex Hunter hiding? His actions were always suspicious.

  • http://yahoo Monserrate Rodriguez

    The grand jury had the evidence which we will never know unless it becomes public, but one thing for sure it was a inside job, if it was an intruder how did he know what Mr. Ramsey Christmas bonus was,(remember that one) and they had plenty of time to plan their story’s and as for the DNA that was found around the murder sence or in the basement, there was alot of people in that house all the time. like delivers cleaning people maids come on now and if you remember the window in the basement I don’t believe a mans body would fit through that window with his coat on in the winter (it was snowing that nite, believe me it was an inside job…………….

    • snarky mark

      Then the killer must be still wearing the jacket, because according to your logic the jacket wasn’t removable.

  • Bob Tonker

    Patsy Ramsey talked the same way the note was written. It even started..” Listen” Think back to her speech pattern and the note pattern.

    • ann

      The killer was in the house listening to them and copied her in that letter. Sick? You bet.

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      You must think she was really stupid huh…I hope you never sit on a jury

      • Jessica

        When something accidental happens and your child dies for whatever reason by whomever close to you, and you don’t agree the person responsible should be punished and you come up with a quick plan to somehow “correct it”…doesn’t mean they were thinking things out that well to make sure you don’t use your way of speech. Come on! They were devistated and scared and were trying to make the situation right in whatever way they thought they could. Just saying.

  • ann

    The law enforcement there did not do their job whatsoever. No investigating the stranger’s DNA found on Jonbenet which is HUGE. Instead they chose to use their sick minds, to blame the parents. How pathetic is that! My heart goes out to John Ramsey and his wife who I’m sure died because of this. The only blame they get is they left some doors unlocked and did not repair a broken window in the basement which the killer went out of. A chair was found beneath it.

    • http://Yahoo Linda

      Did you ever stop to think that maybe Patsy died, because she did do it? God works in mysterious ways.

      • Rose

        Maybe Patsy Ramsey died BECAUSE she had ovarian CANCER that came out of remission.
        Your remark states that God punishes people with disease. Really? I am glad I don’t believe in YOUR GOD.

      • Mo

        Yes, God works in mysterious way. God was sexually attracted to the little girl & killed her to have her all to Himself for his own pleasures.

        • Teresa

          Oh, that is dark, Mo!

        • 12know

          That is blasphemous and disgusting. God is pure. You are one rotten atheist.

      • Dave

        You are a pathetic human being Linda.

      • walter77777

        Death comes to us all. My dear wife (Of Blessed Memory!) died of breast cancer at age fifty-four. Was the All-Powerful punishng her even though she ha lived a very good life? Was he punishimg me? Was he perhps punishing the special ed students for whom she (and NYC Board of Education) found she had a special knack for teaching?

        Death comes to us all, and we can see no ratonial way to explain why one person dies at an early age.


        • Teresa

          My deepest sympathies to you, Walter. And safe travels to your beloved wife. Peace to you both.

        • John

          Genesis ch.3 explains it well. That is the answer.

      • Dar Taleghani

        What an absolute idiotic statement…I can’t stand people like this…BUS turns over kills 19 of 27 people and survivor says” god was looking out for me that day”….and the other poor people?????????????? oh, they must have been budhists….that explains it……..IDIOT

        • John

          Dar Taleghani posted –

          “What an absolute idiotic statement…I can’t stand people like this…BUS turns over kills 19 of 27 people and survivor says” god was looking out for me that day”….and the other poor people?????????????? oh, they must have been budhists….that explains it……..IDIOT”

          Don’t know if this comment is directed at mine, however, if is you might want to read that passage as it says nothing about God being responsible for “taking someone’s’ life”. Read it then make your assertions on whether a person is an “idiot” or not. Now once you read it and if you don’t understand why I referenced it, then let me know like an intelligent person would. I will be glad to explain at that point as to why I recommended it to Walter.

  • Barry Rindner

    The ransom note was written on a pad that was found in the home. The ransom amount was exactly the amount of a bonus that the Ramsey’s received (I believe $118,000). I believe that unfortunately the simpliest solution usually is the right one. I think it is fair to say that you just don’t what someone is capable of when they find themselves in a situation that is spiraling out of control. I don’t think it is too far fetched to say that the little girl was a victim of an accident. The accident could have been caused by a mother’s rage egged on by a bed wetting incident. Nobody meant it to happen, but it did. It is conceivable that the thought of being prosecuted for the accidental death of their child was too much to bear next to the lifestyle that the parents had carved out for themselves. I believe that the kidnap note was their attempt at a cover-up. It is just too bizare to think that a murderer would stop to write their kidnap demands while in the house during the actual kidnapping. Then of course after doing something as stupid as that, then fool the world for how many years now? Nope. You just don’t know what people are capable of. So sad …..

    • Shayna

      What about the evidence of semen found on her clothing? How do you explain that?

      • Angel

        Very easy. Rich people can pay very high bribes and powerful people know how to get to the right people to do it. Ramsey was both.

        • John

          Why do people think it is impossible plant DNA? Especially with the money and power the Ramsey’s had. It’s beyond me.

      • DJ

        Would you like some on your clothing? …just wondering

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      Barry- Do you really think the patents would be stupid enough to ask for the exact amount of John’s bonus in the ransom note, I mean really ? REALLY ? LOL. No but someone who knew John through work or who knew someone who did and was privy to that info would…and it also had a double play because they knew he would have that amount of money and it could be used to pint the finger at them by unsophisticated thinking folks like you

      • John

        What good was a ransom note? She was already dead and left in her own home. Pasty panicked and made a mistake or she was trying to confuse the scenario. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with?

      • Barry

        Stupid doesn’t come in to play here. I believe this wasn’t a planned act. When panic sets in, one doesn’t necessarily think too clearly about what is stupid or what is really slick. The parents weren’t professional hit men. Just a bad situation that just got worse and worse. Nobody thinks clearly in those types of circumstances. Yes, if they were given time to think, the ransom note would not read $118,000. With a clear head, there probably would not have been a ransom note at all. But there were no clear heads in that home that night. So sad …

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      Also Barry as for the suspect writing the note in the house, you think that’s far fetched ? Some sick creeps get off on that kind stuff..some of these creeps even eat the food out of their victims refrigerator after they assault them…these kinds of minds do not think like the “average” person

  • http://Yahoo Linda

    Nothing about this case has ever seemed right. It doesn’t make any sense. whatsoever. Why would a stranger come into the home just to kill Jon Benet and on Christmas, or the day after. There is foul play and every time I watch the Father speak about this, I can see he knows something.

  • Cherie

    I still think it was the son. He was 16 at the time. Jon Benet was a bed wetter. She may have woken him to help her remake the bed so the parents wouldn’t find out. She got all the attention. He was probably sick and tired of her and he just snapped and killed her. WHY wasn’t there any interviews about him ever released??? Too much evidence overlooked. Other than the family, who would know the EXACT amount of his dad’s raise to put in the ransom note. And his handwriting could have been close to his parents’.

    • jenna

      Where in the h-ll do you get your information?? Her brother was 9, not 16! Get your facts straight before you post.

      • Kathy

        She had a half brother that was 16.

        • jenna

          No she did not have a half brother that was 16! Her half brother was 20 and did not live with the family. He was also cleared as a suspect early in the investigation and DNA evidence found in her underwear did not match anyone in the family. It amazes me what people come up with. It is no wonder innocent people get sent to prison.

          • MV

            Jenna you’re a b* tch…now shut up and go away!

          • John

            You keep harping on DNA. DNA can be planted easily. What’s your excuse for the “fake” ransom note?

          • jenna

            MV, I don’t give a sh-t what you think about me. I’m tired of people coming out of the woodwork acting like they know what they are talking about when clearly they do not. People need to get all the facts straight before they post incorrect garbage.

    • DeniseNY

      Actually, the son was 9 years old at the time.

  • http://Yahoo Linda

    John Ramsey was a big wheel and friend to the law enforcement here and that is the reason why nothing was done! Everyone involved and that knows anything about her death, will pay; that’s just the way it is. So if you know something, maybe you should clear your conscience and do something about it and open your mouth!

    • jenna

      Why don’t you shut yours!

      • http://webpronews robert

        you sound like a pedophile with your ignorant rants dum dum

      • jenny49

        You need to take a chill pill. We’re all expressing how WE feel, not how YOU feel :)

    • jenny49

      That’s the way most law enforcement is everywhere. Unfortunately. there are not enough people out there You know when most people “care” about a child? When it’s too late. Then, it’s, “Om, my God, why?” Abuse, especially long-term, is noticeable in so many ways. If you KNOW the child, you will know something is wrong.

  • janjan917

    I think Patsy Ramsey killer her by mistake—I think she walked in on John abusing her, went to hit John with the golf club, missed and killed JonBenet instead. They covered up for each other because they both did unforgiveable vile things!

    • Eric Frieden

      Your comment is right on, the only thing different, it was a police type flashlight, not a golf club.

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      wow that sounds like a comedy movie.. tried to hit him with a golf club and missed and hit the girl and killed her, LOL, please don’t ever take up a career as detective novel author

    • jenny49

      Someone had been physically abusing her long before she died. I believe the abuser ultimately killed her. I doubt the father was sexually assaulting her, and the brother? If he had a history of animosity toward his little sister, then, maybe, he killed her. The mom? Since day one, too self-composed. I don’t care how high up the social ladder, a mother is ripped apart when something like that happens to her baby girl. She was always well-dressed, hair done, make-up on…..give me a break. Anyone that has a child knows what I mean.

    • KayDee

      I’ve thought of this possibility myself. It may have been the jury’s minds were going in that direction, too, when they sought to indict the Ramseys on charges of child abuse resulting in death. One thing that never seems to be mentioned is that the autopsy report showed evidence of a probable history of sexual abuse. I’m sure the jury was made aware of that, as well.

      • KayDee

        ETA: That last comment was in response to janjan917’s comment. I don’t think that was clear.

  • lasgr


  • http://Yahoo Linda

    If a stranger came into the home, demanding a ransom, why was Jon Benet found dead and at such extreme trauma?! It does not make sense! Let’s suppose Jon Benet woke up or began to scream while this person was abducting her, so maybe he felt he had to kill her and get out of their quick, he wouldn’t take the time to do all that was done to the girl, he would kill her instantly! Boulder Co, what about that?!

    • Jessica

      My thoughts exactly! It just does not make sense to write a ransom note and kill the girl anyway. The parents may not have killed her, but I have always felt like they knew something otherwise. Why the written letter by Patsey? Maybe Patsey wrote the letter out of fear that they would be blamed for her death because it was in the home while they were there? Maybe it is someone they loved and knew. There are so many aspects of what could have happened. For the sake of a poor innocent child, it is sad that it has still not progressed. I was about 10 when this whole thing happened, and it has always been a pit in my stomach since day one. I wish that justice would be served to the beautiful girl along with friends and family.

      • KayDee

        Supporters of the intruder theory sometimes say that he (or they) intended to take the body elsewhere but didn’t have time or couldn’t remove it or whatnot. However, another thing we have to remember is that psychopaths don’t always think logically. You and I don’t think it makes sense to write a fake ransom note and kill the kid in her own home, but people who are on drugs or just complete psychopaths can think very differently. However, I’ll agree that it would make *more* sense if it was indeed Patsy Ramsey who wrote it. But it’s just not a clear cut case.

  • Elle R.

    Burke was 9 not 16 when JonBenet died. I always suspected he was the one who caused her death. I never believed it was premeditated, but I do believe the main goal of Patsy and John was to protect him. Of that I do think they were guilty.

    • junior45

      My thoughts exactly. Little Miss Perfect got all the attention and the son was jealous and caused her death.

    • jenna

      I am just wondering, where did you get your criminology or psychology degree at?? Don’t point the finger if you don’t have evidence to back up your claims. If you are so smart, why was unknown male DNA found on her clothes and inside her underwear that did not match DNA from the family? I am so sick of people coming up with these theories that they know nothing about. Thank goodness you are not a detective!

      • Angel

        The parents had powerful friends and lots of money. You think false evidence couldn’t have been planted on the panties to “exonerate” the family? Get a grip. The huge looong ransom note with specific details about money that a stranger would not have access to? A stranger who has already successfully gotten the child out of her room and taken her downstairs to a room that excuse me…he knew about how? Then the killer spent the length of time it took to do all the things to that poor child that were done and then also takes the time to purposefully leave a handwritten piece of evidence behind that might later tie him to the crime when he could just walk away and disappear into the night forever? No. One of the family members did it and the family did all it could connection and money wise to cover it up and they succeeded.

        • John

          Exactly! If Pasty penned the “fake” ransom note, why wouldn’t she plant DNA that she knew wasn’t in the criminal system?

      • rick

        these people were VERY RICH do you really think they could not “pay off” a lab tech to say NOPE THE DNA DOES NOT MATCH another theroy is MAYBE a friend did something to the child and the parents covered it for some reason EITHER WAY they know what happen and they did noting about it THUS THEY ARE GUILTY

        • spotty

          my daughter does forensic work. she has worked for the FBI and 2 states. one lab tech does not do the work. all their work is double check by others. they all take their work very seriously they know lives depend on it.

        • jenna

          Thus they are guilty? Again, what evidence do you have??

      • http://webpronews robert

        thank goodness ignorant people like you aren’t the law. where have you been. there were many inconsistencies in their stories and people lost their jobs for even looking the ramsey”s way with even a small thought of possible guilt. dum dum jenna you and stupid people like you are the reason pos’s like the ramsey’s are able to buy their way out of trouble. what more evidence would you like to see? they sure never acted like innocent people and took every opportunity quash the investigation and never once cooperated with police.

        • jenna

          Robert, you are a true moron. Inconsistencies in their story, people lost their jobs for looking at them, they bought their way out of trouble, they planted fresh DNA evidence from an unknown male? Where exactly do you get your information and where is the evidence of any this? You have none. And you are the reason why innocent people go to jail, because you had a “feeling” that they did it. Wow, just wow. Look up the cases of Michael Crowe–a 12 year old incorrectly convicted for killing his sister and Tommy Lee Sells–a serial killer who killed 2 different kids in their home when the family was there, one of which the mother was wrongly convicted until Sells confessed and gave details of the crime. Do you think they planted DNA evidence too?? Unbelievable!

          • valley girl

            jenna why do you not talk about the history of sexual abuse shown in the autopsy. She had been abused before. Who was she abused by??

            I bet you think OJ is innocent too.
            Money talks and bullshit walks.

          • jenna

            Valley Girl, it was shown in autopsy that there was a history of sexual abuse? Really, show me where you read that because I read the autopsy results in which it was stated that there was no evidence of past sexual abuse. You are so naively misinformed. Try again…

        • John

          She has got to be the dumbest yet, no doubt Robert. What sense does it make for the killer to have left a ransom note in the first place? The girl was dead already and left in her own home.What in the hell good was a ransom note gonna do? Jenna’s type come a dime a dozen friend, don’t let it bother you.

    • TheGhostofBelleStarr

      Oh please, if 9 year brother had killed her on “accident” he would not have been charged anyway. Do you think they are going to put a 9 year old kid in slammer for accidental death ? The parents were not stupid and they sure did not have to go to some elaborate scheme as you indicate to protect him.

    • KayDee

      It’s very, very rare for children under 12 to commit murder. I’m not saying it absolutely couldn’t happen, but it’s not likely. When they do, they usually have a history of violent behavior, which Burke did not. And given the facts of this particular murder…Burke would’ve needed a lot of strength to crush part of JonBenet’s skull. A lot more strength than most nine-year-olds have.

  • raven

    isn’t it amazing and scary what money can do?
    absolutely an inside job and absolutely a pay your way out trial.

  • Julie

    I just always thought the father is guilty.


      The Ramsey’s had powerful enemies.


      The Ramsey’s had powerful enemies.

  • bamboe

    A Grand Jury would Indict a Ham Sandwhich.

    • jimmie

      Why? What did the ham sandwhich do???

      • R0218

        Killed Mama Cass – where’ve you been?

    • AM

      There is suspicion that Ham Sandwich killed Mama Cass (of Mamas and the Papas fame) and now raped and killed a 6 year-old girl. It’s time for Ham Sandwich to be put away forever!

      • George

        Ham Sandwich killed Kennedy too !

  • Dave

    Jon did it. He refused to let the police into his home to search for her, after his attorney arrived, then Jon went into the basement and “found” her, he then carried her upstairs and put her on the floor, not on the couch. On New Years Eve Jon and Patsy were interviewed. Patsy was asked: “Who knows what happened to JonBennet?” Patsy says: “Only two people know,” she then points to Jon, who is standing behind her and says: “the one who did it” she then points to herself and says: “and the one he told”. Guilty, guilty, guilty.

  • http://WebProNews Phil Hammersley

    Everyone’s a private detective, huh? All male family members gave DNA and it DID NOT MATCH the semen on JonBenet’s panties. A prosecutor can “get an indictment against a ham sandwich” is a old-time statement. If the police had spent time looking for the real killer, maybe they could have found him!

    • http://Yahoo Linda

      Well, with technology the way it is today, it seems that the DNA that was found, somebody woul dbe trying to check it out! If someone killed this little girl the way they did, this person has a record!

      • jenna

        Linda, please educate yourself before you speak. First of all, just because someone is a pedophile or a killer doesn’t mean that they have a record, they just haven’t gotten caught yet. And on top of all of that, not all prisoners have their DNA collected. And they did “check it out” and the DNA did not match family members and is continually being checked in the database for matches.

        • kc

          Although I understand what you are saying, before you tell someone to educate themselves, you should take your own advice. When a person goes to prison, they have DNA collected as they enter their new home. This is how so many cold cases are now being solved.

          • Michelle

            Actually, you are both right. Currently, offenders with new cases coming into the prison system have DNA collected. However, if JonBenet’s killer has actually been in the system for a long time for an unconnected charge, it is possible his DNA has not been collected yet. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals currently incarcerated and it will take a while to catch up on the backlog.

          • jenna

            Show me a link to where it is mandatory for all states and jurisdictions to collect, store, and run DNA on ALL prisoners. It doesn’t exist. If this person was ever arrested for a non violent crime his DNA would not be on file. For all we know, he could be dead and nobody will ever know.

        • str8 from sedc

          Jenna, I want you to stop calling names and making certified assumptions like you were the DA on the case or a detective. Boo Boo, you are getting your info the same as everyone else, from the internet or tv! So please respect others opinions or get the hell off the site. Damn, already. DNA can be planted, all prisoners once in the system all have to give DNA because they go thru the infirmary and all symptoms of child killers are not the same, whether it’s by the hands of family members or strangers…….

    • Sickfamily

      as sick as this sounds, I cant help but wonder if they know who the killer is and they helped them cover it up. Could they have allowed someone to abuse their daughter because that person had something over them? Then it went wrong, she died, so the person fled the scene while they covered it up? Who knows? We will never know unless there is a death bed confession one day. It does not make one bit of sense that the ransom note would be a match to Patsys handwriting, or that it was written on a notepad that was still in the house? Why did they specify the amount of money? Nothing in this case made sense. I believe they know who did this and they know them well.

      • KayDee

        Sickfamily, that thought has occurred to me, too. One thing that’s not mentioned often is that JonBenet’s autopsy report *did* show evidence of a history of sexual abuse. So *someone* was doing *something* to that little girl. There was a theory getting passed around for awhile that the Ramseys were involved in some sort of child sex ring. I hope that wasn’t true, but who knows? Sometimes money and power hides the vilest of crimes.

      • Joy Vermillion

        has anyone looked at the priest?

    • John

      Pasty could have easily planted the bogus DNA. She penned a bogus “ransom” note, why couldn’t she plant someones DNA that doesn’t have a record? She was a smart woman, so is John, man that is.

      • TheGhostofBelleStarr

        John…do you really think Patsy collected another man’s semen (the DNA found in JB’s underpants) and then put some in her daughter’s underwear ? oh brother….glad you aren’t on anyone’s jury or police department

        • John

          You don’t know Pasty very well do ya? *LOL*. Yeah TheGhostofBelleStarr that would be well beyond quire girl Pasty! She was such an sweet angel, eh?

          I hope you aren’t involved in ANY substantial decision making process involving ones innocent or guilty. You are definitely “naive”, “gullible”, etc. Everyone on the planet responsible for wrongdoing would go free!

          • jenna

            And your idiot banter continues. That is really sad John.

          • John

            And yoiu are a advocate for child murder/phedolphile by parents you sick sob. Explain the “fake” ransom note, idiot. You sick puke! And it doesn’t matter if it was typed or written, who cares if I got that wrong, you picky, insignificant proponent of child molestation, murder, and rape by so-called parents!

          • jenna

            John, so if someone does not agree with you they are obviously a pedophile and agree with the murder of children? You are seriously unstable…get help!

  • Dave

    There was never a single shred of evidence that any of the Ramseys had anything to do with this crime, sorry torch waving loonies. Famed Detective Lou Smit was about the only one to bring any common sense sanity to this case. Read his stuff if you want to be educated on this case.

    • jenna

      Thank you for your comment, finally someone with some common sense in their head that is not throwing around conspiracy theories.

      • rick

        this is my only question HOW DOES A CHILD GET KILLED IN HER OWN HOME AND TIED UP IN HER OWN BASEMENT AND NOT HAVE 1 OR MORE OF THE 3 FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE HOUSE BE RESPONSIBLE? it makes no sense to me how anyone can say that the parents had nothing to do with it. I REFUSE to buy that some stranger broke in took the kid from her room or some other place in the house, killed her, took her into the basement (or maybe killed her in the basement) tied her up and got out if the house un-seen THAT IS A conspiracy theory I will always believe the mother did this

        • Dave

          The case is strange for sure but You need evidence Rick, and there is none that any of the Ramseys did this crime.

          • mike

            I think what you mean to say is there is no smoking gun. Patsy Ramseys typewriter was used to pen the note and it was found in an upstairs closet. There was circumstantial evidence. There was no hard direct evidence to identify a specific suspect. That is the problem with trying to prosecute. You only get one shot.

          • John

            MIKE POSTED –

            “Patsy Ramseys typewriter was used to pen the note and it was found in an upstairs closet.”

            If this is true,then how can people think Pasty or her husband had nothing to do with it? Come on, she writes the ransom note? Let me guess, the supposed assailant that broke in while all other three family members were there, somehow used this typewriter and then put in the parents bedroom closet. How could anyone with logic think this could be possible?

          • Jessica

            Umm, did you not read that the mother was the one who wrote the ransim note?!

          • str8 from sedc

            The mom was linked to the ransom note, it came from paper in the home. But, the only other suspect that was ever interviewed, way later than should have been, was the gentleman who was supposedly breaking into other homes in the area around the time. But that went cold also. Hopefully, we’ll be watching an episode of a cold case and they can close this one so this child’s soul can finally rest in peace. I also remember them saying that a lot of evidence was destroyed and mishandled so who knows, we may never know.

        • jenna

          And this is why you are not a detective! The fact is, DNA evidence found in her underwear was of an unknown male that didn’t match anyone else in the family. So that rules out your “the mother did it” theory. And btw, yes, there are some famous cases recorded of people breaking into homes and killing the kid inside the house. Look up the Michael Crowe case–at 12 he was convicted of killing his sister when he told the story of seeing a man with long hair in his sister’s bedroom and that he was killing her. Or how about Tommy Lynn Sells–he was a serial killer that stalked a woman and her young son after the mother rebuffed his advances to talk to her son in a convenience store. He broke in and stabbed her son to death in front of her. Nobody believed her story and she was ultimately tried and convicted of murder, which was eventually overturned after Sells confessed in great detail many years later. He also broke into a rural home where he attacked 2 young girls having a sleep over, he tried to rape one and when she started to scream he cut her throat. He also cut the friends throat but she played dead until he left. Her name was Kystal Surles and she ended up surviving after climbing out the window and walking miles on end to a farm where they called 911. She said that she was sure the rest of the family was dead–which included her friend’s mother and father, along with several other family members and siblings. He did not kill anyone else in the house and nobody heard anything while they slept. Go ahead, look into it, it happens.

          • John

            It’s doesn’t take a Detective to see the obvious, Einstein!

            You’ve gotta be kidding. DNA evidence? Pasty was proven to “fake” the ransom note, yet she couldn’t “fake’ DNA evidence? She could have obtained an unlimited selection of DNA which she could of known not to be on record and planted it. What’s wrong with you?

            Explain the “fake” note that Pasty wrote?

          • http://Yahoo K Colon

            Yeah but how do you explain where the body was found? In a locked room in the basement that only the Ramsey’s had a key for. I don’t believe for that her parents are not responsible for her death.

          • jenna

            You are a buffoon John, no doubt about it. For one, the note was handwritten, not typed.

          • John

            K COLON POSTED –

            “Yeah but how do you explain where the body was found? In a locked room in the basement that only the Ramsey’s had a key for. I don’t believe for that her parents are not responsible for her death.”

            All Jenna sees is that “lets not question” DNA “evidence”. She seems to think that DNA can’t be planted.

            Why doesn’t Jenna explain why Pasty wrote the “fake” ransom note?

          • jenna

            John, you get all your evidence from another poster on here? Wow, you are smart! There was no locked basement that only the parents had a key for. As far as the handwriting analyst, would you want to be convicted by some “expert” that says your handwriting is similar to the ransom note? And you are really stretching your imagination to say that the mother planted fresh DNA evidence on the girl. Where do you get your information, from a cereal box? You cannot convict people just because you have a feeling they are guilty. Ridiculous!

          • nme

            John & K Colon

            (a) There was no physical evidence linking John and Patsy to the homicide, and physical evidence found near JonBenét’s body suggested the presence of an unidentified person in the Ramsey home.
            (b) There was no plausible motive for the Ramseys to kill their daughter. Douglas regarded the bed-wetting hypothesis as so unprecedented as to verge on absurdity and furthermore inconsistent with Patsy’s established behavior.
            (c) There was no evidence of physical abuse, neglect, sexual molestation, or serious personality disorders in the Ramsey household prior to the murder, some combination of which are associated with most cases of children killed by parents.
            (d) The behavior of John and Patsy Ramsey after the crime was consistent with the parents of other murdered children, and was inconsistent with known cases of parents who killed their children.
            (e) The ransom note was never proven to be written by Patsy, she was just one of a few suspects. John Mark Karr’s (whom admitted to the murder, though evidence against him was largely circumstantial) handwriting was also said to ‘match’ that of the ransom note. In particular, his way of writing the letters E, T, and M were described by the media as being very rare.

          • KayDee

            Jenna is right that there was unknown male DNA on JonBenet’s clothes, although to be fair, it’s also been said that that trace amount of DNA is often present on clothing, even from the manufacturing process.

            It’s definitely possible for a stranger to break into someone’s home and kill a child in the middle of the night. Note Jenna’s stories above, although in the case of Stephanie Crowe, I don’t believe it’s been proven that her brother was the killer. In any case, the Ramseys were out all day, and it’s possible the killer entered their home and familiarized himself with it before they returned. He may even have been in the house before if he was someone they knew. It was a large, three-story house, and the parents’ and children’s bedrooms weren’t on the same floor. The basement room where the body was found was not locked, although it’s a bit strange that John Ramsey immediately led police to that room as soon as they went downstairs. Also, around the time of JonBenet’s murder, there was an eerily similar case in the same city in which an intruder broke into a home while the family was out, hid in a closet, and attempted to rape the young girl during the night. Interestingly, the victim and JonBenet attended the same dance school.

            On the other hand, there most certainly was evidence suggesting sexual abuse. NME, have you not read the autopsy report? JonBenet had scarring consistent with a history of genital trauma. Also, she had chronic urinary tract infections for the last year or so of her life, which can also be a symptom of sexual abuse. The jury would probably have heard that information, and perhaps that’s why they wanted to indict the Ramseys on charges of child abuse leading to wrongful death.

          • nme


            Where the f$^% did you get your info??? You can check out wikipedia for the links to just some of the news sources I’m getting mine from. In addition, I just read the autopsy report and your assertions of “scarring consistent with a history of genital trauma” are false and completely made up! And while I do vaguely remember hearing something, at the time, about JBR having a urinary tract infection, there are several potential causes for them, outside of sexual abuse.

        • http://att.net jettlover3

          There were about 10=15 workers who had keys the house as it was being renovated and guys were in and out all day long, maybe not on the christmas eve but they still had keys. No footprints is easy it was winter and it snowed to cover any prints. Finally i believe there was a window lock on a basement window that didn’t work. So anyone with a key could come in front door and leave through the basement window, or visa versa after the crime. I do not believe these parents or her brother killed their daughter that is nuts, they adored her!!!

          • George

            However, it had not snowed for days, the killer was within the household which is a fact that is undisputed. I don’t understand how so many people fail to see the obvious and give Patsy Ramsey the benefit of doubt especially when it is a well known fact that she failed the polygraph test miserably and her handwriting was very similar to the fake “ransom” note. Oh yeah, “we want your $108,000 bonus”, nobody would write such a silly demand except for maybe in a cartoon. Bottom line; Patsy was guilty and she ultimately paid for it in the long run, it’s over. It’s unfortunate that John was able to get away with assisting the cover up but eventually it will catch up to him, one way or the other. Look where it got Pat….

    • Steve

      Oh no. JB was found in a hidden closet no one else knew about. He found the body when there was no police close to supervise the destruction of evidence and rough drafts of the “ransom” note were found in Patsy’s handwriting. If you don’t think these people had anything to do with it, you weren’t around at the time to see all the flecks of evidence that was mishandled. The grand jury voted at least once to indict so what is it that you know that the grand jury didn’t? I have to go with the will of the people, not some slanted district attorney.

    • George

      You’re obviously wrong. The Grand Jury had plenty of evidence and wanted to convict Patsy of killing Jonbonet during physical abuse, unfortunately John was well connected and Alex Hunter failed to do his job. You don’t have to agree, but that’s a FACT!If you knew any facts regarding this case you would not be spewing nonsense defending them. Don’t forget about the ransom note that was linked to Pat’s writing tablet. She had written the note several times and left a deep impression on the pad while the handwriting analysis indicated that her writing was very similar but not totally conclusive. No footprints in the snow etc. The killer was from within, FACT! She got away with murdering her daughter for a short time and shame on John for covering it up. But in the long run, justice prevailed, where is Patsy now? I remember all those phony interviews and crocodile tears, when you’re son or daughter is killed/murdered that is not how grieving parents behave. Like I sad, justice ultimately prevailed for Patsy but John is left as a conspirator. HIs day will come.

      • seaking

        KARMA. RIP JonBenet. How does one forgive their own mother, even from heaven?

        • DJ

          Who says Patsy is in Heaven?

      • KayDee

        Steve and George, we just don’t know that that was Patsy’s handwriting. The handwriting analysis was inconclusive. That is, they couldn’t rule out that it was her, but they couldn’t *prove* that it was her, either. Those who support the intruder theory tend to also believe that the intruder wrote the note while there in the house, possibly during the afternoon when the family was out, after which he hid somewhere.

        JonBenet’s body was not found in “a hidden closet no one else knew about.” It was found in a small storage room in the basement with a ground-level window. We have no idea who knew or didn’t know about it.

        I’m not saying I think the Ramseys didn’t do it. They may have. But the case isn’t clear cut, and it doesn’t help to throw around misinformation.

        • John

          Come on, the killer is going to leave the DEAD body and then write a ransom note? For what? Makes no sense whatsoever.

      • CC

        Just like the book, a perfect crime. Poor Jonbenets body had all the signs of being arranged. To look like a sleeping beauty. She was set up perfectly like a little doll. Something that points to the mother. I hate to blame anyone but after all this time. I would consider the one or both the parents. The note was proven with 99.9 accuracy to be a females handwriting. Entirely too much detail. God Bless poor Jonbenet.

      • Nicole

        I honestly feel like you don’t kow anything about the case. They couldn’t conclude that Patsy did in fact write the ransom note. And not everyone grieves the same way. It’s pathetic that people think that when someone dies regardless of their age or relation that people grieve the same way. She was found in a wine cellar in the basement. Like.. let it go. She is at peace. Many mediums have said they do not feel JonBenet’s presence at that house.

    • George

      Oh, and one more item that nails the coffin shut. Although Polygraph tests are not permitted as evidence in court, Patsy Ramsey FAILED her Lie Detector Test with flying colors….and that’s another Fact! Poly tests are 99.9999% effective and she failed. To sum it up: Pat killed Jonbonet, John assisted in covering the accidental murder up and Alex Hunter failed to do his job while protecting an influential person in the community. However, just like OJ Simpson, justice always prevails and Patsy got hers.

      • Faith

        Polygraph tests are not 99.9999% effective! First of all they cannot place an exact percentage of effectiveness because there are too many variables. The main one being the examiner. Many examiners have only had a cursory course and often don’t administer the test properly or read it properly. If given by an experienced, very knowledgeable person they are more likely to be accurate. Someone at a small town police dept. is not likely to be that well versed in polygraphs. I’m speaking generally here and not of this case in particular. Also, if a person taking the test is in pain, on medication, pregnant, or ill it can skew the results. Someone that is a sociopath or psychopath can also easily beat a polygraph. Remember, a polygraph doesn’t measure “lies” it measures bodily responses to particular questions. I don’t remember Patsy failing a polygraph. I do remember years later that 2 men who had broken into other homes in the neighborhood where the Ramsey’s lived, pointed the finger at one another in the little girls death. There was even some evidence that matched their versions. There was a whole tv show done on it. Why this was not followed up on is beyond me. I do not think the parents had anything to do with it.

        • George

          You do not know what you’re talking about, I am absolutely correct regarding polygraph accuracy and I can prove it. I happen to have expertise knowledge in this area. My uncle and best friend have been applying these tests most of heir adult lives and the technology has only improved through the years. First of all, I never spew out words to see where they stick and usually provide facts instead of opinions but in this case I am copying and pasting from an article regarding Polygraph accuracy from trueorlie.com
          “While the polygraph technique is highly accurate, it is not infallible and errors can occur. According to the American Polygraph Association over 250 studies have been conducted on the accuracy of polygraph testing during the past 25 years. Recent research reveals that the accuracy of the new computerized polygraph stytem is close to 100%.
          Most errors occur with inexperienced polygraph examiners. Just as one doctor can look at an x-ray, and not see a problem, while the next, more experienced doctor can, so it goes with polygraph charts.” If you are not satisfied, simply “Google” polygraph accuracy and similar results will be shown, they are close to 100%, FACT!

    • http://Yahoo K Colon

      The ransom letter was found to be written by Patsy Ramsey. Don’t you think that bit of evidence is a little fishy? Why would she write a ransom letter if she and her husband were not involved in her death? Also they failed to do DNA testing on Patsy at the time. So we will probably never know for sure if they had anything to do with it.

      • terry

        the letter was NOT proven to be written by patsy. ONE handwriting “expert” found that there were some similarities. others found no such thing. there was a broken or open window to their basement (that they didn’t know about) and boxes piled up under the window, as if someone was getting in and out of the house, for how long, who knows? their house was huge, the master bedroom i believe was on a different floor, or a different wing of the house from the kids’ rooms. so, if someone was getting in and out of their house for a few days, he’d know where that “secret” room was– and it wasn’t a secret, just not used and awkward to get to. her body had marks on it that match a stun gun being used on her; there was no stun gun in the house and nothing to indicate anyone in the family owned one. also, the police have now realized that dna on her clothes matches an UNKNOWN MALE– not a woman and not a member of the family. also, since an intruder had gotten into the house at some point before the murder (this was christmas and the family would be away from the house a lot), it would have been easy to get paper from the home to use in the ransom note, and it may have been relatively easy to find out the amount of john’s bonus that was demanded. not to mention, it would have been easy to write the ransom note ahead of time, planning to kidnap the child, then killing her at the last minute instead. not everything is a conspiracy. it was clear to me that these parents were grieving, then also dealing with being accused of the most horrible thing possible while knowing they were innocent.

      • KayDee

        But it was not “found to be written by Patsy Ramsey.” They simply couldn’t rule her out as the writer. That’s not the same thing.

      • wisdom’s younger sister

        Why would she write a ransom letter if she and her husband WERE involved in the child’s death? All of this is useless speculation. Unless someone confesses, and there is direct evidence to tie that person to this crime, we will never know. Sad, but we must often live with mystery in life.

        • Julie

          True. This is one of life’s unsolved mysteries. Only God Almighty knows and this will be answered to Him. That is really all we need to know. All we do is speculate.

    • James

      Dave your the one that needs to educate yourself the grand jury wouldn’t of recommended indictment of the parents without a “Shred” of evidence and yes they said the ransom note matched the mothers handwriting. Read up son!!!!!! P.S. guess the mother got what she deserved in the end. You probably think Casey Anthony is innocent to.

      • terry

        please tell me where you read that patsy’s handwriting positively matched the ransom note. i remember it being that ONE ‘expert’ said there were similarities, but others found none. also, the ramseys wanted to go before the grand jury, to clear up what they knew to be wrong or mistaken info, but were not allowed to.
        it is obvious to anyone with a brain that casey anthony is guilty as sin but got away with it. not at all like the ramseys.

  • http://Yahoo Linda

    It is possible that the boy did it, but if he did, he was very smart to be able to tie her up the way he did. Unfortunately, we will never know! It just makes me sick that these parents would sit back and do nothing, even if it were their son that did this! I am so sick and tired of children getting hurt and killed!!!

    • amy

      DNA was found none match any of the family members…

    • SLT

      You really think these parents sat back and did nothing? Patsy died of a broken heart. Yes, it was cancer that actually took her life but had she not had the broken spirit from the loss of her child, I think she could’ve beat the cancer. But who knows?

      • http://yahoo puncie

        cancer.The stress of guilt has caused her ovarian. Yes she loved her daughter but could not talk about what she knew about Jon Benet’s death

        • Judy Ward

          Stress does not cause cancer.

          • http://dogwarddown.net Mark R ONeill

            Cancer thrives under a weakened immune system. Stress weakens the immune system.

            You’re not a doctor.

          • jb

            wrong…stress is a leading cause of illness and especially cancer.

          • Nicole

            No.. but stress can cause illness to come out. Stress can cause so many issues.. and illnesses that lay underneath can come out. Happens all the time to people and animals. Therefore.. stress of the whole situation probably did weaken her body to the point where the cancer was able to come out again.

    • Cindy Granier

      How can anyone thumbs down a comment like you made…sickos.

    • keith w kunz

      the mother was stage monster. and her DNA was not tested against the evidence at the crime scene. the fact they were rich the denver county sheriff did nothing.

      • keith w kunz

        remember it was proven that the mother wrote the ransom letter.

        • Anon

          No, it was NOT proved that the mother wrote the ransom letter. Expert analysis concluded that the note was not written by the father, but they could not conclude that the mother did write the note. Perhaps there were similarities in the handwriting or characteristics of the writing however that’s not the same thing as saying that they were the same. Famous example of handwriting wrongly used against an innocent man is the case of Christopher Emmanuel Balestrero (as dramatised in Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Wrong Man).

    • Freddie

      I agree, but I think the parents, prob Dad, tied the body afterward. It was tied in a garrot knot, which the kid wouldn’t have known how to do but would make it look like someone else did it afterward. Plus there were no prints found outside the house in the snow/mud so it was someone inside the home.

    • KayDee

      It’s extremely rare for children under 12 to commit murder. I’m not saying it’s never happened, but there are only a few known cases in history. So it’s not likely.

      • str8 from sedc

        I think some of the comments should be kept to theirselves!! wow, I felt nothing but sadness and anger when I relive this case. It seems like just yesterday, that the young beautiful child was taken so suddenly and no one to be held accountable. I think that everyone in that house should have been checked, searched and interrogated for hours. There was a xmas party going on, could have been one of the guess, anyone. I do in part agree with the grand jury, the parents should have been charged with neglect, because they can prove that. Its just so many twist and turns in the story, that we’ll probably never know. But just have faith that our father in heaven knows and that evil son of a *** will have to deal with it come his judgement day. I always thought it was the mom because maybe the child was tired of doing the pagents and mom didn’t like it. Hey, but I’m nobody, just my opinion.

  • Michael Totin

    Any Lawyer with a little persuasion could convince a jury to indict a HAM SANDWICH. So, when this radical investigated reporter seeks a public record of what happened in 1996, the question is if a grand jury will indict everything and anything without evidence is it necessary to have this made public when both parents were cleared of any wrongdoing years later ? The indictment is part of the process…no need to have this made light 17 years later…let it go.

  • cindy lee

    I always thought the parents were responsible for the death of their daughter, they would not cooperate with police, if your kid was missing wouldn’t you do anything and everything to try and find them that means talking to police to answer all questions they may have not refusing to be questioned. the fact that she was found in their own house to me is suspicious and the attacker took the time at the house to write the ransom note???? if someone else did it surely they would of had the note written before they got to the house. everything was to suspicious about the case. I truly believe the parents were involved or know what happened nothing else makes sense. they have to live with what happened an I hope it haunts them always even in death I hope patsy never rests

    • m e

      District Attorney Mary Lacy cleared the Ramseys.

      In clearing the Ramseys, Lacy cited a DNA sample of an “unknown” male found in JonBenet’s underwear and on her leggings.

      “The match of male DNA on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items,” Lacy wrote.

  • Shorty
  • http://ya-hoo ed

    WHY after all this time no match on nat sx offender files?? is any 1 looking??

  • jdj624

    the REAL killer of JonBenet is her older brother, who beat her with a hockey stick. the Boulder police dept. have the 911 tapes of Patsy Ramsey calling in the “abduction” of JonBenet. in the background you can clearly hear hear her brother screaming and crying & saying, ” mommy i didn’t mean to hit her. i’m sorry i didn’t mean to hit her” the real cover up and mystery is why they hid this from the public. (“THIS INFORMATION COMES DIRECTLY FROM THE BOULDER POLICE OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON WHO I PERSONALLY KNEW”). because of this cover up she quit the Boulder police dept. which she had over 10 yrs of service and a very promising career. ultimately she left the Boulder area and moved to Florida because of the cover up. and a note to Lil L to wants to accuse John Ramsey of being a PEDOPHILE. you are a freaking MORON! what PROF do you have to make that accusation? NONE! that was a rumor written by another moron journalist, and you being a WEAK MINDED idiot, you believe it. why your writing apology letters why not write one for your DAD? yeah your DAD the man who lured little boys into his car, then would SODOMIZE them. this is something your FATHER did for years. raping little boys, because your father was a HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE. how do you like ” ACCUSATIONS?”

  • Ben

    Why are we still talking about this? That was 18 years ago. Stop living in the past and trying to stir the pot at the expense of a little girl. She’s dead. Let her stay that way. Slow news day?

  • m e

    District Attorney Mary Lacy, cleared the Ramseys.

    In clearing the Ramseys, Lacy cited a DNA sample of an “unknown” male found in JonBenet’s underwear and on her leggings.

    “The match of male DNA on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items,” Lacy wrote.

  • Frustrated

    Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayers.

    God rest that baby girl’s soul. And her mama’s.

    God and the people connected to the murder know the truth.

    Truth might not bring about Justice but it will set us free.

    Can’t believe this is still a news story in 2013.

  • Sue

    Patsy met her day of judgement. Will they now try John Ramsey? Did she not have an older brother? Was he ever questioned?

  • Safehaven1987

    There is too many disputes on both sides to ever know now. One report will list certain evidence, then another report will deny that evidence exists. One thing is for sure-the girl was strangled. That is not an accident. Did someone “accidentally” strangle her? The ransom note was clearly written by Patsy Ramsey. One read through of it and it is obvious. I guess one could argue just because they wrote the ransom note doesn’t mean they killed her. Nobody will ever know now.

  • VL

    This is a tragedy for this innocent child. Until the killer is exposed and proven the public will continue to be angry for the lack of justice. Clearly justice has been obstructed here. But trust this: God knows what happened. Everybody comes to their judgment someday.

  • jenny

    bedwetting is an obvious indication of sexual abuse. Sure, there are other causes for it, but considering the manner in which this little girl was murdered, and considering the fact that she was a frequent bedwetter, it is not hard to make the connection that JBR was most likely sexually abused on a regular basis. I believe she lived under the same roof as her abusers, and the night of her murder was an escalated event in which the family came together to cover for one another. Now if we could just see some physical evidence to support that, that would be great.

    • http://Website Nancy Vicknair

      I say it was the brother. A brother killed his sister here this year-he 12, she 10ish

    • CC

      Oh please I pissed the bed plenty of nights when I was a kid and I wasn’t sexually abused.

  • JB

    I never felt Dad caused the death. I feel Mom wrote the note.

  • Nikki N

    The whole thing was a tragedy. I don’t know where to point the finger other than how the investigation at the Ramsey home to the gathering of evidence was just a mess. Everyone has their own theory as to what happened and we’ll never know. No one can be tried and convicted for coincidence. Why Jon was allowed to carry the child’s body is beyond me. It seems to me that the police should have locked that basement down with the child’s body when the body was discovered. The whole note writing thing that is odd and leads to speculation but we can all speculate about every aspect of this case and it still doesn’t get anyone anywhere. I hate that someone knows something or that there is a possible child murderer out there but at some point, when are we going to let this rest? Patsy Ramsey is no longer with us and there’s no solid evidence to convict Jon or his son-so what else is there? There were 3 boys killed a few years prior to this case, and their murder(murderers) have never been found-the crime scene was compromised and torn apart, and 3 teenage boys took the fall for that one and nearly paid for that crime with their lives had it not been for DNA evidence and a great legal team. We don’t even have DNA evidence here.

  • oceansidemom

    Why did the DA present the case to the Grand Jury if he had no intention of accepting their findings?

  • http://webpronews/life Robert

    Well,I remember them saying no tracks in snow around house, and how could a 9 year old come up with a gorope strangling device?

  • Marley

    the layout of the house was a nightmare, a mish mosh of rooms and levels, my feeling is that someone who was familiar with the house had to have committed the murder. the case was mishandled from the start and it most probably too late to give that poor child justice.

  • mdf

    She killed herself.

  • jane

    after carefull thought i to think someone in the house did it … to look at john ramsey today you think he is innocent ..but he was known to be a shrewd business man and not as quite manner as he apperaed around the murder time.. patsy may be innocent of the actual murder but knows who did it … i dont think the boy did it ..i think patsey and john did all the cover up… and cause they had such clott in boulder the police whom were sloppy already did not indict them as they should have … it would have come out in court all the evidence and patsy might have broke down then … for their friend who cry they would never do this …. you dont know what a desperate rich person will do.. they have and had a lot ot loose they didnt expect the backlash and the lost of their little rich life … the ransom note is the key to who did it … the amount a killer asked for was johns bonus amount and not only that .. burk might have wrote it for his parents .. and fell a sleep and forgot he did that … i wonder did the police question the boy?? i dont think so…
    what does burk remmember now …what killer sit in the house and write a note leaving finger prints and such … i bet they flused a lot down the tolet too… like the pen the and paper tissue that cleaned up finger prints etch paper towel etc… john ramsey ran to the basement and bought up the body who does that … he was suppose to let the police do their job. sounds like a nervous act to me … remember this when a person committs a crime their body go into a protective mode and it becmes about covering and conspiring …. and protecting … they both could not see themselves in jail… and burk was not questioned at all … so it was patsey and john hands down who killed and manipulated the system which in boulder was quit weak…. payoffs , shut ups and rich friends who swore they were just good chrisitans set the stage for disbelief ,the public was not fooled at all

  • mdf

    Maybe Casey Anthony did it.

  • Daniel Muessig

    Money buys freedom!

  • redpill

    I believe home invading pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramsey

    evidence here

  • Brenda

    I believe that John Ramsey killed his daughter and forced his wife to help him cover the crime up.

  • Jim

    The question is who paid off the DA to refuse to sign the indictment. Just shows how screwed up and un fair our criminal justice system has become and it is getting worse every day.

  • Vic

    The bottom line is that whoever did it needs to be punished unless they are already dead.

  • Jim

    The one issue that no one has ever explained is how the ransom note had the exact amount of Mr. Ramsey’s bonus. As they police always say, there are no such things as coincidences when it comes to crimes.

  • Suzanne

    Parents had something to do with it…funny how when things are clearly obvious, our minds want to complicate things. I have No way of knowing exactly HOW it happened no one ever will.

  • http://www.BobEnyartMurderedJonBenetRamsey.com Dani Kekoa

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    • jenny

      WHY is this “bob enyart” post on any and every article linked to JBR, dated back to when this case first broke?? surely this would have been investigated by now? all these posts I read about this SBTC seems to stem from a cult-like following. weird.

  • Nancy Smith

    What exactly is up Brennan’s ass? Does he still need an additional 15 minutes of fame?

  • cwebb

    Grand Jury voting to indict proves nothing, nor supports any conspiracy theories. You can get a GJ to indict a ham sandwich. DA’s job is to decide based on prosecutorial judgement, and he chose not to. Parents were exonerated. Still it was someone, so why can’t Bolder even find a credible suspect????

  • http://n/a Candice

    Really, do people have brains anymore? If the parents did do it, WHY would they write a ransom note POINTING back to them? Giving the police more evidence? If they were so smart in covering this up and making it look like an accident, WHY even include the note in the first place? It seems to me like someone wanted to get back at John Ramsey, perhaps a former employer or just someone who knew and was jealous of his wealth, family life, and position in life. What about the foot print, the Hi-Tec shoe footprint, found outside? If the parents did it, why would they walk outside after the fact, and what happened to the boots? Did they disappear into thin air? No, i think the real killer walked away in them. BTW, the intruder probably had a key. Of course it was my first thought too that the intruder entered from the basement window, but if any of you had actually read anything about the case, you would know there were spider webs lacing that broken window in the basement. He must have had a key. He must have entered the house while the Ramseys were out. He must have been watching them, and planning. A while back, I don’t remember what book I read it it, it talked about when Patsy had cancer, and when she was going through chemo, she had Burke and JonBenet take pictures with her, kissing her bald head. She hugged them. She kissed them. She obviously adored her children. And from what I’ve read about John, he is truly a broken man because of this tragedy. And everyone just wants to point fingers back to them. Because as a society, we want someone to blame, to say “A-ha! That’s who did it, and he did it this was, because of this reason. Case solved.” Some cases are not like this. The use of a garrotte, in my opinion, points to someone who maybe hunted or worked with animals or at a farm. He tied her up like an animal. Then mocked John in the note. As for the exact number on John’s bonus check, it seems like someone must have overheard him getting that bonus, worked in the building and saw a paper with his name and that number. Maybe it was the trigger for this perp. I just can’t rationalize in my mind, why, if the Ramsey’s suppossedly did this crime, would they include that number, incriminating themselves? I feel like the perp wrote the note to buy himself more time to get away from the area. He knew no one would check the basement right away, they were thinking JonBenet was out of the house at that point. If your kid goes missing, there’s a ransom note for her in your house, the first thing you think is not “Ok, let’s check the house, because I think whoever wrote the note is lying.” They followed the note. They waited for the phone call. None came. Then they looked and found her. Think about it, I know everyone’s first thought goes automatically to the parents, but there is so much more evidence pointing away from them than pointing to them. And as for the note being written by Patsy Ramsey, please. Some people’s handwritting look like others. Plain and simple. I don’t think Patsy would have been in the right state of mind to write such a detailed, weird, rambling note, either before killing her daughter or after. That just doesn’t make any sense. Please think about it and don’t point blame at the parents if there is no way of knowing that they did or didn’t do it. That’s sick. Remember, Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat. Thank you.

    • John

      What good was a ransom note to the supposed killer/intruder? She was already dead and left in her own home. Again, why would the killer leave a ransom note asking for money when he had nothing to bargain with? Then takes the time to put the machine he used to write the note with back in a closet all the while 3 members of the family are present in the home?

  • lulu

    they coulda got that dna from someone and place it on her, less suspicious of them since it wouldnt match any of them? everything is possible.

  • lulu

    they coulda got that dna from someone and placed it on her, less suspicious of them since it wouldnt match any of them? everything is possible.

  • Shirley Scott

    And wouldn’t they feel terrible. Knowing now, that the parents are not guilty.

  • Maggie

    I remember no footprints in the snow. Patsy’s paintbrush was used, and she had on the same clothes from the party the night before. There were a lot of strange things in this that seemed a cover up to me at the time. When the police first went to check the room she was in the father said, something like she wouldn’t be in there because the door had been painted shut. Odd.

  • Maggie

    Other mothers at the beauty shows also commented that Patsy was always taking her to the bathroom, more than normal.

  • kateshotmileysnot

    total bs. the parents were involved.

  • Beverly

    Read Death of Innocence written by the Ramseys. It is a bizarre story but so many routine things done in a normal homicide investigation were just excluded. I know the stats point the finger at the parents but read the book and you might see things in a different way.

  • Phil

    The fact remains that a GRAND JURY, a body that is charged with weighing the evedence that is presented to them,found that there was enough evedence to indict the parents. It should have been signed and left up to the court system to find them guilty or inocent, NOT THE D.A.

  • http://WebProNews denee

    I am so saddened that our country has so many ignorant people answering this…You could see the suffering that the parents were going through. The police botched the scene from the beginning and got tunnel vision. That is too bad. I think having so many people come through your house for a Christmas Party could be how the person either got in the house or the window in the basement. The private investigator found a hand print on that window that did not belong to the Ramsey family. It is so very sad but now Patsy the Mother is with her sweet, darling daughter in heaven. I will pray for the Father and her brother and half brother. They have been judged by our country which is suppose to be the home where you are innocent until proven guilty. Jesus knows what happened and I pray that this cold case will be reopened to find this awful killer that was not a Ramsey. Please do not respond in a negative way. A child was murdered and a mother died of ovarian cancer. I pray John Ramsey has some happiness in his new life after the nightmare he has gone through. Too many of you have no compassion.

  • PoisonIvy

    Most people keep mentioning D.N.A. I hope to God that if I’m I’ve tried for a crime I didn’t commit they don’t convict on D.N.A. alone. Our D.N.A. is left everywhere. As for it being in the panties, whose to say this wasn’t a premeditated murder. I do believe D.N.A. can be planted and we all know people can be bought off. This case was doomed from the start when evidence was destroyed or even lost! And who lays their beautiful, loved, dead child on the floor? What they couldn’t afford a new couch? That alone tells you something was wrong with this family from the start. When judgment day comes the person or persons responsible for taking this little girls life will be punished. We can guess all we want, but so many lies have been told that a person could confess and some idiot would try to prove they didn’t do it! It’s a crazy world we’re all living in.

  • pphilps

    Who had a stun gun? Wouldn’t that point a finger?

  • Reality

    Well, after reading all these comments it is evident that no one knows who actually did the crime.

    What people think happens in courtrooms and what actually does is two totally different things. People are so ignorant of how the justice system works in this nation. I would not trust a DA further than I could see him or her. I also would not trust DNA evidence either. I am sorry to tell people but in the real world, things don’t work like you see on NCIS or Law & Order.

    Every day in this nation, innocent people are sent to prison and guilty people are not even indicted. Some states are worse than others. Colorado is actually middle of the road on state integrity. Other places are much worse and don’t ever get in trouble in Georgia. They are dead last and their court system is fundamentally broken.

    All I know for certain is that the whole situation is just messed up. I mean — come on people — look at the picture of that girl. She is six years old, but looks like a miniature teenager. Both parents are crazy for allowing that to happen to their daughter anyhow.

  • http://Yahoo Linda

    It is hard to believe a Mother could do something so horrific to their child, but look at Yates, Routier, Smith. All of these women loved their children, but they snapped just for a second. I’m not saying Patsy did it, but someone in the home did and Patsy knew about it. That’s why she wrote the note left on the staircase. People don’t leave ransom notes and then murder the child on the way out! Nu-uh, no way! Boulder Co., you need to reopen this case!

    • John

      Exactly! What good would a ransom note do the killer? The child was already dead and left in her own home. What does the killer have to bargain with? 3 of the family members were in the home at the same time the crime went down, and yet the killer is going to take the time to use a machine to write a ransom note that would absolutely do him no good whatsoever, then make sure he puts the device back in a closet?

  • danabelle

    bottom line is that something happened in that house!& the parents were aware of her demise before they said they did! who did it? who knows, they know, that i’d put money on!

  • MyDogSamEatsPurpleFlowers

    It’s a shame when anyone is murdered, especially a child. And whether or not JonBenet’s parents did it, I have no clue. But the speculative meanness has got to stop. Parents lost a child. The DNA matched no one in that house and not one single family member. How she died remains a mystery, but it’s possible that the answer is right under their nose and always has been. Sometimes it’s very easy to overlook the obvious. I’m not saying that this is the case. I’m only saying it’s possible. If your daughter died and you don’t know who did it or how she died, how would you like it if suspicion fell on you, even though you are completely innocent? Please think about that, folks.

  • http://att.net jacqueline

    read My Sister My LOver by Joyce Carol Oates

  • http://att.net jacqueline

    read “my Sister, My Lover” by Joyce Carol Oates

  • kevin

    At least we have honey boo boo


    Grand jury proceedings are not public record until the defendants are served and arraigned. If the County Attorney declined to file, there is no ‘public record’. I’d be interested to know how the information regarding the indictment came out to begin with.

  • Jose Weirdo

    I think the most obvious conclusion from the evidence is that John Ramsey probably was diddling his daughter, and the murder threatened to expose that uncomfortable reality for a rich and prominent citizen. It’s sort of like Gary Condit, the congressman from CA, who was having an affair with his intern Chandry Levy, when she happened to be murdered. Ultimately it turned out someone else murdered her, but he accidentally got exposed in the process. Here it looks like John Ramsey impeded the investigation into his daughter’s death, because he knew it was likely to expose his own dark secrets. And by the way, no, he has not been “exonerated,” not at all.

    • kate

      i totally agree…

  • Jose Weirdo

    It’s pretty clear that John Ramsey at least was sexually abusing his daughter. That’s the most inescapable explanation for why the family fought so hard to impede the investigation — which no sane, rational parent would ever do, if they were entirely innocent, in all respects.

  • Phyllis Swarner

    I remember reading ‘way back when this happened that there was a “17 year old step-son” visiting for the Holidays who was immediately whisked back to Atlanta. I saw it reported one time then completely hushed up. Am I the only one who remembers anything about this being reported?

  • CC

    There was plenty of time for someone to run out and get some, how can I say this, DNA somewhere, a homeless person, a stranger and put it in her undergarments. He you never know. God bless jonbenet.

  • Kimberly

    I’m no lawyer; I’m not God. I really don’t know what happened. However, some things that happened have always BOTHERED me. Most have already been mentioned, like the letter Patsy PROBABLY wrote, Jon suddenly knowing exactly where to lead the police to the body before they found it on their own (why hadn’t he looked their all day?? or had he??), the previous sexual abuse, etc. Just using common sense, I have to ask what killer/ potential kidnapper breaks into a house and THEN writes a ransom note- after practicing a bunch of times. COMMON SENSE says that, sadly, these parents not innocent in this crime. I just pray that one day the truth comes out.

  • kate
  • John

    Was it ever determined if the stun gun wounds were post-mortem?

  • Rebecca Howell

    The brother was really young and I think we can completely rule that out. Child pageants have just been banned in France. A parent who is a stage mother- is suspect to me. Picture Joan Crawford “no wire hangers!”. I think that Patsy flipped out over something JB said and killed her. The father passed a lie detector but Patsy never took one. Now she is dead and perhaps the culprit has been sentenced by God.

  • Virginia Hurley

    The fact is “the one who counts “Heavenly Father” knows who did it”. The person that did this has to live with the fact that they did it, I happily leave it to Him to do the judging and pass out the sentence. May they all rest in peace, though I doubt that the guilty one will. Jon Benet is with our Lord in a better place than we are right now, the one who sent her there must face the music in front of a much greater judge.

  • Deester

    It’s always been pretty clear to me. Jon-Benet was killed in an accident, perhaps during some kind of violent encounter. She wet the bed, her mother was angry, pulled her roughly into the bathroom, where she fell and hit her head, cracking her skull. She was not dead, perhaps, but appeared so, and the Ramseys panicked, thinking Patsy would be arrested. They concocted the kidnapping scheme, tied the garrot, etc. Then, when it appeared that they might be accused of the crime, they told the DA that their son had committed it, and they were trying to protect him (their only remaining child). So, the DA agreed not to do anything.

  • http://Webpronews.com jesse

    I don’t believe the parents had anything to do with it. Nor did her brother.