John Travolta Isn’t Gay, And He Can Prove It

    June 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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John Travolta has been embroiled in quite the controversy lately, stemming from several allegations that he assaulted or made advances on men in massage parlors and on cruise ships. And while his lawyer says he has flight records proving Travolta was on the other side of the country when at least one of the incidents allegedly took place, the actor is making a special effort to show how much he loves his wife, and how healthy their sex life is.

Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, showed up for the premiere of “Savages” on Monday in L.A. and were reportedly engaged in so much PDA that it looked staged. They exchanged an awkward kiss on the red carpet, which some said looked like he was trying too hard.

The actor also talked about how strong his marriage is in an Extra! interview last week.

“We’ve always been stable with each other,” he said. “We use our communication skills. We understand what is going in life and the industry. I think the toughest part was just the loss of our son and once we were able to get through that – and times we didn’t think we were going to – I think we figured we could handle anything… Everything else pales in comparison.”

Fabian Zanzi, one of Travolta’s accusers, claims the actor made sexual advances on him when Zanzi delivered food to his room on a Royal Caribbean cruise line in 2009, saying Travolta took off his robe and rubbed up against him, allegedly saying, “Take me, I will take care of you, please.” When Zanzi rejected his advances, he says that the actor offered him $12,000 in hush money.

It does seem odd that Zanzi would come forward with this story now, after so much time has passed. At any rate, Travolta isn’t missing out on a chance to prove he did nothing wrong.

  • Rebekah

    I love John Travolta he is totally Awesome my all time favorite actor don’t believe any of the stuff being said about him some ppl. Just want a get rich quick scheme ppl have always tried to get rich off john. ILOVE YOU JOHN

  • Gerri

    John and Kelly
    I have loved you in most all your acting career. I have said prayers for you during your times of difficulty. But never more than when you lost your son. I had no idea of your pain until I lost one of my sons. This is when you have lost part of yourself.
    My prayers continue to be with you, that you will be protected from people who try to harm you.
    A loving fan, Gerry

  • Poetik

    Who cares if he is gay or not. How many entertainers these days are either gay or bi-sexual. If his wife doesn’t mind and she is the only one who matters, let it go. There are more important things in the world to worry about than John Travolta being gay. He shouldn’t have to prove anything to anyone. Let it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tricia

    Like I have said on other post , unless we were in the rooms with these people when these events were taking place and saw them with our won eyes then who are we to judge ? As far as I am concerned these are just a bunch of fools trying to make a dollar off someones good name. It happens all the time. And this won’t be the last either….My point is if someone did these things to these men 1. why not have called the police right then and there. 2. Why wait until after all this time ?
    I do not believe any of it . I think this family has been through enough should be left alone.

    • http://redheadvon07@yahoo.com Vonda

      I like all the comments people have posted. It looks like most people agree with me, HE IS NOT GAY! Leave the guy and his family alone. These people are trying to make money from telling terrible things about this man. Just stop all the gossip you old biddies!

  • P.L.

    It could even be someone pretedning to be him

  • Pookie

    And the Oscar goes to . . . John Travolta best “straight actor”!

  • JJO

    It is a tragedy that your career can still be majorly damaged if you are “outed” or you “come out”. Didn’t Carrie Fisher get in a lot of hot water a couple of years ago when she said John was gay and should just come out already? The national inquirer outed John 20 years ago for the first time. (see the movie “Perfect” and the guy who said, “I was john travoltas gay lover” can be seen in the film. He had the pics to prove it that he and john were an item)…Notice in ‘perfect’ that you don’t actually see John and Jamie Lee Curtis kiss…very telling…

  • tom

    Ya know… I believe Travolta. If any of this were really true, he would certainly have been legitimately OUTed by now… (Though honestly, as a gay man myself, I certainly WISH that it were true!! Same for Tom Cruise..)

  • http://redheadvon07@yahoo.com Vonda

    I think people should leave Kelli and John alone. They have had enough tragedy in their lives. I think something happened, but that does not mean he is gay, or even bi-sexual.

  • DJ

    Who cares if he is gay or Bi Sexual? Just make movies and entertain me!

  • Jeanie

    Quite honestly I only came on the article to tell everyone to leave them alone. Enough already they lost their 16 year old son. And just welcomed a baby into the world. What he does in his life is not about Scientology and honestly I am so sick and tired of all the issues regarding LGBT people. Their sexual preferences are their own business. Because you know what he is not banging a damned one of you so what does it matter. He & Kelly have had 3 children and how many years of marriage? If she is happy with her husband and her family then what business is it of anyones if he were bi-sexual? Which I am not saying he is. And quite honestly there are escort services that are very discreet so why would he risk his reputation on some lowly masseuse. Come on people we are talking Hollywood. Have you ever wondered about timing of so called outings and even exposing a baby bump in Hollywood has to be timed. Remember when Jack Black “accidently” told that Brangelina were having twins? It is called play the game and make millions. Someone is doing this for the sake of big bucks. For all you know it could of been his PR Rep. Scandals always sells.

    • Mackdown

      Leave them alone? Why? Should we have left Ted Haggard, Senator Larry Craig, Jimmy Swaggart, President Clinton and Jim Baker alone too? John Travolta is a total freak. Until he comes out of the close and renounces that awful Cult of $cientology he’ll continue to be laughed at.

  • Betty

    Gurl is as gay as they come.

  • Kevin

    Travolta and Cruise are both straight and if you say otherwise they will sue to prove it! Scientology = closeted gay actors.

  • $dog

    Cruise and Travolta had sex with each other.

  • Jo Anne V

    John Travolta is awesome. He is a great actor/husband/family man. If he is gay, bi-sexual who cares. These people coming out saying all this stuff about him is just looking for money in their pocket. Do you really think that the person on the cruise ship (if it happen) was rubbed against and didn’t want to have anything to do with that and didn’t report him at that time, he would have turned down the 12K. I don’t think so. He wants to come out now and say he has done something. Give me a break. I am 62 years old and have followed John Travolta before Urban Cowboy, Bubble Boy, tv series, you name it. It was ever granted a wish that would to be able to meet him. I think he is a great person.

    • Mackdown

      John Travolta is now the Ted Haggard of the Cult of $cientology. What a creep.

  • Mackdown

    John Travolta is now officially creepier than Ted Haggard who at least had the sense to reject quack science from the Cult of $cientology.

  • http://johntravolta-greek-fans.blogspot.com/ johntravoltafans

    John Travolta loves his family !!
    Some people have no morals and this idiot just wants money. Don’t believe a word. John is a good man, he’s a good husband and father and they don’t deserve this. Please everyone please post your support for John Travolta , you’ll never find anyone as kind as John Travolta. Check http://www.facebook.com/johntravoltafans Thanks for your time

  • Gentleman

    Please leave him alone. Maybe we should attack the person that is commenting named Mackdown….he seems to be the most interested in this article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Webpronews Trish

    Yes, it’s agreed John Travolta is an awesome actor. What happened to his son was indeed a tragedy. Who cares if he’s gay or bi if his wife is aware and supports him. The issue I have is if he is making unwanted sexual advances on people; male or female-that type of behavior is unwarranted, inappropriate, and vile. Especially if he’s using his money and celebrity status to intimidate these individuals. Innocent people generally sue for defamation of character, not have their lawyer settle out of court. I’m sure a straight man being sexually assaulted by any man would make them feel intimidated about coming forward, for fear the authorities wouldn ‘t believe them. So I could see many men and women in the same situation who would resist the advances, tell them their not interested and keep their mouths shut. If these allegations are true, I think these men are incredibly brave. Just because an actor or actress is beloved because of the films their in or the publics presumption that their a good person does not mean their infallible or never make bad decisions.

  • sista

    gay, gay, gay. i have a gay friend who “partied” with him in europe

  • LeslieT

    Scientology promises its followers that they will get rid of their homosexual feelings and become heterosexual if they follow Scientology teachings. I believe that’s why John Travolta and Tom Cruise are Scientologists. They both are gay, but don’t want to be.

  • LeslieT

    What I’m REALLY concerned about, when it comes to John Travolta, is that HORRIBLE toupe he is now wearing. It looks so fake !!

    • jimbo

      Can’t believe Travolta finally came out of the closet and said he was gay today

      • Alex

        Put the fag in jail like we would all have to be!!!!!!