Join Zuckerberg In Reflecting On Your Time On Facebook As It Turns 10

    February 4, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Today marks Facebook’s tenth anniversary. Mark Zuckerberg has posted some thoughts on the last ten years, which began with going out for pizza with some friends, and sharing how excited he was about launching the product.

There’s no mention of Facemash.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of any Winklevii either.

Just for fun, we might as well reflect on another fun scene from The Social Network:

The company has also launched a fun little personalized video tool to help you reflect on your time on Facebook too. It’s called “A Look Back,” and you can watch it here. Here’s an example of what your’e in for:

The video recalls the personalized “year in review” Timeline they offer users.

Image via Facebook

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