John Travolta: Third Accuser Steps Forward

    May 11, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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John Travolta and the Legend of the Assaulted Masseurs continues to roll on. Yet another individual has come forward with claims that the “Boy in the Plastic Bubble” star made inappropriate advances towards him during a Royal Caribbean cruise back in 2009. Things just keep getting better and better for the actor.

According to The Queensland Times, Fabian Zanzi, who takes care of VIP guests on the ship, claims that Travolta hugged him, requested a massage, and offered to pay Zanzi $12,000 for sex. After reporting the incident to his superiors, Royal Caribbean promptly fired Zanzi for concocting such an outrageous story.

“He had something on his neck. I thought it was a fuzz,” Fabian explained. “As I approached, he took off his white coat and was naked. He hugged me and asked me to do a massage.”

According to the attorney for the two John Doe masseurs, other people with similar stories have started to come forward. Yesterday, John Doe #1 released a statement through Radar Online in which he asked for everyone — including the public and the media — to treat those involved with the lawsuits with “absolute fairness”.

Travolta’s camp has yet to weigh in on the subject.

In other creepy Travolta-related news, the first masseur who filed charges against the actor claims he got the time of the alleged incident wrong. Instead of January 16th, 2012, the whole ugly fiasco took place at an earlier date. The lawsuit, according to a source, will be amended to reflect the discrepancy.

Sadly, I doubt this is the last time we’ll hear about Travolta’s allegedly bizarre behavior. Feel free to leave your thoughts, feelings, and opinions regarding the situation in our comments section.

  • Helen

    I like John Travolta, but I believe the stories are true. I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

  • bad

    awwww vinny babarino gay??? say it aint so…duh listen to him talk he sounds gay …but really who cares??? come out of the closet john its ok

  • http://radar tim davide

    i hurd stuff when he was doing saturday night fever , i hate to say it but where there is smoke there is fire

  • http://yahoo zoe

    There’s the media side, his side and somewhere in the middle is the truth.

    It could be said that these people are trying to get money out of him because he is a movie star and so therefore a soft touch.

    On the other hand, he may throw his weight around when he goes for a massage and say, I am famous and a movie star, and how dare you think that you can get anywhere by thinking you can smear my name in the media because I am richer than you to start with and I can crush you.

    So, why doesn’t he have his own Masseur travel with him to all his functions, places, hotels and cut out all the crap that is being said about him. Even if he dabbles on the side with the Masseur, only he knows and the person in question, and if he pays him well, everyone will be happy. And the Media will hunt for someone else to destroy.

    I have always thought him to be a little gay, as he is sweet, and soft spoken and liked older women at a very young age. A telltale sign and he is pretty in the face when he was younger.

    Perhaps he thinks if he is gay, or comes out, it will mess up his career. It would certainly mess up his marriage. Now all of a sudden his wife is saying she wants more children.

    He probably is AC/DC like most pretty boys are in Hollywood. Tyrone Power, Cary Grant, Tab Hunter, Rock Hudson, Montgomery Cliff, George Maharis, James Dean and they were the older ones of yesterday.

    It goes with the territory. Soft, pretty, easy on the eyes, creative and living in the world of make believe. A perfect set up.

    Hairdressers, Shop Assistance, and Dress Designers who incidentally dress women and want them to all look long lean skinny boys, so hence we have anorexic women of today. Women should be curvy and voluptuous, not a stick or a broom. Or she goes around showing off her fat belly when she is pregnant, and rubs it all the time like a genie in a lamp. All Buddhas! hahahahahaha

    At least the younger ones, before they get typed cast as “lovers” on the screen are coming out first, because it is so Vogue my dear.

    So times change, but people do not, and we will always have this in Hollywood as it sells newspapers and makes money. And they are so bored with life because all their struggles of making money has ended so what is there to do, but experiment with drugs and booze and sex.

    I feel sorry for them living in such a rat race, of cutting themselves up to look twenty years younger, or getting guppy lips because of thin lines above the top lip. What a facade, and Americans all fall for it. It is all a money making machine run by rich Jews.

    Oh well, what else is new! hahahahahaha

  • Bruce

    Never liked him. I knew something was wrong with him. I felt the same way about MJ.
    Proved right again. I can spot a Hollywood sicko a mile away, and decades before it becomes public.