John Travolta Sued for Libel by Author Robert Randolph

    June 22, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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John Travolta has returned once again to the national spotlight following a libel suit filed by author Robert Randolph, who claims the actor said some pretty nasty things in an attempt to thwart the publication of his book “You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again”. In the tome, Randolph reveals that Travolta is known for having sexual encounters with men at bathhouses, an allegation that was brought to the attention of the entire world earlier this year when two disgruntled masseurs sued the actor for harassment.

According to Randolph, Travolta and his lawyer Martin Singer went to great lengths to discredit the book by spreading false rumors about the man’s mental stability, a claim which the author refutes. In fact, it was Singer and Travolta’s behavior that caused the book to be delayed almost two years; the tell-all finally went to print this February, roughly two months before the other allegations regarding the “Battlefield Earth” star’s randy behavior.

Singer, meanwhile, claims their concerns about Randolph’s mental health do not fall under libel, as they were made in a private letter to a third party. Travolta’s attorney plans to turn the tables on the author by filing a lawsuit of their own. Given the amount of work that Singer will be doing over the next few months, here’s hoping Travolta still makes enough money to cover all of these legal expenses. I’m sure those “Old Dogs” residuals are pretty hefty.

A representative from Travolta’s camp issued a lengthy statement regarding the impending lawsuit. A very large chunk of that text has been included below:

The lawsuit filed by Robert Randolph is absurd. The suit is based on a privileged communication, and it will promptly be thrown out by the court. To evaluate the credibility of Robert Randolph and his ridiculous lawsuit one need look no further than his own statements published on his website stating that he sustained “permanent brain damage” and had to “retrain” his brain. Randolph also claimed on his website that after he was beaten and sustained brain damage at a spa, he allegedly returned to the same spa months later, and that the same assailant was there and supposedly attacked him for a second time. Mr. Travolta will aggressively defend himself against this lawsuit and expects to be fully vindicated when this meritless case is dismissed.

Considering lawsuits are flying at Travolta’s face at a mad, rapid pace, chances are this isn’t the last you’ll hear about Randolph, Travolta, and the actor’s alleged bathhouse habits.

  • Schuyler Johnson

    People really need to find some other way to make money rather than trump up all these fake allegations against a wonderful man who is also a superb actor and who has undergone libelous horrors from dysfunctional people out there. Leave the man alone and get a job.

    • rere

      Oh please! How many more reports does it take for this wonderful man to come out and tell the truth? What about his family, dont they deserve the truth?

  • Rick

    Typical TMZ wannabee queens trying to make a buck off a celebrity figure. Clown tactics at best. Travolta is an upstanding citizen dealing with his own issues right now, and these vultures come at him and try to pick the scraps of his carcus, not even fit to do so.
    Scumbags. Go hunt down another Princess Diana why dont you? Make sure not to stop until you kill someone . . . Moron savants. Get a job is right Randolph. What were YOU doing at the parlor? We want to know THAT!

  • Robert

    I don’t believe these previous comments. Travolta an upstanding citizen? And you know this because????? I don’t doubt for a second that he’s trying to rub one out by calling a masseur to do the job.

  • mark ochs

    John Travolta is reVOLTing.

    • drew

      and you are an immature jerk.

  • chris

    Hollywood is not just the glitz and glamor that it seems, there is a very ugly side to it as well. Their is an element of power figures in the Gay community that pretty much reign free to do as their will warrants. Along with this, are a large group of power players that have a hungry affinity for child porn and paid molestation. These people have enough money to make charges “go away” never to be brought up again. If you read between the lines of some very popular children’s show actors you can guess who on your own, and yes I know this first hand from a personal friend!

  • Martha


    • drew

      And his sexuality affects you how Martha. I could care less if he’s gay or straight because it doesn’t have anything with me functioning as a human being. The only stupid person that I see is you Martha who has to capitalize everything and is so narrow-minded and homophobic that you have to use phrases like “Mr. Travolta is a complete gay”…Try concentrating on your own life Martha, bet you might be a happier person.

      • rere

        His behavior is affecting his family. Unless his wife has completely agreed with his sexual preference and is aware of the effect on his children, he is a creep.

  • D

    JOhn Travolta is a vile disgusting man who has finally backed himself into a corner… I being gay am offended that he is acting in this manner being a public figure.. If you want to be gay, then be gay then you can stop hurting the people you “love” and you wouldn’t have to go to bath houses or be accused of disgusting things… All will be revealed sooner or later… I promise

  • Joe

    Martha….you are calling other people stupid??? Ok, first, you type in all caps- idiot. Where do you get that Travolta is gay? Have you seen him do something gay? And, you should really proofread what you put on the net….it’s innocent, not inocent, famous, not famour, c’mon, not comm’on…and you have the balls to call ANYONE else stupid? What did you finish, 6th grade? wow………..

  • Daisy

    There are always THREE sides to every story. Personally I could care less if he’s gay, straight or bi. Thats between him and his wife.

  • Eric Theune

    I can’t believe I even took the time to say OMG.

  • Rebekah sena

    that’s the guy with the stories about John in the spa’s the one who used the pictures from the set of wild hog at the pond where John had that bathrobe one between takes he wrote the book and self published no publisher would print it then after he published himself NO retailers would sell it he is blaming it on John and his lawyer for telling people he had serious brain damage – fact is he did – he caused so much trouble in the spas that he got barred from all of them he continued to cause problems eventually he was found down in the spa district best near to death – almost died – it is documented – the real reason retailers wouldn’t sell it was because there was not one thing in it that was believeable or he could have anyone else back up he didn’t have the pictures he claimed he did and the ones he did have john wasn’t in and several were photoshopped -shitty job at that

    John is innocent these ppl just want to devour him its call jelouse ppl and some ppl are so gullible they believe everything they read as if those mag rags were credibile it always says a source close to the actor said lol what a laugh they make this stuff. Up just to sell a magazine and you bye it.

  • dave

    And the allegations surface just about the same time this book came out?? claims are he has been doing this for years but just NOW when the book gets published its making headlines?? Sounds like somebody is looking to get rich off of Vinny Barbarino ..who cares what his sexual preferences are, its his life. Somebody needs to get a real life, and write a book someone will care about, and earn a living the legal way

    • karen

      get a life!!

  • http://yahoo girlsurreal1000

    I think it’s no one’s business, especially mine. He is a great actor,husband,father,& friend. That is all anyone needs to know.

  • Kathleen Raiche

    Where there’s smoke there s usually fire but this whole thing, from all of these lawsuit happy people reminds me of the old Richard Gere hoax. Its. No one else’s business if it is true anyway…..

  • VR

    Is he or isn’t he? That is NOT the question. The real question here is who is behind his cover up if he is and could the man really come out even if he wanted to? NO…not and remain associated with Scientology. He and his wife will defend it too their death, no matter who it hurts. The brainwashing has been too effective with these people and I feel sorry that they were duped into this cult that has hurt them and their children so much. Don’t care at all if he is gay..just sad he and his wife have to hide the truth.

  • http://webpro connie

    WHo really cares where he sticks what? That would be between he and his wife……keep his kids outta this they are INNOCENT! mr. travlota has enough money to shut anyone up, for the right price, it worked for beautiful “John Edwards” ………why not for Mr. Travolta

  • Saverio Cali

    Who cares?Gay people exposing other gays or possible gays for validation is at the heart of this.Gay people should realize that straight people for the most part are fine with your life style.
    We have kids going to bed hungry in this country,we have seniors who can’t afford medication and we concerned about the sex life of a very talented guy who has always represented himself well……..why?I like Travolta,and unless he tried to grab my johnson in a mens room while I was taking a leak I’m cool with him doing whatever makes him happy.

  • Karyn Kennedy

    This is so ridiculous!! Don’t people have better things to do than spread garbage about people? Worry about YOURSELVES and your own garbage. Geez!

  • http://yahoo Cecile

    I don’t really care. You cannot sit & say who is or who isn’t one way or anothe. Everyone have hang-ups and we all have too many problems to worry about others! Let it go!



  • Kent Grundl

    I have lived here in Hollywood and West Hollywood for 25 years and have heard many times about John Travolta being gay and in the closet, it’s old news here. John, we know and we don’t care, enjoy your life and live!

  • Pat

    The only for sure gay male big star in Leftywood that everyone is keeping quite about, even gay people in George Clooney, but it is starting to leak out slowly. Remember, these leading men can not come out and admit they are gay, that would be Box Office suicide.
    Rock Hudson was well known in leftywood as gay, but everyone kept it quite because most respected him. That is not so with John and Tom, for some reason the gay ‘s want them exposed. And I have a feeling when Clooney does something the gay’s don’t like, they will do him in too. Now you know why so many stars support gay’s when really they don’t, they don’t want their name smeared.

  • Wolfman

    Complete hogwash. John Travolta is a good man and a great actor. These people need to get a life and leave the man alone.

  • http://yahoo Anton Como

    Prior to “Saturday Night Live”, there was an adele-minded who was italian and eye candy guy. He ambled the streets of Manhattan cruising girls and exhibiting coolness in a copy-cat fashion. His name might have been Bobby or John, it unravelled chamellionesque. I too portrayed similar fashion and had a secondary relationship with Bobby, but we both exhibited heterosexually, thank God.

  • kevin kennedy

    As a gay man, I believe you should come out when or if your ready. And men of his status do not go to the baths unless they want their business known, maybe he does, maybe he does not. Please, don’t blame this all on the “gays”, straight Hollywood actors are always in the news for their personal behavior,right or not, its the price they pay. By the way,the Church of Scientology does not recognize nor accept homosexuality.His life is his life. And also there are many very successful openly gay persons in Hollywood so lose the box office killer image comments.

  • samuel r flesher

    I wish all I had to worry about in life is who is doing who and who is straight and who is gay. People need to clean the skeletons from their own “closets” before they start dragging other peoples out. I could not care less whether John Travolta is straight, bi or gay. John- live your life, be happy and one of these nights when your getting ready for bed, drop your pants, bend over and tell em all to KISS MY A–. Grown men suing because they were supposedly hit on by another man. Looks like some lazy scum of the earth who saw dollar signs and an easy way to make a buck.

    • http://yahoo john hough

      excellent..makes wondering about other issues like war and nuclear weapons in the middle east seem trivial by comparison!!

  • Rod Roberts

    Dang! Ive always known he was gay, & his wife Kelly was his “Beard!” But I must say all the face lifts & hair plugs Johnny has had done on himself look HORRIBLE—-he should just age gracefully! So next time he is at the Bathhouse the young guys can say :Hey Daddy!”

    • http://yahoo john hough

      I like the statement “i always knew he was gay”..hopefully it will turn around where the “Outed” statement will be “I always suspected he was normal,..but being straight is weird”..that day is coming..esp when “bi-sexuality” is accepted as normal as well!!

      • Taylor

        Your 5% group will be killed off before that happens. Don’t get a hard-on for being an idiot. Your group really should not push marriage but simply ban it altogether UNTIL ex spouse laws are equal

  • Princess P.

    After attending the funerals of two close friends: one died instantly of a massive heart attack at age 56. The other died of rapidly from ALS after being diagnosed only 6 months ago. Trying live in this world of deep economic disparity and trying to make ends meet – somehow the sexual preferences of a well-known, wealthy actor, doesn’t seem to concern me. It’s not news.

  • dave

    His bathhouse “alias” was Craven Morehead

  • Dave

    The article says he is involved in bizarre behavior. So, does that mean gays are involved in bizarre behavior? John Travolta is a wonderful actor. His personal life isn’t anyones concern except his. Must be a slow month for news. I think i’ll just mind my own business.

    • Jim Abernathy

      Put him in the cell with Sandusky and let him be first…before the other cons get theirs. Ouch Jerry….here it comes.

    • Taylor

      No, it means bizarre behavior is risky sex acts with unknown men. Guys you just become attracted based on looks alone and your uncontrollable urges. That is bizarre. And Yes, being gay is bizarre since it is only 5% of the population. However, if you hold yourself with respect like other gay actors/actresses, nobody has a problem with you. Does Tom Cruise, Ellen, Whoopi or whomever else do bizarre things? No, they don’t get accused of what closet phobic Travolta does.

  • Taylor

    Yeah, I don’t care if he is Gay. If I like his movie I will see it just don’t force a dude to have sex with you.

    • Suzan

      Amen sista!

    • http://att terry

      The maseusse is just another gold digger playing hard ball with a hollywood biggie.

  • http://www.equalrights.org/publications/kyr/shwork.asp Layla

    I am pretty sure that this is a slam dunk story because it “outs” a potentially Gay man. I imagine there are many, many cases where women in Hollywood are sexually harassed, their careers impacted as a result for better or worse (casting couch sound familiar?) and that doesn’t make the news, but this does. While Travolta’s alleged behavior was gross (Gay or Straight, the account sounds pretty gross) did it actually impact the career of the masseuse? Travolta was allegedly one gross customer. Should every waitress that is grossed out by the lewd comment of some disgusting guy sitting in her section slap a lawsuit on his head? At what point can you just walk away and shake off the “ick” factor and get on with your life? Does this case actually fit the bill as workplace harassment? Is it worthy of our time when there are so many people, men and women alike, who are silently suffering similar gross behavior from people with actual power over their livelihoods and careers? I think the “reality TVness” of this story overshadows something more sinister-the acceptance of actual sexual harassment in Hollywood (and in the workplace, at large) and yet another targeting of an allegedly Gay man – not because of his behavior, per se, but because he might be Gay. It speaks volumes of our blind hypocrisy.

    • Charley

      These days not much incentive around to keep you from experimenting a little even if your a big star. The new gay is masculine driven almost entirely.

  • Southernbelfry

    Nothing has been proven about Travolta’s sexual orientation yet and until it is, I will continue to believe he is the victim of people who are trying to shake him down. I have never heard of Robert Randolph. Why did he pick Travolta to “out.” My daughter is a Hollywood reporter and she could blow the lid off the industry with information she has but she would never do it. She refuses to take assignments for tabloids. It’s called integrity. One of the world’s biggest rock stars whom she dated about 10 years ago recently sent her an e-mail thanking her for her discretion. It does nobody any good to scrutinize other people’s lifestyles then write about it for one’s personal financial gain. Travolta is one of the best actors ever. He can morph into any character (Urban Cowboy) and it is a shame his personal life has been attacked. The information may be true but these “victims” could have walked away immediately. I am sure they have encountered the same situations by less famous, less rich people and they aren’t sueing them.

    • Michelle

      I completely agree with you. Leave the poor guy alone! Who cares?? People are just money hungry and will say whatever it takes. This guy just wants his 15 minutes. Let’s all be smart and not give it to him.

    • Charley

      Well hes got kids and thats proof enough unless something insiminatory was done-doubt.

    • vickie

      i totally agree with southernbelfry .i love john travolta and the awesome cast of characters he has played though the years.hes made me smile ,cry ,think and totally laugh my butt off.he is a awesome actor.let the poor man have his privacy.its his bussiness not ours of his sexual orientation and his home life.he has a amazing wife thats been by his side forever.please just let them be.

  • Rdog

    I agree people are money hungry and will say anything that will pay! Wait I thinl he wanted to touch me also can I get paid? This is the american way thanks to our Obamma supporters!

    • Eric

      You’re an idiot

      • Gary

        Amen brother! AMEN!!!!

      • Gary

        Not that this is about Obama. But I agree, Obama SUCKS! Maybe Obama and Travolta should get together. Sounds like it is up both their alleys. Obama sucks as a president and Travolta just sucks it seems. Yep they definitely have something in common.

        • susan

          Stupid Gary, really, u seem like a real hater. Hate on yourself for a while or maybe your family, or circle of friends if you have any, and leave people you do not even know alone. You suck!!!

          • chuck karpimski

            I guess you think a rich man thats puts people out of work and takes ther pention and medical away is a better choice well wonder how you will feel when some cock sucker gives you the boot dumm stupid ass

    • sunshine

      Typical idiot response. Jerk.

  • Moni

    Shame on those men. I love John, I always have! I have enjoyed his films since I was a small girl watching Grease and Saturday Night Fever!!! Shame Shame Shame on you!! He is one of the rare TRUE talents, not like these pulled, stuffed, and tucked meat heads and bimbo reality tv barbies that are getting paid to act classless and trashy, have some dignity and self respect!!! Movies and television aren’t what they used to be any more…..once every 5-10 years a really genuinely good film will come out with a great cast and a great score….and it’s a damn shame, that Hollywoods TRUELY GIFTED AND TALENTED are being victimized and attacked in such a manner!!! One of the Doctors that I work with, His father is an aviator just like John. His father sat in the airport just talking for about an hour and a HALF with a man wearing a ball cap and sunglasses about flying, and planes. The man gave him his card and invited him to go flying sometime. He went home and showed the card to his son, the doctor I work with, and sure enough the card said John Travolta. NOT ONCE did he make a pass at him or act in any kind of homosexual manner!! These starving artists need to stop looking for handouts!!!!!

    • Sari

      You are so right. He is one of the best people in the world. resectful and a great being.I trust him!!!!he will win and the truth will reveal at the end.

    • Charley

      Believe it or not these days people will attack anything. Your success, money and fame are a catalyst. John is impressive beyond most for his usual integrity and in todays climate him gay is by no means about being a flame. These days its more male enhancement then anything stereotypical like we once thought.

  • sunshine

    So wait, this author can write a book and reveal personal things (that may nor not be true) about John Travolta. Things that, if are indeed true, are for Mr. Travolta alone to determine whether or not he is to share them publically. He could harm his reputation, ruin his marriage and possibly even affect his career, but Mr. Travolta calls into question this mans mental capacity and he in turn sues him for Libel? How is this even right? Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?

  • Garry

    Must be something to it since Travolta’s attorney gave a long comment on the litigation rather than the standard “No comment because of pending litigation”

  • al

    Mr. Travolta….. What you do in your private life is your business. Straight or Gay, your work has left me & my family with many fond memories. Whatever the case, if your family is ok with you, so am I.

    • Mayflower

      I totally agree!!!

  • http://yahoo camille

    John is a very private and famous person. PPl just need to leave him alone and enjoy his life, the money hungrey ppl in this world have nothing better to do then attack a private person like John, Just let him be.

    • Lela

      I couldnt agree with you more. After all he has been through with the death of his son- just leave him alone and let him greive. Hollywood is a sick a poision pool and they try to smear the names of all the vulnerable.

  • http://YAHOO J. BRUNACHE


  • David

    John Travolta needs to do some soul searching and come out of the closet. It’s 2012 for God’s sake, stop hiding behind a cult and be who you are.

  • Betty

    I have worked in Hollywood for the last 30 years and it is widely known that John prefers men. This is no secret, John’s lawyer Mr. Singer has a huge Scientology mountain to climb as does Mr. Cruise.

    • Charley

      Somehow him gay is quite funny I mean he is sort of odd as a ready subject for that way regardless of career, fame and success.

  • beth

    If he is Gay that is fine with me , however he needs to get a divorce, and not try to push himself on others that is just sick ……

    • Charley

      Thats a interesting thaught.

      • charlws karpinski

        wake up you stupid people the marrage is a set up to make more money so the haters spend thair money keep the shitty wheel turning when the rumors first started he married his agent rember people she was 40 something ever here about artificial insenennation ?

  • Mike

    John and Kelly have been targets since they spoke out against mandatory Ritalin therapy for hyperactive boys; if it isn’t this then it’ll be something else, and so-on until something sticks. The anti-male contingent is very strong in this country- you don’t dare speak out against it!

    • Me

      *Mandatory* Ritalin therapy? Oh yeah, I forgot, that law that says all boys MUST be on Ritalin. Go find another conspiracy theory.

  • http://yahoo Steve Hart

    It is what it is. Deal with it.

    • B Lawrence

      I agree Who the heck cares. He is a great actor and what is this outing deal. IF he is HE has to deal with it not us. We are getting our children killed in wars all the time. Sorry about that. B

  • supersniffy

    Who cares that JT doesn’t want to come out of the closet? HE IS already out. He just needs to come to terms with it.

  • kaila

    Marty Singer is full of it. All of his clients have skeletons in their closets and they hire him to try and scare the truth away. 20 years ago I was hearing about JT and his memberships at ALL male gyms not to mention he hit on an ex of mine that is a model. His wife knew what she was getting herself into. She cared about the money so she married him anyways.

  • Brick

    Generally speaking, whether someone gay is his/her own personal business, even with respect to public figures. However, there are numerous allegations that JT has been trying to make sexual advances in public places where he has, on occasion, been exposing himself. Under these circumstances, he has no right of privacy.

  • http://none bottle

    I guess Travolta learned that living in the spot light you have to walk a straight line. Spot light sucks. Everybody does something wrong here and there.

  • Patricia Taber

    So what if John Travolta is bi-sexual? That is between he, his wife and any lovers he has. If he has been exposing himself and making inappropriate gestures then he needs counseling to learn how to properly approach those in whom he is interested. I find it awfully funny that this man who is well into his 50’s is just now is accused of this!? If he was a forward perv, I would think it would have come out before now. Other than that, it’s none of my business and I say, leave the man alone. He isn’t raping anyone, not molesting children and he isn’t delving into my sex life, why should I delve into his? Ridiculous.

  • Dennis Kasten

    When you buy into the Hollywood BS, what you get is what you sow. This is probably falling on deaf ears. God’s word is the furthest from these peoples ears. God gave John a talent, he choose to bury it.Probably doesn,t know that parable. Quite Sad…

    • http://none bottle

      will it says, That no one in the heavens and on earth can open the 7th seal. And there are many holy ones in the heavens.

  • http://none bottle

    And now you think the spot light is bad . It just got worst I seen where they made this super camera :( at every traffic coroner there’s 2 cop 1 helicopter and 4 super cameras

  • David

    how does it matter if he wants to stay in the closet that is his choice

    • Gary

      Well I hate to break the bad news to you, but the author is right about Travolta. He is gay and to no one’s surprise so is Tom Cruise. This is well known in Hollywood and in Vegas. the reason they are and have been trying to keep it out of the public eye is because their careers would be pretty much ruined. This type of celebrity harassment has been going on for yrs in Hollywood. When I was a kid one of my favorite actors was Rock Hudson. The public was kept in the dark about it but most everyone in Hollywood knew about it. It was common knowlege he liked picking up male prostitutes. When I found out I was in shock to say the least. I wouldn’t and still won’t watch any of his movies if they come on TV. Anyway these actors are quite aware of what will happen to the careers if and WHEN these allegations get confirmed. So you and others who want to stay in denial about Travolta and Cruise can all you want to. But the truth is the truth. And if you want to come to their defense and say there married and have kids. Well Matt Bomer of White Collar is gay and he has three kids. I don’t know if they put something in the water or what in Hollywood but it seems a lot of talented actors seem to go to the Wonka side for some reason. It’s a real bummer.

      • BrundleFly

        Trust me, a lot of actors already have at least one toe in the water before they even get to Hollywood. In high school nearly dropped out of drama class when I saw how many gay dudes there were and I didn’t want to be associated with them. The lure of Hollywood lifestyle and fame promised to them by gay studio bigwigs and casting agents for certain “favors”, surely contributes to them crossing all the way over.

      • susan

        Gary, R U crazy, talented is talented, so if you stopped watching rock Hudson because he was gay, you suck…I did a pun. Anyway, I do not think you stopped because he was gay, you st0
        pped because of the mixed feelings you had about him.. Also, could it possibly be becuase he came out when he got AIDS, perhaps you were scared you might get it by touching the TV screen???

      • Rick

        Obviously GARY, you are gay. Friggin Phags ALWAYS trying to single someone out or claim the whole world is secretly gay. Know it all wannabee hollywood mingling lowlife, shut the hell up already. Yeah – you know “everything”. Probably work in some small towns graphic arts stock room or some shit.
        Talking like you know everything that happens in Hollywood.
        Idiot savant deluxe.

  • http://yahoo.com Diana

    I always have been a fan of John,when i saw what people been saying about John liking men,i know that man aint gay,He is a fox,i love him,and love Saturday Night Fever.

  • dinodogstar

    Mr. Travolta has never been anything less than an “Angel”–ok, maybe with a little “Grease”—and to suggest he is anything other than a non-fondling masseusse client, or a male-on-male,’happy-ending’ seeking heterosexual massage client, is nothing more than “Pulp Fiction”..! How dare that author, just “Look Who’s Talking?”.. I do hope though, if it’s true, that during such attempts to hook up and “Get Shorty”, he did cast himself as “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble”, if you get my drift…! See what I did there? Thanks, you’ve been a great audience, I’ll be here all night…

    • Rick

      Gee – How witty a banter.
      You must have been the life of the birthday parties at Chuck E Cheeses a few years ago….. Dork

  • R&R

    It’s been known for many years that the multi talented John Travolta was into this type of stuff long before it made the news. It was just a matter of time before he got exposed. Those working in upscale spas in Southern California reported that Travolta wanted his male masseusses to “finish him off”. Personally, I don’t care what kind of stuff you’re into, but if you use your power and celebrity staus to intimidate others into doing something they don’t want to do, it’s going to bite you in the ass eventually.

  • Tom Krooz

    “Travolta and his lawyer Martin Singer went to great lengths to discredit the book by spreading false rumors about the man’s mental stability…”

    Mental stabilty? And that from a SCIENTOLOGIST? Now THAT’S a laugh!

  • DizzyMsLizzy

    John Travolta is so talented, who the h ell cares if what his preference is. It’s his business only. Leave him alone so he can continue to make lots of us entertained with his movies.

    Grow up people.

  • Ron

    The rumors have been around for YEARS…..why do you think that South Park episode where Tom Cruise is trapped in CArtman’s closet [also rumors around him for years] they had Travolta come in and try to convince him to come out?

  • http://yahoo lynch

    so be it

  • LisaS

    Back in the mid-1970’s, before John Travolta hit it big with ‘Saturday Night Fever’, it was already very very well known in the Philadelphia gay community that he is bisexual. It was as well known as Paul Lynde’s visits to a particular gay bar in town.

    • http://netzero mars

      I remember thoes rumors very well Lisa ……however I never heard people describe him as this ABSURD DESPERATE out of CONTROL PERVERT that Mr. Randoulph is painting him out to be.

  • http://netzero mars

    What’s up with this picture of Travolta sitting on the toilet?