JonBenet Ramsey Dead 17 Years, Book Nears Completion

    December 26, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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JonBenet Ramsey was just six years old when her body was found in the basement of her family’s Boulder, Colorado home 17 years ago. Her killer remains at large. Paula Woodward, a former investigative reporter for Boulder’s 9News has spent the last four years writing a book about the unsolved murder case. That book is now nearing its publication date. Mr. Ramsey, Listen Carefully!: Facts, Fictions, Lies and Legends in the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey is due for publication in 2014 by Kensington Publishing Corp.

A tentative date of August 26, 2014 has been set, but even Woodward isn’t certain that will be the book’s release date.

“That’s going to be decided after the holidays,” she said.

Approximately 400 pages in length, it will no doubt be very interesting to see what the former 9News reporter has written.

JonBenet Ramsey’s father, John Ramsey, found her partially clothed body in the basement of their home on December 26th, 1996. Eight hours earlier Patsy Ramsey had found a ransom note on a staircase within the home, demanding $118,000 for JonBenet’s return. Both of JonBenet’s parents were considered suspects in her murder, as was her older brother Burke. All have long since been cleared of any wrongdoing in the little girl’s death. Many suspect the Boulder Police for botching the case from the start.

Paula Woodward’s book is being written with cooperation from John Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer back in 2006.

“I visited with him in Charlevoix (Mich.) in 2009 and asked him to participate in the book, and explained my reasons for doing the book,” she said. “I have cooperation from John Ramsey, from law enforcement people, from Ramsey attorneys, from people involved on the periphery. A lot of people seemed willing to talk. Some were anonymous, but they are known to me — and my editor, of course.”

It will certainly be interesting to read whatever Paula Woodward has compiled in her book about JonBenet Ramsey’s death. It would definitely be wonderful after all these years if something would lend some clues to cold case investigators that might lead to an arrest.

Woodward dismisses any notion that she believes all members of JonBenet’s family are innocent.

“That case was full of misperceptions, and nobody knows what I thought then and after reviewing it for four years, nobody knows what I think now,” she said.

Do you think John, Patricia and Burke Ramsey are all innocent of wrongdoing in the death of JonBenet Ramsey 17 years ago? Do you think Paula Woodward’s new book will help point fingers at a suspect in the case?

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  • courtney

    Let this girl please RIP. Enough already. Let everyone mover on. Terrible tragedy and unfortunately the killer may never have been caught but let this father and family move on please.

    • Tim

      She’s Resting in Peace either way. Besides, her father’s cooperating, clearly HE wants the book written…if you don’t support it, just don’t buy it, lady.

    • Alexander Pearson

      Resting in peace doesn’t mean allowing a murderer to exist in our society without pursuit. Perhaps the media blitz and hype was over the type for just how many murders and even child murders go unpublished to the extent the Ramsey case was, but that doesn’t mean that resting in peace means leaving it alone. No one deserves to be forgotten 17 years after their murder just because they were so noticed at first.

      For the love of god, she was only six. Let her have justice, she already has peace, unfortunately.

      • @Alexander

        There is no justice in this world. Half the people we have locked up in prison didn’t do their crimes. Unfortunately, what that means is that there are many free guilty people.

        Justice? Please. In America, the cops are as crooked as the crooks. The only time you have justice is if you have money.

  • sarah

    I read the three books that were published after this case because it was so shocking. Lawerence Schiller wrote the most believable in my opinion, it just solidified my opinion of what happened. Patsy and John wrote one but it didn’t really make me think they were innocent. I still to this day think that Patsy was overtired and strung out, trying to do too much at Christmas time, the kids were up, messing around, Jon Benet had a bed wetting problem and it was late at night, the parents wanted to sleep and the mom got mad. In my opinion she struck her. It was an accident and they covered it up. Just my opinion after reading all three books. I think the dad tried to cover for his wife. I dont think they meant to harm the child but she did. I do not believe there was some child molester in denver. I remember reading that patsy covered her face when talking to the cops but looked at them through her fingers slightly opened. Like you would if you were guilty trying to see who is buying your story. Like a child would do. I have never forgotten that. Lawerence Shchiller wrote that. Stuff like that he would tell… the inside stuff no one else wrote or mentioned.

    • me

      So how do you explain the semen found on the floor near her body that didnt match the parents?

      • @me

        How do you know there was semen? How do you know it wasn’t planted? There are tons of ways to pin a crime on someone else. Heck, you can even pay off the police, if you have enough money.

        There are lots of innocent people in our prisons who got set up.

      • matt

        There was no semen found near her body that “didn’t match the parents.” there was no semen found near her body at all.

        And,why would investigators even attempt to see if “semen” matched her mother anyway?

        • Hanna

          There was actually no seminal fluid found. I read the autopsy report. There was foreign saliva found and one pubic hair.

          Women don’t produce semen, so how could they test it to Patsy’s DNA anyway…?

          • Meg

            Correct….there was no seminal fluid to be found on her body. Fact is – both saliva, pubic hair, and skin cells left on multiple areas of her clothing has been found. Pubic hair-questionable as to accurate proof. But, saliva and skin cells can be tested&clinically proven as a match/or mixture of with either her mother or father’s genetic DNA. It has shown a no match to either. Yet, an unknown male DNA’s has.

        • ullungdo

          The semen would not match mom but it might lead to a relative of hers.

      • peeganr

        As non existent. There was no semen, but what is called touch DNA on the child’s panties which could have been left by anyone touching them, even someone in the manufacturing process if they were not washed before wearing.

    • PC

      I believe the killers are dead, and it was the two handymen that worked in the house. They knew the house, and knew how to get in. The day the police announced they were going to talk to “persons of interest” one of the two committed suicide. The other died in prison.

      I never ever from the start suspected the parents.

      • Zen

        Where did you learn of these two workman?

    • ErinB

      JB’s cause of death was strangulation. The head trauma was post mortem. I absolutely thought the Ramsey parents had something to do with it, but the unknown foreign dna found on JB’s underwear is hard to argue with. I do find it interesting that the Grand Jury thought the Ramseys should be brought to trial due to child negligience, perhaps this new book has some information about that. I hope so.

      • matt

        foreign dna found at the scene doesn’t mean the parents- or burke-are innocent. that’s a very common misconception. it just means that they are possibly ” not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” that’s very different.

        • matt

          Besides which they found FIVE OR SIX different strands of foreign DNA at the scene.

        • Meg

          Sorry Matt….IMO, your opinion isn’t scientifically factual so your believed misconception is also in error. Family member(s)DNA would show positive/or mixture of involvement. It has not in the Ramsey case. Thankfully, it has worked in the favor of the parents as a trial against them would have been an injustice in determining “beyond a reasonable doubt”.
          DNA shows 4 conclusions. 1. DNA – matches family&friends tested. Proved-unfounded in this case. 2. Mixed DNA – finds a variable (w/possibility of family DNA tested) along with another. Ramsey family/friends DNA showed no genetic markers in that mix. Again, Proved-unfounded in this case. 3. DNA found – non-identifiable to make a match(i.e. foreign/un-registered in any forensic data-base)thus, no lead to examine further. Proved-Accurate. 4. Compromised DNA – (non-secure procedures in collecting evidence @ crime scene delivering to pristine lab environment)giving inaccurate DNA read result as non-applicable. This has never shown to be questionable in this case with either law enforcement or the defense.
          Unless, as another poster’s opinion is that “The cops planted it”. Which I believe is assumptive paranoia and unfounded, given the extreme detailed&exhaustive investigation over these decades. This is STILL an UN-Solved Mystery. With no eye-witness, nor iota of physical or forensic evidence…the family was not involved!

        • metoo

          She had an older 1/2 brother too from her father. Wasn’t he in the home? And wouldn’t his DNA be foreign to her’s since they weren’t full-blood siblings?

          • Meg


            Jon Benet’s step-brother John, voluntarily, was tested and result is not disputed by either side. His DNA markers or combination of (mix), completely ruled out his involvement forensically. With both the multiple skin cells or saliva found on her body and clothing. No match.

    • Laura

      I also read the Lawerence Schiller book, and found the mother’s behavior the night of the murder very very odd. I mean, beyond odd. And remember that there were rough drafts found of the ransom note?

    • Keith

      So how exactly does that explain the presence of what we now know is foreign semen in Jon Benet’s underwear at the time of her murder?

    • Floyd White

      The mother did it. A less than professional investigation was instrumental in allowing her not to be charged. The father, being always dominated by his wife, also played a part in allowing the police not to charge the wife. Can we say COVERUP by ALL involved, from dad to police to prosecutor?

      This new book while furnishing information, which has been already forthcoming, will NOT shed any new light on saying who the guilty party really is. Read the book. If any NEW information, NEW facts, not already out there, is gleaned from your reading, I will apologize for this post.

  • baby jesus

    Who killed Roger Rabbit?

    • Knows Better

      This case was botched and closed long before the public even knew it. NOTHING about this made sense and the odds of this having happened IN THEIR OWN HOUSE at night (everyone at home?),without at least one parent involved. Come on……. Money TALKS and sh*t WALKS!!!

      • micky mouse

        Yeah, Jon had another daughter from his first marriage who died pre-maturely too. Did he not give everyone the creeps like me? Go back and watch the man. Also, the ransom note had the EXACT $ amount of Jon’s Christmas bonus that year. I think he was messing with his child as he had many times before as her vagina clearly showed past trauma. She threatened to talk or something and he got carried away. Patsy woke up and found the note and panicked. Everything from there on was a cover up. Of course, we will never truly know. JonBenet is at peace. Her mother has already had to face whatever she was culpable of. Jon has yet to answer for whatever he is culpable of. Money can buy a cover up but not innocence.

      • Karen

        My daughter was assaulted when she was a very young teen. She had stepped out with a young man, in her own yard, after we had gone to bed. He strangled her and thought she was dead. The young man who did this carried her back to my house, and put her in her bed. I left for work the next morn. My husband went with my son to his boy scout meeting. I came home from work and found her in bed. Her face looked scalded to me. I ran her to the doctor, when he turned to me and said she had been strangled. I started laughing hysterically as nothing like this ever happened to me or mine. At that time she didn’t remember anything. We were sent to the hospital and was questioned all day by police and hospital personnel. They tried to get my children to say their dad did it, even after she began to remember who had attacked her. My hair went white over night after this happened. My point is you do not know how you are going to react under this kind of stress. Even though the police knew who did this they did not arrest him immediately as he had a trial coming up on drug charges. All the time he was out he stalked my daughter and other girls in their school. After a year he was finally was convicted and sent to prison. He got 10 for her attempted murder and 20 for stalking using the mail. She lived and went on to have a family of her own. He gets up for probation soon and I am terrified for the safety of my daughter and grand daughters.

        • metoo

          Hmm, sorry to hear your story. I find it interesting that he got more time for mail stocking than attempted murder.

  • My Prediction

    This was 17 freaking years ago. Oh God, not this again. Now all the crazy people will come out of the woodwork. You know, all the holier than thou people who are obsessed with this case but probably beating their own kids behind closed doors.

    Today, 3,000 kids died in Africa from starvation. Every day 3,000 kids die in Africa from starvation. We are such damn hypocrites. We care about the little blond girl that died 17 years ago or that cute puppy dog in an animal shelter, but we don’t give a damn about kids we could literally be helping today.

    Save your money and don’t buy this book. Better yet, give that money to the poor. Nothing written about this case will do any good. Besides, isn’t it freaking obvious who killed this girl. It was the parents. What caring parents would even consider dressing up their six year old and making her look freaking 26 years old. Deranged lunatic parents would.

    • Tim

      Stuff a sock in it. Who are you to determine what other people should care about? How do you know what organizations ppl donate to? WHAT DO YOU DONATE TO???

      • @Tim

        Your reaction proved my point perfectly. Crazy people. Going crazy over something that happened 17 years ago.

    • jj

      Telling people what not to buy, telling people how to spend their money and what to care about? You’re the definition of holier than thou and the biggest hypocrite on here.

      • @jj

        Oh please. More nuts have arrived. No one “cares” about this girl. This is a freaking side show. Like I said, 3,000 children died today. Tomorrow 3,000 more will. The day after that 3,000 more.

        But no, more people will care about the child beauty pageant murder that happened 17 years ago and something you can’t do anything about. Ask yourself this question, if Jon Benet was a plump asian girl would you care?

        Hell no.

        Don’t get pissed at me because I see through your bogus concern and insanity.

      • Steele1

        What good does it do to the African children if you are over here wasting energy and time when you could be helping? Obviously you are more interested than you let on, or you’re just a weirdo trying to show what a wonderful person you are.

    • Kat

      Are you certain exactly 3000 Africa children die per day? Never 2999 or 3001? Surely, you jest. And what about Darfur. And Chile, sex slaves, drugs, etc. etc. etc. Yes there are many issues out there–but obviously you felt compelled to read this article and to type up a whiny reply, so I guess you don’t dedicate 100% of your time to the exactly 3000 children in Africa. Or you’d be there, with no internet. Why don’t you sell the computer you’re typing on and eat nothing but bread and water for a year, better yet, go on a hunger strike. Better yet, just stop whining to other people and trying to redirect their interest. I don’t think you’re the brain trust USA, darling.

      • Steele1

        Miss Kat, eloquently stated and really quite awesome. I suspect she’s the one with the bogus concern- “see what a nice person I am, I care about starving children.” Not a murdered child. Are you currently in Africa, JJ, or just talking? Yeah.

      • @Kat

        You tried, but unsuccessfully, to deflect what was said in the message by attacking the messenger.

        My guess is you are a fat self-centered woman.

        By the way, the statistics given are accurate. Of course, no one knows the exact numbers. Stop being so petty and trying to mask your own guilt.

        But no, go carry on about a 17 year old murder. Or better yet, since your so interested, odds are that you are one of those pshyco moms who dress up their kid.

    • Sarah

      Why do you believe that caring about the child victim of a cold case murder case automatically means that one does not care about starving Africans or anyone else? Your inclusion of everyone else in “we” in your tirade about other earthly tragedies is way beyond presumptuous. Your use of the first person plural when speaking of others indicates that you (too?) do not care about these issues. As to “cute puppy dogs,” what is wrong about concern regarding humane conditions for all creatures, human and non? You don’t know whether other writers are donating to poor, working for international starvation, or anything else. Stop being so holier than thou.

    • Floyd White

      What in the he– does starving children in Africa or any other country have to do with this murder? Where are the families of these ‘starving” children? Where is the government of these “starving” children? If the families and the government are not part of the solution then they are the problem.

      We have a responsibility to impose justice on all crimes and all criminals, no matter how long it takes. If we don’t then our country will turn out to be like those with the “starving” children.

      • @Floyd

        Who are you kidding? Have you ever been in a courtroom? Half the pleas are forced!!

        Justice? You talk about justice? Go to the prisons and see what is going on. See the corruption. See the profiteering. See the cops killing people. See the DAs taking money. The judges taking bribes.

        You talk about justice but it is a made up notion in your mind. It isn’t like you see on TV while you are stuffing your fat face.

        Justice. Who are you kidding? Anyone can be arrested for anything at anytime in America.

  • Tim

    She’s Resting in Peace either way. Besides, her father’s cooperating, clearly HE wants the book written…if you don’t support it, just don’t buy it, lady.

  • Molly

    No one should dress up a 6 year old to look like a porn star. That has to attract the wrong kind of attention.

  • Tim

    That ransom note is the biggest point of contention for me. It makes NO SENSE that kidnappers who didn’t kidnap a child would even write such a thing. We’re to believe they wrote it BEFORE they killed her? Why write it at all? Who had the most to gain from its existence???

    • redpill

      why not write one?

    • Steele1

      The ransom note was a super-dumb move by Patsy Ramsey. Who would do that? I think police called it the “War and Peace” of ransom notes. Because when murderer/kidnapper types are committing crimes, they want to stop and show off their writing skills. Or Patsy wrote it to throw off the investigation.

    • Dee

      Wow, you make a really valid point. Well, what would be the point of creating a ransom note if the body wasn’t taken. Wow!!! It makes you think! We’re always looking for these elaborate details when it comes to solving the unresolved…. but’s it’s the simple details that we tend to overlook…. but those are the details that tend to provide insight.

  • redpill

    “mr cruel theory murdered jonbenet”

    the thread

    I believe home-invading serial pedophile and killer Mr. Cruel murdered Jonbenet Ramse

    the crimeshots has primary source material on modus operendi and signature, and case linkage analysis along with discussion of mr cruel and jonbenet.

  • E

    I happened to be in Boulder visiitng family that Christmas (I grew up there) and it wans’t suprising that the Boulder cops messed this up. Few Boulder murders (who remenbers Sid Wells?) and have ever been solved because it isn’t a big city where murders are prevalent. It is sad but I can’t understand the fascination with this. Let the girl go.

    • Real

      It is America. America is warped to the core. Everyone thinks they know something about a situation they never even was a participant in. We do this with everything. Try to play detective. We think what we see on TV on all those cop dramas are true.

      • Knows Better

        I don’t believe I know everything, but some things are common sense. This family was pedaling their OWN CHILD. A 6 year old being trotted out and forced to perform, disgusting. Many children have bedwetting issues, but at her age, the stress those animals (parents) put her under should have landed them in jail long before this tragic event happened!

  • Real

    Just like at Sandy Hook … we will never know the real truth about this girl. Don’t people get it? The truth is bought and paid for in this country or it is covered up.

    How crazy is this whole story surrounding this girl. It is freaking made up. The parents did it. Evidence was altered or destroyed.

    Look at Sandy Hook. There are tons of crazy things with that. Too many to list in this comment. Then they destroyed the school. Evidence destroyed.

    Grieve all you want but really grieve for yourselves because most everything you see in the media is a lie. The media is where the truth goes to die.

  • surfcitysocal

    DNA evidence unequivocally demonstrates it wasn’t one of the family members and that it was a stranger intrusion. I think it’s someone who stalked JonBenet, worked in their house and knew the layout of it, and knew where JonBenet’s room was, as the itinerant creep who worked at Elizabeth Smart’s house did and used this knowledge to kidnap Elizabeth. This person may have also been an observer at or involved in one of the pageants in which JonBenet participated. Why doesn’t somebody crosscheck this possibility? It seems so obvious to me, I don’t know why this angle hasn’t been pursued. I do wish Mark Fuhrman would be brought into the case as he brought the murderer of Martha Moxley to justice, despite police bungling of the case and much time having passed before, and strictly due to Fuhrman’s investigation and research, the killer was arrested and convicted.

  • Steele1

    I always felt Patsy Ramsey did it, and maybe he strange DNA is someone she called after to help her. She just seemed shady, and I get he was a Christian, but distrust people who use Christianity to show what good people they are, like a façade. I think she lost it, cracked the perfect façade,and couldn’t face it. I believe John Ramsey is innocent, he may have suspected his wife but who wants to face that? Denial.
    The reason they have never found another strong suspect is because she was able to snowball the investigation, and now she’s gone.

  • http://www.jonbeninvestigation.com JonbBenet Investigation

    This case can be solved.
    It will take just on e mail or phone call.
    Someone Knows who killed JonBenet and why.

  • http://www.jonbeninvestigation.com JonbBenet Investigation

    “It’s only going to take one email or phone call to solve this case, and it’s going to be from somebody out in the public that knows something and wants to do the right thing,” said retired Sheriff’s Captain and Municipal Court Judge OM Gray. Gray, an investigator involved with the Ramsey case since 1996, went on to say “I would appeal to everyone to think back to Christmas 1996 – did they see or hear about something suspicious? Do they know anyone acting peculiar or out of the ordinary that was either unaccounted for on the holiday or known to be in vicinity of Boulder, CO on 12/25/1996?”

    • http://www.jonbeninvestigation.com JonbBenet Investigation

      Personality traits that may be recognized by someone that knows an individual who was in Boulder, CO on Christmas day 1996: Judgmental: strong or persistently expressed opinions about organized religion, capitalism and US participation in global affairs. Cold: one perceived as capable of acting without compassion that very well may be violent toward others, set fires or killed animals in the past. Kidnap interest: may have described a fantasy or the risks of what it would be like to abduct someone. Fascination and fantasy regarding little girls and boys. Secretive: maintains spaces or possessions he is extremely protective of that is strictly off limits to others. Bondage: discussed, demonstrated or practiced the construction of garrotes and/or other strangulation devices and body restraints on himself or others. Stun Gun: having a stun gun and paid excessive attention to it by frequent maintenance, display and practice using it.
      Someone that knows the person that took JonBenét’s life may have noticed one or more of the following scenarios following JonBenét’s murder at Christmas 1996: Superficial wounds: Bruises scrapes or scratches on the face, neck or hands that were unexplained or for which the explanations changed. Absent: nonattendance at work, church, school or other routine habits or hobbies. Isolation: a spontaneous trip or sudden need to spend time alone. Change of physical appearance: sudden new hair style or alteration of facial hair. Intense interest: following case updates and news releases with heightened attention and focus. New or used vehicle: abrupt and perhaps seemingly impulsive change in the car or truck he usually drove. Relocation: a hasty change in geography relating to his living, working or regular friends and hangouts. Collector of memorabilia: saving images or videos of JonBenét from newspaper, television or the internet Vengeance: stating or hinting that the Ramsey’s – or JonBenét – are getting what they deserved. Complimentary toward killer: impressed with perpetrator as a criminal mastermind while attributing great intelligence, skill or even luck. Possessions: has items that came from the Ramsey home.

    • Steele1

      Somebody email him and tell him it was Patsy Ramsey and possibly a friend who helped her cover it up.

  • Layla

    The mother killed the girl because she wanted a perfect little girl. Jon Benet wet the bed and Patsy, the mother, killed her. Then Patsy wrote the note. The father knew it and covered it up. He went directly to the basement where he hid the girl.

  • Marta

    I think John was molesting JB. It was wrote that she had been molested before. I think Patsy that night felt something and found John molesting her in the basement. All hell broke lose. Patsy accidently hit her causing her death. So Patsy covered for John , and John did the same. They wrote the note together. JB was wetting her bed because she was being molested. There are so many things that they are not telling us. And its so funny how the father went down to the basement and knew just where to find her. Of course he had to bring someone with him so he could act like he was shocked. Bull, he knew it all along. And so did Patsy.

  • mario

    who cares ?? oh I know the person writing the book. this big book coming out ,she will give you her opinion,who cares,she talked to this one and that one and this one and that one,well the case would have been solved .its all about money she stands to make thats it period folks or go buy book. fools.

  • Karen hoffenberg

    I remember years ago a rock band used to Parade an effigy of this girl and princess Di around on stage. It showed the ridiculousness of these dead people. Like a lot of people die ,much more sadly ,but because they lack vanity no one cares. Always felt bad for mama Ramsey, going to her grave with all those ghosts floating around.

  • gracie

    I’m in agreement with many commenters here who suggest that Patsy had something to do with Jon Benet’s murder and that John knew and helped her cover it up. Too much “circumstantial” evidence. It was probably an accident that turned into a cover up, also involving the Boulder police. Seems ludicrous, but it happens. This was the perfect crime committed by an educated, manipulative, jealous, egostical, and narcissistic person (Patsy) who had plenty of time to construct the crime scene in order to divert attention away from herself, creating “reasonable doubt”. The truth died when she did.

  • taffy

    The parents are guilty as hell. What parents wouldn’t cooperate with the police and immediately hire an attorney to protect themselves? An outside person would have removed the child from the house as in Elizabeth Smart’s case and would not have kept her in the basement, murdered her, written a note and then crept away. Wouldn’t there be noise? And remember there were no footprints outside. John Ramsey walked directly to the basement and found her. How would he know she was down there? Give me a break. Open your eyes. People with money are always treated differently. The Boulder police clearly botched up the case.

  • trial

    there are better things we could voice/write are concern about. or better yet, DO something about. instead we all come here or come to sites like this one, to do nothing but wine, wine, wine & wine. there is nothing more that can be done for this girl. ITS OVER!!!. but however, there ARE things that can be done for those sick & starving kids & adults who die of problems EVERYDAY…PROBLEMS that WE can help prevent…if we actually CARED. some of you ARE hypocrites; if you cared about children, you would raise just as much of a fuss over African kids, who die everyday, as you would your own race of kids.

    • me

      We all like to chime in with our own opinions. (ut you got one thing wrong it’s usually beer, beer, beer for me.) I think just as some other people have stated before, just because we care about this poor child, who never got to grow up and lead a normal full life doesn’t mean we don’t care about anything or anyone else.

      I care very much. I do my part. I believe charity begins at home. Look in your own city or town or in the one next to you, you’ll find starving children and families. Right here in the good ‘ole US of A. If helping those starving children in Africa suits you, then more power to you and GOD bless you.

      As for Jon Bennet’s murder, I have always thought Patsy had something to do with it. I remember back when it happened, they analyzed the ransom note and found that the killer used Patsy’s usual phrases and euphemisms. Also that they were asking for the exact amount of money that John was about to get. Nobody but the ramses could have known that. I saw them on t.v. and they didn’t look like normal grieving parents. Granted everyone grieves differently, but sometimes you can see some of the incongruences in their body language and actions. I don’t know who did it, but I don’t think the parents can be excluded as prime suspects.

  • Floyd White

    Hey Trial, it’ supposed to be whine,whine,whine”not wine,wine,wine” unless you are on the wine.

  • Neal

    Until investigators are willing to do a major paradigm shift and investigate this as family life-style BDSM incest, with a brother attempting to copy what he saw his father do many times before, this crime will never be “solved.”

    • @Neal

      What the hell did you just write? That made absolutely no sense. It is a murder. Investigate it as a murder.

      Where do you get all this bdsm incest bullshit? As if that makes any bit of difference? Why do I get the feeling you get off on all this. You have some fantasy in your head about what happened.

      That is so damn crazy.

  • LMAO

    “we all come here or come to sites like this one, to do nothing but wine, wine, wine & wine.” Maybe if you stop drinking so much wine in the morning you would capable of rational thinking. Or at least get some education…bet you don’t even know what I’m talking about :)

  • Lilp

    I’ve never believed that JonBenet’s parents were the culprits. The nature of he crime just didn’t fit with bedwetting punishment or any kind of punishment gone awry. Also, Mrs. Ramsey was a doting mother, albeit the beauty pageant scenario was way over the top. During the investigation, it was discovered that there were two guys who had tried to take a young girl in the same neighborhood just a few weeks prior to JonBenet’s murder. Interestingly, the focus on the Ramseys was so intent that this fact was pushed aside. On with the witch hunt. Witch hunts are much more gratifying, requiring less true investigation and even more speculation. By the way, one of the two guys involved in the abduction attempt is now dead. I cannot entirely recall the facts surrounding his death, but I believe that they were suspicious. Conveniently–no witness to squeal on his coconspirator.

  • Crazy People

    Reading these posts it is obvious all the people interested or should I say “obsessed” with this case are freaking crazy. We have nothing but speculation. Everything ranging from the parents did it to a conspiracy to incest to bdsm.

    My God people …. look at yourselves…… you are crazy.

    No wonder people plead guilty in court instead of going to trial. Most juries have crazy people like the ones above.

    Just look at the freaking insanity.

    • At moronic statements

      Quite comical “Crazy”…….
      Are you “freaking crazy”, “obsessed” or “insane” in taking the time to comment on a topic you appear to find no value in. Or do you just feel superior w/your keyboard commander style in telling others what they should be interested in? Look in the mirror and “Take a Look at Yourself”.

  • JT

    Yep, you are right. Half the people commenting here are fat slobs with no lives who don’t even know one person even remotely connected to this case. These are the same people who gossip in small towns about people. You wonder where the crazy people are. Well just read these posts and see how crazy these people are.

  • trial

    @crazy people & @bt, i agree.

  • David Bear

    With all the attention on JonBenet i think it’s likely the younger son could have had deep seated, jealous resentment towards his sister. Patsy’s obsessive desire for JonBenet to win beauty pageants undoubtedly consumed much of her time and attention and that left little of either for her son. While playing at some game that fateful evening something inside him snapped and he attacked JonBenet. All of the items used in association with the attack came from the house; the broken-off paintbrush handle from Patsy’s art room and the cord used as a garrote to strangle JonBenet. The legal pad and ink pen used for the ransom note. The detailed information and length of the ransom note just screams someone in the family, most likely Patsy, was the author. The stun-gun was, so far as was made public, not recovered. The postmortem blow to JonBenet’s head with a golf club strongly suggests rage that her brother could understandably have had towards his sister. John Ramsey’s “discovery” of JonBenet’s body was also highly suspect. JonBenet had been bathed and covered with a sheet which further strongly suggests someone in the household was involved. The only “fluids” found on JonBenet’s body, initially anyways, could not be positively identified and were most likely a mix of saliva and alcohol or something similar.

    I think the younger son did the crime and Patsy did all she could do to cover it up. Before law enforcement was called to the home the Ramsey’s had several of their friends in the house so the crime scene was pretty much devastated. The Ramsey’s flat out refused to cooperate with law enforcement from the very beginning and throughout the entire ordeal and would not allow the younger son to be interviewed. In every public interview that i saw, John Ramsey acted more like he was infuriated that he was being forced to defend Patsy than he was outraged at the death of his daughter.

    There is little doubt that the Boulder PD totally bungled the investigation from the very start. Now that the brother is over 21 i think it is very odd that law enforcement has not subpoenaed him for questioning. I don’t believe that John Ramsey can legally prevent Boulder law enforcement from questioning his son and attempts by him to do that just reinforces my opinion that the Ramseys have covered up for the real killer from the beginning.

  • Roger


  • justice

    It's a creepy case, a little girl in beauty pageants who was brutally murdered in her own home. There are a few suspicious people like the Gardener, Santa Bill Mcreynolds who played Santa at the Ramsey's home and spoke to JonBenet that she will get a special christmas present after Christmas JonBenet was murdered later that night, Bill had a fascination of murdered little girls and had photos of them placed on table in his house. I believe she was meant to be kidnapped by something went wrong and she died by accident. John Mark Karr creeps me out why would he admit to killing JonBenet when he didn't… very strange… I think he knew who killed her JMK even mentioned that her death was a accident.

    Lastly I believe her case will get solved one day it might not be today but it will get solved one day even if it takes 50 more years.
    I say this because of another murdered little girl that i am fascinated about 'Maria Ridulph (age 7) she was kidnapped while playing with her friend outside on dec 3rd 1957 and later found murdered 5 months later in April 1958. Her case was huge in the community and it was just solved in 2012 when they caught her killer (he was 17 at the time now he is in his 70s) it's amazing the dedication the police and FBI did to solve her case, decades have passed but since day 1 (Dec 1957) the community has never stop searching and finding out who killed this beautiful little girl and they found him after all these years. JonBenet's case is the same.

    I find it great that people don't give up on a dead child murder case no matter how long time has passed. So for the people saying that it's been a long time ago and just let it go, people don't forget a murdered of a beautiful child they will be dedicated in solving it, pain doesn't go away no matter how long it's been we all want justice for the murder of a innocent child. Even more so when it involves beautiful little girls like these two.