John Cena Divorce War Appears To Be Over

By: Amanda Crum - July 19, 2012

John Cena, who is well-known as the WWE’s golden boy, appears to have ended his marriage to Elizabeth Huberdeau amicably after a long, drawn-out separation full of accusations and discord.

Huberdeau was reportedly surprised by Cena’s announcement that he wanted a divorce back in May after just three years of marriage, and immediately began challenging their prenuptial agreement by saying he was treating her unfairly. She also accused him of infidelity.

But the couple managed to work through their differences despite the trying ordeal and have come to an agreement regarding the dissolution of their marriage. Huberdeau’s attorney, Raymond Rafool, said in a statement that “All matters [in the divorce] have been settled and resolved amicably.”

Cena’s reputation in the wrestling world as “the good guy” was feared to be tarnished by the messy divorce, so it’s likely he did whatever he could to move things along in order to get on with his career. Twitter is buzzing about the news today, as per usual.

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  • Seoperable

    What a shame for John Cena, can he continue to be the good guy after that? i hope not

    • http://yahoo sophia

      were u really a fan of his b4 seriously

      • laura

        well I have started watching wwe back in Dec and this is what sept almost oct still looks like a good guy to me

    • http://googledocks Devyn Long

      yes john cena can continue to be the good guy he is my favorite

  • pamela campbell

    just not the guy anymore.

  • http://yahoo ROSELYN

    i love john cena any way sori 4 d divorce

  • http://yahoo ROSELYN

    he remains d good guy wat he couldn’t swallow he push out.

  • http://none michael

    john cena i thank that u show the world that divoice is not a solution is better to reconcile and enjoy life till dead separate the two of you…..

  • Derek

    “You can’t see me”

  • RaeLee

    I bet most of you people saying that John Cena shouldn’t be the “good guy” anymore, don’t even watch WWE. People CAN fall OUT of love. Cena hardly ever see’s her, due to his career. Well, maybe it wasn’t working out for him. So, just give him a chance. You dont know what happened. She may be crazy. Like i said before, give him a chance.

  • Brian

    I see why he divorced her.. she ugly she ugly and the cow goes moo!!!

    • Bill

      She’s attractive.
      p.s. How’s your love life?

  • Ashley

    WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME HE WAS GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!. I thought his marriage was good. No wonder why he doesnt have kids. John Cena’s back on the market!!!!

  • Blessb

    I wouldn’t know who is the erring party, but I beg you, John Cena, to look inward and make your marriage, count among the successful. John Cena is one of my most loved wrestlers

  • Blessing

    Please John Cena,try make what marriage is made for; a union, work. Divorce or not, I love Cena for who I knew him to be and what I love him for. Please Cena, make it work for the sake of union and for the love of your fan’s

  • Pierceson

    john cena this is your biggest fan here just wanting to let you know what ever choice you make with your life i hope and pray it dont affect you in the WWE buissness so stay strong and never give up never quit

  • dottie vea

    John Scenario.This is only your business. No one ELSES Do what you have to do for your happiness! People don’t stay with someone if their not happy that’s just INSANE. life is to short to waste on a partner that just doesn’t make you happy. Three years is long enough to realize if its worth going on or not. It looks like you guys gave it a chance n its time yo move on. Thank GOD there wasn’t any children in the mix. Move on n be friends if you can. God bless n I hope for the best for you n your ex. Stay strong n stay the BEST you can be in your personal life n stay the BEST n STRONG inside the square circle NEVER FORGET YOU ARE WELL LOVED N HAVE a AWSOME FAN BASE. WE LOVE N NEED YOU JOHN DONT EVER FORGET THAT BE HAPPY. DONT LET US DOWN BY NOT LETTING US NOT SEE YOU! love you biggest fan dottie vea

  • Angela Boyd

    I am a huge fan of John Cena,and if he went as far as wanting a Divorce Then he was not happy to begin with in his marriage,and to me if you not happy in a marriage you should get out.Every body deserves to be happy.Besides that I am not only his biggest fan,but i have the biggest crush on him.not that he will ever look my way.

  • Don

    She was cheating on him!

    • http://google cena girl

      really?????I THought she said that he was cheating on her with Micky

  • cena girl

    so what if hes getting a divorce??.iam happy
    and yeah shit happens.they know each other like what?15 years
    sounds kinda boring to me .thers nothing new in their relation to discover or to talk about and how many times does he sees her in his career
    plus shes ugly and sooooo nnnoott hot OkAy…

  • Tonya

    He should’ve married a black girl.

  • http://googledocks Devyn Long

    f*** no

    • shanna

      black girls are great

  • shanna

    black girls are the best john should have married to one they are the sexiest an the most cutest girls in the world

  • ihatecena

    Cena isn’t a nice guy he’s a selfish ass