John McAfee Just Posted This Video Of Himself Playing Piano In The Middle Of An Airport

    July 18, 2013
    Chris Crum
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McAfee antivirus founder John McAfee seems to be having a great deal of fun since he returned to the States after his highly publicized run from authorities in Belize.

Recently, McAfee put out a funny video responding to all the emails he gets about uninstalling the software (which he no longer has anything to do with). Today, he shares video of himself playing piano in the middle of the Portland International Airport, and quite beautifully, I might add.


John Mcafee

Someone forgot to lock the piano at PDX airport last night…
A Morning Serenade..
A Morning Serenade..Posted by: John McAfee , July 18, 2013

Truly a man of many talents.

  • http://www.trackass.com Darin

    No doubt about it, life of McAfee is a strange place to be :)

  • http://www.computershowto.pro Attila

    It’s an extraordinary statement in itself, about us programmers, that it’s not true that us “geeks” cannot socialize and have no other skills.

    I have a tremendous respect for this guy, I’ve been using mcafee since the beginning, some of its products still beat a lot of the “antivirus” giants out there, in much less of code
    Way to go, mcAfee ! Hats down !